An Idiot By Any Other Name is. . .A Brilliant BXTCH!

An Idiot By Any Other Name is. . .A Brilliant BXTCH!

BXTCHES Gotta Warn: This post is long (I am a long winded BXTCH) and is going to skirt toward the political side. Fuck, who am I kidding, I’m diving right into the hot mess that is this election year. I should probably also warn you. . .I lean toward the liberal side, so much so, that if I actually leaned, I would certainly tip over. Which translates to the following-I can be a bit biased in my thought process, however, I will try to be as open minded as possible. I have the potential to be all over the place (you know how us liberals are). However, I’m gonna try my best to compartmentalize my thoughts, but I tend to get pretty passionate about things, which may scatter me a bit. Oh, I should also warn you that this BXTCH drops “F” bombs all over the place when she gets passionate. Okay, I drop them all the time really, but politics gives me the excuse I don’t really need. Just don’t show this post to my 10 year old niece and we’ll be okay, otherwise, I’ll have to make it rain right into her piggy bank for the next year for the amount of “fucks” I’ll be laying down.

I really wasn’t sure if I wanted to venture into a political type of post. And originally my idea was to focus on those who support Trump (because you guys are a true mystery to me), but I then decided to really focus on the “why’s” of being a Democrat OR why I’m not a Republican, well that’s what I hope to focus on, but like I said before, who knows what direction this post is going to take in the end.

There are many reasons why I chose to dive in and say “fuck it”, I’m just gonna put my thoughts out there and see where they land, and I’m blaming that on fucking Facebook. Every now and then there is something in the world that tickles my fancy just enough to encourage a Facebook post, but even then, I usually lay off because I’m more of a Facebook stalker than a Facebook poster. And the truth is I stalk because I’m a nosey BXTCH, I wanna know what’s happening in your world. However, I’m also a picky BXTCH. I’m looking for funny videos and posts that give me more of an insight into who you are, and some of you are really delivering on the “who are you” insight. On a side note, I cannot stand cryptic posts, if you’re gonna post something like. . .”I can’t believe that just happened to me”, fill me in. What the fuck happened? A BXTCH needs to know. But, I digress.

Now that we’ve entered “election season” and let’s face it, it is certainly a season, more brutal than ANY season sports could offer. But, one thing that I have learned is that Facebook has really become an identifier to one’s true self. For example, you may think that some on your friends list are decent peeps, but then they post something that is really assholey, and it forces you to open your eyes and realize that people aren’t always who they seem, regardless of how well you think you know them. I mean, I can be an asshole, it’s not always a bad quality to have, sometimes life warrants your inner asshole to come out and shine. But you know the type of assholes I’m referring to. It’s the ones who live behind a blanket of fake niceties, the ones who want everyone to believe that they teach kindness, patience, and understanding to their kiddos, but then they post something on Facebook that has you saying “What the fuck did I just read?”

Now, I do understand why some vote along the conservative line and I think diversity is what makes this country great, which is why we need a mixture of conservatives and liberals in the government. And before we even get started, I should go full disclosure on your ass and tell you the main reason I vote for the good guys, well it’s because of my kids. They are my legacy. While I admit to not being the greatest mom, they are the greatest thing I have ever done. To steal from Martina McBride. . .

In my daughter’s eyes I can see the future
A reflection of who I am and what will be
Though she’ll grow and someday leave
Maybe raise a family
When I’m gone I hope you see how happy
she made me
For I’ll be there
In my daughter’s eyes

Now that the mushy shit is out of the way, this is from me to you. . .(you can thank me later):

Let me offer a “put myself at ease” disclaimer before I go any further. The following rants are how I personally feel. Now, I could assume that most liberal thinkers feel the same way, but I would hate to put us all in the same box, so if you have something negative to say, aim it right at this BXTCH, no one else should get your wrath because of something I said.

I’m gonna share some truth with you. First, I’m not a big fan of labels. I may identify more with Democrats, but I don’t like the idea that a label needs to be put on the way someone believes. You can be a liberal but have some conservative viewpoints and vice versa. I do think it’s harder to be that way in today’s society, where people are looking to pitchfork you based on a belief you may have, but really, I’m here to wave the white flag, call a truce if you will. It seems that my Republican “friends” are confused on why someone (me, for example) votes the way I vote (I think the word most commonly used is “idiot”), but I think in order to understand that conundrum, you need to understand me a bit more. 

An Idiot By Any Other Name Is A . . .Brilliant BXTCH |

I’m actually going to make this one pretty simple. The reason (well, the reason I believe anyway) that “religion” or “God” is not really a huge talking point in the liberal circle and the reason I get frustrated when it becomes a MAJOR talking point in the conservative circle comes down to one belief: the separation of church and state. Thomas Jefferson himself said:

An Idiot By Any Other Name | Musings with my BXTCH Merrie J |

Please don’t misunderstand me, I believe in God, I believe in Heaven and Hell. The belief of a God isn’t the problem. And believe it or not, I have no issues with anyone who raises their family based on their religious convictions. My problem is with the ones who want to make or change the law based on those (personal) religious convictions. 

I think that it’s been proven time and again that religion and politics do not go together. You cannot base your political pick on how someone loves the Lord, because you will set yourself up to be disappointed. What happens when the one you picked based on their relationship with God, strays from the moral compass in which you used to vote for them? Better yet, what happens when that particular politician interprets the Lord’s word differently than you? The only “laws” that should be dictated or put in place because of something the Bible says are the ones you use in your home.

I believe in everyone’s right to pick and worship the God of their choice and the reality is my neighbor may not hit their knees for the same God I do, so if we as a country allow a politician to use the good book to dictate policy making, then shouldn’t it be representative of the population? And since this wonderful country is made up of different beliefs, I don’t believe it can be represented equally.

Prayer in school? Go for it. In fact, the school district my children attend offers a moment of silence every morning, a perfect time for anyone who wishes to go crazy and do something like say. . .pray. Believe it or not, they also recite the Pledge of Allegiance, One Nation under God and all that jazz, and me, a liberal, is okay with that. Shocker!

The relationship one has with whatever God they worship. . .is between them and that particular God. I don’t need to know how you prayed last night to be convinced that you can run this country. 

An Idiot By Any Other Name Is A . . .Brilliant BXTCH |Musings with by BXTCH MerrieJ on

Well this is a tricky subject. I am pro-choice (I know, I know, you almost fell off of the couch with that bomb,right?). I should probably clarify, I am pro-choice, not pro-abortion. Which translates to being about your body, your choice and not my decision to make for you. Do I think that there are some women out there who take advantage of being able to go and terminate a pregnancy? I do. But I also believe that the number of women who do this represents a very small percentage (like super small) and if I’m pouring my heart out, I may as well tell you that any woman who uses abortion as a form of birth control, isn’t very well suited to be a mother and that child is probably better off in the hands of God. I will also go ahead and reveal another secret. . .I don’t think that there are too many of you out there who are really pro-life, I think pro-birth better describes you. But we’ll talk about that when we get down to welfare. Your moral handbook insists that you raise your family pro-life? I support that decision because it’s my right to raise mine pro-choice, which in my definition means that if my children grow up and decide to climb on top of the platform that represents pro-life, then they will have my support. One’s personal beliefs should not ever dictate the law. I think you would be shocked to find out how many Democrats are pro-life in their personal lives but know personal ideologies should not make the law.

From what I can discern, the backbone most conservatives use for their pro-life argument falls within the pages of the Holy Bible, so I ask that you refer to the above for my feelings on that.

Last thing about abortion and I will move on. If you are a conservative who believes in the death penalty (and I have nothing against it if you do) then please stop using the “all life is precious” argument for your pro-life stance. Because pro-life isn’t representative of the death penalty. 

**Save the “what about adoption” speech. Until we can make the adoption process in this country about the child and family and not about the dollar bills, and maybe stop discrimination against same sex couples (they are not going away) then there is no argument.

An Idiot By Any Other Name Is A . . .Brilliant BXTCH |Musings with by BXTCH MerrieJ on

Holy shit, the bathroom issue has thrown this country into a tizzy, right? And I know most, if not all, Republicans think that it’s just another liberal talking point and we are fine with putting our kids at risk. First, slow your roll and listen up. Here is why I’m not concerned. Where in the hell does everyone think the transgender community has been using the restroom all of these years? Out back behind Target? No, in the stall right next to you. Think about it for a sec, I’ll wait. If we are going to use the “protect the children” slogan for this one, then how about we actually focus on issues that would really protect our little ones. Hunger. . .homelessness. . .sexual assault & abuse. . .gun control. . .education-we can go on and on. If it bothers you just because it does, then say that, but until we can really put the words “United We Stand” to good use and protect the kiddos against threats and issues that are actually real, keep your bullshit.

An Idiot By Any Other Name Is A . . .Brilliant BXTCH |Musings with by BXTCH MerrieJ on

I am a mom of three, I am married to my “baby daddy” (have been for 17 years). To channel my inner Merle. . .“I ain’t never been on welfare and that’s one place I won’t be”. Well, never say never, but who am I to ruin a good song. Even when we were a small family of 3, struggling to make ends meet, we did it all on our own (just because of our circumstance, keep reading, you’ll see). I’m certainly not “anti-welfare” (I am a liberal, remember), we actually tried to qualify for WIC, but as a family, we made $100 too much. And because we are generally honest people, I refused to lie and take advantage of the system. So, what did we do? My husband got a second job waiting tables, and that income was what we used to buy formula and diapers. To clarify. . .I have NOTHING against anyone who utilizes the system that is there to help those who need it, we just didn’t qualify, so we had to move onto another plan. Having said that, I now would like to say the following. Please for fuck sake, STOP assuming that if someone votes on the liberal side, they MUST be unemployed and popping out baby after baby, all with your tax money and of course they are paying for groceries with food stamps while talking on their brand new iPhone. That way of thinking really only puts your ignorance on display for all to see, so please do some fucking research before you begin to spout your nonsense, and because they suck major Bush balls, Fox News does not count as one of your sources. 

What has aways interested me is most conservatives stand on the idea that it takes a leader with strong religious convictions (once again, see above) to run the country. But those are the ones who seem to be the least compassionate when it comes to helping those in need, now I really hate to bring in the Good Man and have a “What Would Jesus Do” moment, but ask yourself, what would our Homeboy suggest? Well, good thing we can look up exactly what it is that he was thinking. . .it’s time for some shock and awe, BXTCHES!!

An Idiot By Any Other Name Is A . . .Brilliant BXTCH |Musings with by BXTCH MerrieJ on

Let’s get back to abortion real quick. So, I mentioned earlier that my personal belief is that most (not all) who wear the pro-life badge are really pro-birth. Most of you only want to see the baby born, not ensure that the mom and/or dad has the means to care for the baby or themselves. So, based on my awesome deduction skills, here is where we are:

  • All life is precious, therefore abortion should be illegal


  • While you insist that a woman give birth, you don’t want to make it easy for her to feed her child, clothe her child, shelter her child, or medically care for her child, therefore making her jump through hoops to qualify for any type of government benefits OR you really want to cut those benefits altogether


  • If she is able to qualify for any type of benefits, she needs to show up, like say at a grocery store, in clothes that are as ratty looking as possible, with only shitty food in her basket, because God forbid she purchase anything remotely expensive or what you deem expensive. Oh and if she chooses to have a cell phone, it needs to be a first generation Nokia or some outdated bullshit like that.

Does that about nail it? It’s okay to admit that you really feel this way, and I can even understand the frustration of “I work hard for my money and can’t afford the things that she doesn’t even work for” but let’s at least agree to stop judging others in the name of God if you’re not going to hold yourself to the same standards. Fair? Let’s move on.

An Idiot By Any Other Name Is A . . .Brilliant BXTCH |Musings with by BXTCH MerrieJ on

Okay, full disclosure: I don’t know a thing about guns. But before you start the word vomit about how I need to keep my mouth shut since I know not one thing about gun ownership, I equate it to this. . .you men know nothing about being a woman or our bodies, but it doesn’t really stop you from having very strong opinions and supporting legislation on what we should be allowed to do with them. I figure this makes us even. Carry on.

I have already addressed this issue in a previous post (which you can find-here), but since this is a real hot button right now, why not talk about it again, especially since there seems to be some confusion on where ideologies lie.

I have said this before, but I think it bears repeating. I am not against owning guns. In fact, if one of my children came to me and wanted to learn how to use a firearm OR if my husband wanted to teach the offspring how to use a firearm, I’m all for it. I’m also supportive of your right to-own a gun, hunt, protect your home-so, let me make sure, once again, you understand the following. 

This BXTCH has nothing against your right to bear arms. I have NO interest in repealing the 2nd amendment to the U.S. Constitution. I also don’t think that the government of this great country will be going door to door anytime soon asking you to give up your right to shoot a motherfucker dead if he threatens you or yours.

 The only thing the ones to the left are trying to do is get some common sense laws enacted. And, just for shits and giggles, let’s just get some of the arguments you have made out of the way: 

2nd amendment: Your argument in wanting to sleep with your arsenal of weapons is:”what happens when we need to overthrow the government?” Well, if this were the 1700’s, this would be a pretty legitimate question. But, let’s talk 2016 for a moment. Do you really think that. . .1) We will need to overthrow the government? I mean, if George W. Bush didn’t warrant an overthrow, then we may be safe. 2) The United States has the world’s best military on their side, still think you and your posse can overthrow them with your guns? But, have no fear, if the need arises for you to get the boys together and go all “militia” crazy on their asses, you will still have your guns to make your dreams come true, because no one is taking them away from you, so get the guys together and get your plan in place.

The other argument I hear over and over is this-“people do not need guns to commit mass murder, they could use things like bombs”. Okay, you’re absolutely right. But I have no idea what that has to do with passing common sense gun laws. 

How about this one-“gun control is not going to stop people from purchasing guns, just like drug laws do not stop people from doing drugs.” Again, you’re right, but with that logic, should we just have a Purge party up in this bitch and get rid of laws altogether? Let’s take something simple, like drunk driving. MADD was founded in 1980 and played a large part in changing laws involving the legal drinking age and driving under the influence. All of it due to one woman and her passion to not have her 13 year old daughter’s death be in vain. When MADD was founded, around 25,000 deaths occurred each year because of drunk driving, since then the number has been cut in half, all because of common sense laws. Do people still drive under the influence? Yes they do. But, surely we can agree that the laws that were put into place 30+ years ago, work. It is the job of our government to take action when something becomes an epidemic.

It says something when the majority of Americans are in support of some sort of reform and it’s our job to stand up and demand that legislation start moving in the right direction. The NRA isn’t filling your pockets with the same cash that they’re giving our politicians and I think Obama has proven that he’s not gonna be knocking on your door to collect your 2nd amendment. If we still are at a disagreement, let me bring in the big guns (pun intended), the shining star of the Republican Wet Dream, Ronald Reagan, here is what he had to say about military grade weapons:

An Idiot By Any Other Name Is A . . .Brilliant BXTCH |Musings with by BXTCH MerrieJ on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comAn Idiot By Any Other Name Is A . . .Brilliant BXTCH |Musings with by BXTCH MerrieJ on

Please watch the following video:

 Still think there is no need for some change? If only one life can be saved because laws were put into place, isn’t it worth it? I mean, ALL life is precious, right?

Trump Tag

This one really is baffling this BXTCH. I want to think that it’s a joke, but I’m starting to believe that y’all are really serious about this asshat. I have yet to hear one redeeming, presidential quality that this guy has. I hear things such as:

“He’s not afraid to speak his mind and be politically incorrect”. Well, I guess I can’t be too terribly upset about him speaking his mind, I mean, because of that wondrous trait, we now know what a huge, fucking racist he is. And please don’t start with the “he isn’t a racist” bullshit, he is the worse kind, because he doesn’t even realize that his actions and words are racist. What I really want to get on to is the “politically incorrect” part. I’m someone who believes that we have become a bit sensitive as a country and maybe we should loosen up a bit. But making fun of a disabled journalist, isn’t someone being politically incorrect, it’s someone being an asshole. Making derogatory comments about women, isn’t someone being politically incorrect, it’s someone being misogynistic and an asshole. Someone who thinks that banning Muslims from entering this country (American or otherwise) or wanting to build a wall to keep Hispanics out, isn’t someone being politically incorrect, it’s someone being a racist asshole. I could keep going, but do I really need to? Here’s the thing, if he was just Donald J. Trump, an American businessman and reality T.V. star, who fucking cares if this was how he felt, because truthfully, his way of thinking always sorts itself out and it wouldn’t end good for him. The issue isn’t necessarily his way of thinking, the issue, is his way of thinking isn’t presidential. We have to hold the leader of this country to a much higher standard than we do reality T.V. stars, I mean could you imagine a Kanye West/Kim Kardashian ticket? We cannot have the President of the free world, making fun of disabled bodies and speaking of women in the disdainful manner in which he does, treating minorities as if they don’t belong, throwing tantrums when something doesn’t go his way and really just being an all around ignorant jerk.

“Anything is better than Hillary”. Okay, here is where my bias beliefs will hurt me. You don’t want to vote for Hillary, okay, don’t. But is Trump a better choice? I keep hearing people refer to Hillary as ‘crooked’ or ‘liar’, but never back it up with why you feel that she is that way. But, being the diplomatic BXTCH that I am, I will give you the benefit of doubt and say that you are correct, Hillary is a crooked liar (combining the adjectives just makes it easier, you know) and let’s say that we have to pick one, well I guess we’re not just saying it, we do actually have to pick just one: Hillary or Donald. I am going to play the woman card for one moment. We all have moms, daughters, sisters, at least some female in our lives who is important to us, right? This is what the Republican nominee for President of the United States of America feels about us women:

An Idiot By Any Other Name Is A . . .Brilliant BXTCH |Musings with by BXTCH MerrieJ on

If this is the attitude you’re okay with our Commander-in-Chief having, then you should probably make sure your daughters do not enlist.

An Idiot By Any Other Name Is A . . .Brilliant BXTCH |Musings with by BXTCH MerrieJ on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comIn all fairness, he may think that he read this one in Proverbs. He does have a difficult time quoting the Bible.

An Idiot By Any Other Name Is A . . .Brilliant BXTCH |Musings with by BXTCH MerrieJ on

But you’re okay with your daughters growing up under his leadership?

Trump supporters use the term ‘liar’ an awful lot when it comes to Hillary Clinton, in addition to other not so nice things that I’m quite sure your mother raised you better than to say. Now, I watch the political channels when I need to and my husband even makes me watch Fox, so who really knows whose nose is growing or who it is that’ll make Santa’s nice list. However, I do check out every now and again, I highly recommend it. In doing the little bit of research I did for this post, it’s interesting to note, that according to, Donald Trump, during the course of this campaign, has the following record when it comes to telling the truth OR to use a more familiar term, being a liar:

  • True 4 (2%)
  • Mostly True 12 (7%)
  • Half True 24 (14%)
  • Mostly False 27 (16%)
  • False 69 (41%)
  • Pants on Fire 34 (20%)

**Click here for Donald Trump’s Politifact page

I guess it would only be fair to list Hillary Clinton’s Politifact record as well, right? Here you go:

  • True 50 (23%)
  • Mostly True 61 (28%)
  • Half True 46 (21%)
  • Mostly False 32 (15%)
  • False 24 (11%)
  • Pants on Fire 3 (1%)

**Don’t believe me? Check it out, here.

So, if we’re basing your pick on honesty or who is the “least liar”, I guess you’ll be checking the box next to Clinton’s name then.

An Idiot By Any Other Name Is A . . .Brilliant BXTCH |Musings with by BXTCH MerrieJ on

I am proud to say that yes, I voted for the man, two times. I also have no shame in proclaiming that I believe he has done a wonderful job as our Commander-In-Chief, but the only reason I mention Obama is because of the following meme, good Lord it is a good one. 

An Idiot By Any Other Name is. . .A Brilliant BXTCH | Musings with MerrieJ |

Let’s look past the fact that the greatness of this meme, is whoever created it, is in essence calling me stupid, but doesn’t know the difference between “your” and “you’re” AND “to” and “too”. But chances are, if you look at this and think “Hell Yeah”, then you voted for George W. Bush TWICE and do I really need to say more? I have to endure a lot of posts (some from my actual bloodline) that involve some form of the following: “Those libs are idiots” OR Voting for Hillary is ignorance at its finest” OR Those Democrats just want handouts, they want the government to pay for everything” OR Maybe they should hand out job applications at the Trump protests” OR I would rather have a sexist, racist, xenophobe, demagogue oh. . .I mean Trump as the President of the free world, even though I have no idea what kind of policies he would initiate since he can’t answer a question directly, rather than Hillary, because you know. . .Liberals. I mean, I realize I have daughters and my vote for Trump could certainly impact them in a very negative way and probably send them back about 50 years, but those idiot Libtards.” 

While I hope this gives you a bit more understanding in the way that some of us liberals, well this liberal thinks, maybe we can start to bridge the gap of misunderstanding and start to realize that we are Americans first. But in order for that wish to be fulfilled I’m gonna have to put in the following request. Just keep reading, you’ll understand.

The general term I see on social media regarding “my kind” is the word idiot and maybe I am, hell, only time will tell, but if you insist on using that word when describing me and my people, at least mix it up a bit, let me add my assistance:

Some common alternatives would be: fool/moron/twit/stupid

But we can do better than that: ignoramus/imbecile/nicompoop/tomfool

There are plenty out there, have some fun with it, I mean, if you’re going to teach your kiddos all about being contemptuously rude, at the very least expand their vocab along the way.

I could really go on and on regarding the disrespect that is thrown at people just for believing differently and is usually thrown by people who are very quick to stand and preach from their own Christian pulpit. Let me say that again, I’m an ignoramus, a moron, a stupid twit, a nincompoop (see what I did there?) all because my values and beliefs are just different from yours. Oh, I must’ve missed the part in the Bible where Jesus actually preaches about hate and intolerance. Please tell me again about my sinning ways.

I believe that En Vogue said it best when they said:                                                                                              “FREE YOUR MIND AND THE REST WILL FOLLOW!”          

For those keeping score, that’s three song references in this one post, you’re welcome.





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