Can You Smell The Hypocrisy. . .BXTCHES!?

BXTCHES Gotta Warn: I tried. I really did. It’s been 66 (or so) days since my last political driven post and while I thought back then I had actually said all that needed to be said. . .boy was this BXTCH wrong. I figure it’s probably best for me to just jump right in and go full throttle, but I promise, I will try to include some positivity in my closing.

I’m currently sitting in a hotel room in San Antonio at 2:50am, on January 15th. Earlier this evening (well, yesterday evening), my husband called to inform me that my daughter left her volleyball warm-ups sitting in our kitchen. Oh, I guess I should say that I’m in San Antonio for a volleyball tournament. . .for my daughter’s final season of club volleyball. . .an important season for my athletic, but academically deficient daughter. Now, when my hubby dropped this news, I understood that one of the consequences she could be facing was, not playing, like at all. Like the three hour trip that I took with not only her, but my two youngest children as well, was for naught. Not to mention the money spent on the hotel, on the rental car, on the food, was for a trip that was not a vacation, but could turn out to be just a really expensive drive. As her parent, I would hate to see her not play, but as a parent trying to teach our 17 year old daughter how to be more adult, well. . .she has to learn and if her having to sit out teaches her that lesson, then so be it. Because as any parent can recognize and hopefully what we all try to teach our children is that life is a game of choice and consequence. You may be free to make the choice, but no one is free from the consequence. We’ll explore this more in a bit.

I think it’s time to jump into the DeLorean, kick that BXTCH to 88 and take a trip back to 2003-March to be exact. Remember when that singer from that kick ass female country music group said that she was embarrassed that the President of the United States was from Texas (that may not be the exact quote, but you know what she said), not only did she speak blasphemous about the great George W. (please sense the tone), but she did so on foreign soil (insert gasp here). Now, if you can really reach back into the recesses of your memory, you’ll remember the reaction that her statement caused. Protests, CD destroying parties, death threats, sponsorship losses, no radio airplay, even at least one state lawmaker (South Carolina) called for their boycott, saying. . .“we in South Carolina ought to say goodbye to the Dixie Chicks, and anybody who thinks about going to that concert ought to be ready, ready, ready to run out of here.” He probably should’ve at least been familiar with the song, any die hard knows that it’s. . .“ready, ready, ready, ready, ready to run”. Anyway, we’ll come back to this.

Ohh, Meryl Streep. . .you sly BXTCH. The Hollywood Foreign Press Association bestows the honor of the Cecil B. Demille award to your overflowing (and according to some. . .overrated) mantel and you take that moment to stand up for those made to feel secondary or speak on behalf of journalists whose 1st amendment rights are being threatened or try to remind us all that love truly does trump hate. I mean, how could you? . .It’s almost like you believe that certain “truths to be self-evident” and “that all men are created equal” and even worse. . .you really believe that Americans are actually “endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights”. . .that include “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness”. C’mon Meryl. . .where in the fuck do you think we live? You guessed it, we’ll come back.

For a group of individuals who cried like little babies when Natalie Maines spoke ill of President Bush, the same group who exercised their first amendment right by protesting, who even went as far as to destroy CD’s, issue death threats, and made calls to radio stations to ensure their music wasn’t played and hasn’t been played since. You guys are fucking hilarious bitching about groups of individuals using their first amendment rights by organizing protests against the election of Donald Trump. The reality of being a grown-up is, you don’t have to agree with the reasons someone chooses to stand up for a cause, but their rights to do so should be respected. 

HYPOCRISY: [hi-pok-ruh-see] NOUN a pretense of having a virtuous character, moral or religious beliefs or principles, etc. that one does not really possess. 

Boy, did you Trumpers lose your shit when Meryl Streep spoke up. Whew, it’s almost like you guys didn’t elect your own celebrity who constantly spoke out and disrespected our President. Or elect a celebrity who uses Twitter to attack and spread hate or show off his callowness. Good thing you have a leg to stand on when you criticize those speaking ill about Trump, wouldn’t want you to look like hypocritical assholes. My side is constantly put down for how sensitive we are and how we need to grow a pair and just deal with it. What I find interesting is you guys only get upset when a celebrity speaks out against something you believe in, if they are in complete agreeance with your beliefs, you’re ready to join their circle jerk. When Clint Eastwood stood on a stage and reprimanded an empty chair, you guys had a hard-on for days, while we all sat back and had a “what the fuck?” moment and were more concerned about him medically. . .but guess what? I still watch Clint Eastwood movies, he’s allowed to view things differently than me, while I’m allowed to still be a fan of his. I may think that Hank Jr. is an asshole for saying very disparaging things about President Obama, but this BXTCH will still rock out to some Rowdy Friends. I even eat at Chick-Fil-A, even though Truett Cathy’s views on homosexuality aren’t really a secret, but me being a grown ass woman, I recognize his right to his beliefs. And as long as those personal beliefs never spill over into the business, then it’s all good. And I hope it never does, because I fucking love Chick-Fil-A. Now, when Nicole Kidman said that Americans needed to stand behind Trump, I actually think some of you put in applications to become the president of her fan club. Good luck to you and may the electorate be forever in your favor. I wanna make sure I have this straight, you know how us liberals twist things. . .you believe that celebrities need to keep their mouth shut, unless they are in complete accordance with your way of thinking OR if they happen to wanna run for President? Am I getting there? Come close because I wanna let you in on a pretty big secret. . .I’m about to blow your mind wide open. You know when you get going on a social media rant about how Obama is the worse President in the history of our country or how you’re going to boycott the Oscars because Trump is most likely not going to be nominated this year or how that tiny bakery in Podunk, USA has the right to hate the gays because. . .Jesus, but fuck those liberals who wanna boycott LL Bean because. . .morals, I mean you’re familiar with the rants, right? Well, your celebrity is showing, your platform just isn’t as big as Meryl Streep’s, your message won’t be spread as wide as Michael Moore’s, but you do have a platform to spread your message, and it doesn’t matter how careless or crude or lacking in actual facts your message is, you still have the platform to do so. If you’re concerned with the size of said platform, then I would suggest you win 100+ awards for your phenomenal acting or direct some pretty kick ass documentaries or fuck, get yourself a YouTube channel and stroke the proverbial conservative dick until it explodes from pleasure. This BXTCH will support your right to disagree with me, I’ll even support your right to call me an idiot, but please stop trying to take away another’s platform because your’s doesn’t line up.

HYPOCRISY: [hi-pok-ruh-see] NOUN a pretense of having a virtuous character, moral or religious beliefs or principles, etc. that one does not really possess

Please explain to me how the party who opposes same sex marriage because it will be the demise of “traditional marriage” elects a man who has been married three times? How a party who believes that they should govern from the Holy Bible elects a man who has committed adultery, multiple times? How a party who got so upset that Natalie Maines spoke ill of our President on foreign soil, but certainly friendly territory, elects a man who has what appears to be deep ties with Russia and maybe a secret crush on Putin? How in the face of turmoil, a party is calling for unity, but spent the last eight years openly and celebrating any opposition against President Obama? You longer get to wear the “family values” label, you no longer get to scream “JESUS” and “HOLY BIBLE” when you are trying to justify your hate, and I’m gonna have to ask that you slowly step away from the Constitution until you fully understand it.

HYPOCRISY: [hi-pok-ruh-see] NOUN a pretense of having a virtuous character, moral or religious beliefs or principles, etc. that one does not really possess

I’ve pondered about a lot of things since November 8th. From the high dosages of hate that a fuck lot of people in this country seem to have to what the future of this country looks like for my children to the obtuseness that has blanketed a very surprisingly large portion of America (that one may be the scariest). The one conclusion that I have come to is this. . .the Presidency of Donald J. Trump is an important one. Having time to reflect, I think that this was supposed to happen. He was the choice, the next four years is the consequence. If HRC would be standing on that stage, being sworn in as the 45th President and the first woman ever to do so, then it would’ve been too easy. We would’ve become complacent. I now believe that Hillary’s role was to shatter that glass ceiling that has suffocated us for so long, but it was always supposed to be someone else’s role to come in and finish writing the story that she started. Without Trump being elected, movements wouldn’t have began, individuals wouldn’t have gotten involved, there would be no stand for people to take. We seemed to forget that there is always someone to fight for. Trump opened our eyes. Forced us to see what was always right there, but we were just too naive to let it penetrate. I think Trump was right about one thing, he could stand in the middle of Time Square and shoot someone and Republicans wouldn’t flinch. Republicans don’t worry about what’s best for our country. The party of Jesus is only concerned about getting to the top, not how many of the downtrodden have to be stepped on to do so. You can criticize our youth, call them entitled and pretend that their understanding is mediocre at best, but that platform that conservatives so desperately want to snatch away, is just growing bigger and bigger and it’s being built to hold more and more. And lookout, Obama laid the foundation, Hillary began to build the structure, but the skyscraper that will be built from this fight, will be unstoppable. Trump is not my President. He will stand as the criteria I use when lessons need to be taught to my children about common decency and morals. Trump does not represent me. He will be the example I use when I explain to my children why they always fight for those without a voice. Trump is not my America. He will be the benchmark I use whenever my children believe that their vote doesn’t matter. Something great is going to come from this Presidency and I trust that we will be a better America because of it.

Thank you President Obama for giving us these last eight years. For showing this country that the color of your skin will not hold you back, that you may have to work harder and fight tougher, but one’s worth is determined by who THEY see in the mirror. You have given us so much HOPE to build on, we just have to finish the job. So, go and enjoy life. We got this.


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