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BXTCHES Gotta Warn: Here’s another book that I’m pretty sure I came across while scrolling Facebook. Truthfully, Wrong didn’t sound all that appealing to me, but I went ahead and downloaded the sample and without anything to read (yeah, right) I decided to give it a go. Holy shit, I was floored over how great this book is. While this may be Jana Aston’s first novel, she hit it right out of the ball park with this one.

Wrong will be told through the POV of our leading lady, Sophie.

Sophie is a senior in college, working her way through classes in a local coffee shop. It is here that she first lays her eyes on Luke. Luke comes into Grind Me like clockwork, every week and every week Sophie imagines what it would be like to be pressed up against him. Sophie’s luck with men is less than extraordinary. She was in a two year relationship with someone who, turns out, is gay, though it is through this relationship that she perfected her blowjob skills. It’s here I should probably mention that Sophie is as pure as the fallen snow (maybe not that pure, but she is still hanging on to that hymen) and is preparing to give it up for the first time to her boyfriend, Mike. In order for that to happen, she needs to get herself on the pill, safety first and all that jazz. So, she shows up at the student clinic for her very first pap smear (eek!) and to get the ball rolling for her special night. While sitting on the exam table, in her paper gown, pondering over whether or not she is supposed to remover her socks, in walks the man who has been the one constant in her spank bank. Yes, it is Luke who happens to be the doctor about to perform Sophie’s very first pap smear. And let me just say, the whole scene was comedic gold and super realistic, maybe not the part where she has herself a mini orgasm on the exam table, can’t say that I have ever experienced that, but c’mon, we all know that the paper has stuck to our asses as we have gotten up to get dressed, while we stand there wondering if it’ll be just easier for us to get the table ready for the next patient.

To say that Sophie is humiliated is an understatement, but she isn’t going to let it deter her from her plans. I’m not going to go into detail, but it’s not going to take a brain surgeon or a gynecologist to realize that Mike isn’t going to be the one to de-virginize Sophie and I shouldn’t have to tell you who that honor is going to fall upon. So, Wrong really becomes a story of an older, albeit super hot, rich doctor and a 21 year old college student finding a very intense sexual connection and seeing where that leads and all of the angst that comes with it. But let’s get to the good stuff.

First, let’s talk Sophie. She is the kind of female lead that I love. A lot of times, when an author presents a leading character in their 20’s that still happens to be a virgin, it’s not always believable. But here, knowing Sophie’s backstory, you will get it and she wears that “V-Card” very well. Everything about Sophie was lovable, even when she’s being insecure about her relationship with Luke, it was sometimes frustrating, but it was very endearing. She is super funny and is very well versed in putting her foot right into her mouth, but she carries that personality trait well and with pride. There isn’t a huge cast of support in Wrong, but what is there, is brilliant. Sophie’s BFF Everly is one of the best sidekick characters I have read in a really long time and she is the focus in book #2, so we are in for a real treat with her. There is not a dull moment when she is in a scene. Sophie’s grandparents, while only make a brief appearance, carry their own and you can certainly see where Sophie gets her spunk from (they did raise her). The ones you are supposed to love you love and the ones you’re are supposed to hate, you will hate. Overall, the whole entirety of the cast plays well together and will leave you wanting more.

It’s time to hop between the sheets. First, I need to say this. I read a lot and I read a lot of sexual driven books. Some are good, some not so much. Wrong was FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC! I don’t know if Jana Aston researched by watching some good porn (if so, I need her resources) or if she just lets her inner Jenna Jamison out to play. Either way, it works and it works very well. Luke, ooh Luke. He is what you should want the one thrusting into you to be modeled after. The dirty talk alone is enough to curl the pedicure. I am a fan of dirty talk, in the fantasy of the book or in real life, the dirtier the better and she nails it (no pun intended). If you need your man to get a little dirtier with the dialogue while getting ready to feel you up, have him read a couple scenes from Wrong. From the oral, to the foreplay, to the actual fucking, it will have you ready to strip down yourself, so get your partner ready. Oh, and Luke is a tad bit bossy in the bedroom-perfection.

While Wrong is filled with a lot of sexual action and even though Luke and Sophia’s relationship begins with them getting down to some serious scorch hot business, the storyline isn’t all about just that. It has enough drama and comedy and angst and of course sex. . .to keep the pages turning and give you a little bit of a departure-if only for a couple of hours.

I look forward to whatever it is that Ms. Aston is going to dazzle us with next, because a talent such as this needs to be out there for our enjoyment, what can I say? I’m a bit selfish. You cannot go Wrong with this one. Give me a break, I’ve been waiting this whole review to say that and I had a list, but went with the easy one.

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