BXTCHES Gotta Eat: Disclaimer


Here’s the deal:

We here at BxtchesBeBlogging love to eat and obtain the recipes you see here from different sources. Some are from cookbooks, some from the internet, and some from our own creativity. We ALWAYS give credit where credit is due and will ALWAYS link you back to the original recipe or at the very least, tell you where you can locate it. We just ask that you extend the same courtesy. 

However, all food photos that you see on every recipe (on this blog) are the property of BxtchesBeBlogging. If you want to Pin it, FaceBook it, put it on Tumblr, or share on any other social media website, please have at it. BUT, if you have the desire to use the photographs for your own personal use, well, I would ask “why”, because I am a horrible photographer, but if you insist, please just ask permission. 

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