Big Brother 19 | Wednesday Re-Cap | 07.19.17

Big Brother 19 | Re-Cap |

Big Brother 19 | Re-Cap |

BXTCHES Gotta Warn: Okay, so not really a warning, per say. . .more like spoiling. So, I have been obsessed with After Dark and more recently, the CBS Live Feeds. The upside (or downfall, depending on how you see things) is the shit one finds out when tuning in. Don’t worry, I’m not gonna say too much. As mentioned in my re-cap from this past Sunday, Dominique has been making herself unseen (After Dark, that is), I’m assuming it’s because she is feeling a bit betrayed, more on that later in the post. . .but during BBAD (Wednesday night), someone asked her how she was feeling about Thursday’s vote and she responded with “excited”, which had me very bewildered because from the angle in which I sit, Dominique is as good as gone, but maybe other factors are starting to play in, like the Den of Temptation. Since this is my first season spending time with Big Brother, I am stoked about this Battle Back and my fingers happen to be crossed for Cody. During BBAD (again on Wednesday), Paul, Jason, Josh, and Alex are all hanging in the HOH room and the Battle Back topic comes up. . .suffice it to say, they are going to be shocked! I don’t think we will get a BBAD tonight, since the Live Feeds are shut down until Friday evening. 

Last Time On: Alex won HOH and how quickly the tides have turned. Now the plastics are seeking her out, begging for safety. Jason and Alex have formed a pretty tight friendship, Alex and Paul while working different angles, are also working together. Paranoia was running rampant, but even Jesus himself couldn’t save Dominique from being nominated and even though Jason is her boy and he wanted to save Jessica from going up, Alex just couldn’t bring herself to do it. So, unless one is saved by the POV, Thursday’s eviction line-up will be a Dominique vs. Jessica showdown.

Tonight On: It’s the POV competition.

Tonight we pick up where Sunday leaves off and that is the end of the eviction nominations. Dominique is not only pissed that she has been nominated, but she is also convinced that someone on her side had something to do with it, but no worries BXTCHES, she promises she’ll get to the bottom of it. . .“you can bet on it.”. . .I’m not sure how many are looking forward to her final report, but you do you Dom. Paul does offer her his reptilian shoulder to cry on. While Dominque isn’t my favorite player, and I have no issue with watching her pack her bags, I am curious to know why it is that Paul wants her out? Just something to sit on. 

I have no clue on what the relationship dynamic is between Mark and Dominique, we all know that Mark is in some weird ass showmance with Elena, but even I gotta wonder what his reaction would be if it were Elena on the block instead of Dominique. This fool is about to have a full-fledged breakdown because Dominique is just “one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met.” And if you’re wondering what it looks like when those words are uttered, you are in luck. . .Big Brother 19 | Wednesday Re-Cap | www.bxtchesbeblogging.comLook, she may very well be the nicest person in the world, but she ain’t acting it. I’m even more confused when she claims that she goes hard for her team. When? And that “team” hasn’t won all that much and the fews wins that they have claimed, came via two people. . .Cody and Paul. . .any other time a member from that “team” has competed, the last descriptor that could be used is “going hard”, it was more like “hardly going”. It must be tough when you were at the top of the food chain, just to get dropped to the bottom, but for someone to claim she and Jesus are as tight as they come, should know and understand how far kindness will reach and she has only been able to reach those that she thought had her back. I’m not too sure why she is so upset, she did say that when she sat down at the table for the nomination, the Holy Spirit did tell her she would be put up. It must be good for CBS to know that even our Lord and Savior can’t keep away from the Big Brother house.

I guess Jesus was tuning in at the right time, because we do find Dominique in the HOH bathroom, praying in tongues (?) asking the Big Man. . .“what is up?” She really just wants to know who it is that is betraying her and I suppose if you’re gonna use your direct line, it seems reasonable to pray for meaningful things like. . .“God, I need for you to identify the asshole living amongst us”, don’t worry girl, problems like famine, droughts, war, even children with cancer, that all can wait, it’s about time God started to handle the essential dilemmas, like finding out who went behind his girl’s back. Now, if you’re a BXTCH who doesn’t believe in the power of prayer, I’m gonna have to ask that you brace yo’self, because while she was asking, he was answering. The Lord Almighty moved this inquisition to the top of the list, making sure she heard Paul’s name three times. On a side note: Just in case you are reading this Jesus, I’m just teasing. You can answer prayers in whatever order you deem significant. My sense of humor can sometimes get ahead of me. . .but seeing that you are who you are, I’m sure you can appreciate a laugh now and again. Please forgive me if I have offended you. Amen.

Competing: Alex, Dominique, Jessica, Kevin, Jason, and Christmas (who is not medically cleared, so she is sitting out). This competition is literally the equivalent to the floor is lava, it just took a fuck of lot longer. The object is to get from one side to the next, without falling into the “lava”. You must reach the other side and hit your buzzer 50 times to be declared the winner, so that equals 50 times across and 50 times back. If at ANY point you fall into the “lava”, you will be reset back to zero. The temptation offered is money and of course you will be disqualified, but considering Kevin can’t make it from one side to the other ALMOST EVER (I think he may have made it across three times), then it makes sense that he grab the temptation goblet. His winnings: $27. In the end, Dom and Jess just couldn’t keep up with Jason and Alex, Jason hit his buzzer for the 50th time, right before Alex hit hers, giving him the Power of Veto. 

Once the power is essentially in Jason’s hand, Paul gets to work. His plan is to pull Jess off the block, replacing her with Mark. Jason has no idea that Paul and Alex are working together, so however this plan goes down, it must be done on the sly. Paul must convince Alex to not only replace Jessica with Mark, but that it’s also a good idea. Alex wants everyone on board with the plan and Paul needs them all to think that it was their concept. He fuels that along by telling Alex the only way he goes along with it, is if Mark is made aware beforehand. It surely is no surprise that Mark ain’t too jazzed with this plan, even less when he finds out that it is Dominique that he will be up against. The whole scenario was made even better because Paul was still styling the fur/leather vest from the POV comp paired with boxer briefs and socks. 

It doesn’t take long for Dominique to pull Jason and start to plead her case. I wish I could say that the discussion between the two of them was entertaining, enlightening, or even deceiving, but. . .NOPE. It was more along the lines of. . .Dominique knows who the snake is, but can’t tell, but if Jason pays attention he’ll figure it out, but also keep your friends close and enemies closer. But don’t worry, it certainly gets entertaining later that night.

While Alex is in the Diary Room, Dom is feigning sleep. She pops up when she hears the HOH emerge and corners her in the living room. She first gives her a zoology lesson on the habits of snakes, I think Alex may have failed. She informs Alex that Paul is the tempter and that she’s asking Alex if she can have a house meeting. Dominique doesn’t have to wait long because once Alex clues Paul in, hell is about to break loose. Man, I hope Jesus is phoning in. 

I’ve watched every episode up to this point. I’ve tuned in more times than not to BBAD and I cannot for the life of remember what transpired to pit Paul against Dominique. Just a week ago, they were all thick as thieves and now, not seven days later, there’s no love to be found. What happened? Is this just part of the game, because I would think it more beneficial to break up the showmances. Jessica is not a threat, I don’t think Dominique is either. The only real competition threats come from Alex, Jason, and Paul. So I ask, is the nominations at this point more to do with who you dislike and later will be more about threats? I do think Dominique showed her true colors and became deserving of the nomination, but I never really understood what happened to have her put up in the first place.

To save himself, Mark convinces Alex and Jason that he will vote to evict Dominique. Jason doesn’t trust Mark’s word, but recognizes that the ultimate power lies with Alex.

This is the last time for each nominee to beg for life. Jessica gives a speech that’s short, sweet, and to the point. Can’t say the same for Dominique. She talks about snakes, minions, and reaping what you sow. She throws not only Paul under the wheels of the bus, but Elena got a nod as well. In the end, Jason hangs on to the POV and will let the votes land where they may.

“I know who the snake is, and I want to have the opportunity to chop off its head.” -Dominique

“I’m pretty sure she thinks the snake is in this fucking room.” -Jason

“How does a snake ensure that it doesn’t run into things?” -Dominique                                                   “Does it do the tongue thing?” -Alex

“I’m pretty sure God cannot vouch for you in this moment.”. . .”Guess what? He’s not here right now to play this game.” -Paul                                                                                                                          “Oh, he is. He’s here. If I’m here, he’s here.” -Dominique

“The power of this thing is sneaky.” -Jason

Big Brother Weekly Re-Caps |

I don’t truly know how I would play this game. I like to think that my wit and kindness would get me far. . .not to mention the fact that I’m a beast in the kitchen. I know I don’t lie well and I do like a bit of gossip, both of which would work against me. One thing I hope I would never fall victim to is trust. I’m assuming that most of the contestants have watched at least one season, so I am shocked when they’re shocked. Paul seems to be the only one who truly went behind Dominique’s back, though I’m not sure what the team dynamic even was. Dominique has believed since the beginning, well almost the beginning, that Elena has it out for her. I think Elena is only interested in showing off her tits and putting on make-up, she doesn’t even seem to be that into Mark, so I don’t think she gives a good fuck about Dominique. I guess that the confines of the house combined with an ever growing presence of paranoia really starts to fuck with ones head. But to believe that you are above eviction is a bit assholish and Dominique of all people should know this. Even the good Lord puts the best of us up for eviction.

I’m a pretty open minded person. Nudity doesn’t really bother me. But I suppose I jump back and forth over the fence where my feminism is concerned, which I can recognize as a bit hypocritical. But, for the love of Gloria Steinem can some of these ladies begin to use just a fraction of the brain. I’m not exactly opposed to the power of the pussy, but the power is being used to hypnotize the ones already in your bed. So what happens when they fall out and have to pack their bags? Now you’re gonna have to rely on old fashioned intelligence to move you forward and the brain is something that you must exercise on the regular to give you an advantage. Sure, you guys have phenomenal ass cheeks, I know this because any opportunity to flash them, you do. . .need to go for a swim? Not before making sure my suit is wedged deep into my ass crack. . .need to cook dinner? Sure, let me just change into my underwear first. Don’t worry, you’re looking good girls, and let’s not leave the cleavage out, the tits are on point and could even bring the best motorboater to tears, your lashes are on fleek and your working those midriffs better than Shania Twain circa 1996. So, since we’ve seen it all, can we now see how good your game looks?





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