Wrong Number, Right Guy (The Bourbon Street Boys Series, Book #1) by Elle Casey

Wrong Number, Right Guy (BSB, Book #1) by Elle Casey

Wrong Number, Right Guy (BSB, Book #1) by Elle Casey | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comWrong Number, Right Guy (BSB, Book #1) by Elle Casey | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comSynopsis TagWrong Number, Right Guy (BSB, Book #1) by Elle Casey | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comBxtches Be Blogging Book Reviews
Wrong Number, Right Guy (The Bourbon Street Boys Series, Book #1) by Elle Casey

BXTCHES Gotta Warn: Okay, BXTCHES, if you haven’t yet read Elle Casey and you are looking for an escape that will have you laughing out loud, she is your woman. Better yet, this book is available on Kindle Unlimited (well as of 11/29/15 anyhow), which means if you are a subscriber, IT’S TOTALLY FREE! So what better time to gobble it up, right?

Wrong Number, Right Guy will be told through the POV of May (our leading lady).

May is a photographer, doing wedding photos and family portraits, but even with those bookings, she is having a difficult time making ends meet. The book is going to kick off with May in a text conversation with her sister, Jen. Jen is a recently divorced mother of 3, who on good days seems to be at her wits end. To back track a bit, it’s really just May and Jen. There is mention of their parents, but it’s brief and you understand immediately that they no longer have a relationship with either of them. Also, pretty early on we learn that the only reason that May is living in New Orleans is so she can be close to her sister. So, if you haven’t yet caught on, May and Jen are super close. Okay, back to Wrong Number, Right Guy. 

In the midst of May and Jen’s texting convo, Jen mentions needing a new phone. A little later, another text comes in from an unknown number. May thinking this is from Jen’s new phone responds as if it is Jen. Some texts later, May finds herself along with her dog, Felix, walking into Frankie’s bar. Now, May knows this is unusual, but she also realizes that maybe, just maybe, Jen has lost her mind, in which case, she needs to get in and get her sister and the kiddos out of the bar. Needless to say, the texts were not coming from her sister, but a wrong number, and May soon finds herself being shot at and then being rescued by a scary man with a horrendous beard.

After being rescued then totally ignoring the advise from the guy doing the rescuing, May finds herself in the middle of being chased by the gunman. Finally listening to her rescuer, which happens to be Ozzy, the bossman at Bourbon Street Boys Security, May finds herself right in the middle of their warehouse. After meeting the team that makes up BSB Security (Toni, Thibault, Dev, Lucky, and Sahara), she is quickly offered a job, BSB hoping her her photography skills will come in handy. She doesn’t really take the offer serious, it’s not until later when Ozzie shows up at her house and Thibault already going over the perks of working for BSB, that May caves and goes for it.

On day one, May feels that she is most certainly in over her head. She doesn’t want to give in so easily, but after a successful run with Toni, she’s feeling a bit more confident. It’s now her lustful attraction to Ozzie (who is now sans beard and super hot) she is struggling with.

At this point in Wrong Number, Right Guy, it’s just a hilarious unfolding of May trying to fit in at BSB and May establishing relationships or attempting to establish relationships with the BSB team. They have given her the name Bo Peep, which she doesn’t really take to too well. And she definitely holds her own during defensive training with Dev, surprisingly so. 

I adored the supporting cast in this book. Everyone from her sister, Jen to even Toni, who was a bit of a bitch. The relationship that develops between May’s dog, Felix and Ozzie’s dog, Sahara is fantastically funny. Elle Casey did a really good job of almost forcing the reader to continue this series, because of how well she was able to develop the relationship between the BSB crew and the reader. This BXTCH cannot wait for this series to continue.

From almost the beginning, you know that the relationship in the book is going to be between Ozzie and May. It does take awhile however for that to come to fruition, which is a bit frustrating. My biggest issue with it, was not really knowing where Ozzie was at concerning May. This is where his POV would’ve helped out tremendously. Ozzie is a man of few words, which is a little like Rebel was in Rebel, but Rebel’s silence was more brooding and even with him being silent, you knew where he was at concerning Teagan.

Regardless of not really knowing where Ozzie is at concerning May, they do eventually come together. Having said that, the sex in Wrong Number, Right Guy was just okay. But, I don’t think this book is meant to set your sheets on fire, so don’t be disappointed when that doesn’t happen.

This is a very funny read. I absolutely adored May. She was feisty and even when she felt uncomfortable in a situation, she never really backs down, all around a really fantastic heroine. I’m a little torn where Ozzie is concerned. I didn’t not like him, he’s just not a favorite of mine. I’m hoping that as the series progresses, he wears me down a bit.

All in all, a really funny, fast read. I’m not sure who the focus of book #2 will be yet, I do however think we will see May’s sister, Jen, with her super computer skills, join the team at some point. Books #2 & #3 are expected to be out in 2016. I cannot wait.

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