Fat Shaming?. . .How About, F**k You!

Fat Shaming?. . .How About, F**k You!

BXTCHES Gotta Warn: Let me preface this entire tirade by stating the following: In no way, shape, or form, do I believe that Amy Schumer is fat. I would also like to say, that it is my personal, liberal loving, blue flag waving, radical believing, tolerant opinion that she is fucking hilarious. Now, shall we get on with another episode of: “What I say really doesn’t matter and it’s just really a hot rambling mess, but, please read anyway”?

When in the world did fat shaming become a thing? Does it seep through the cracks because it has no race and is aimed mostly at women? While I believe social media is a wonderful thing, I do think that one of the greatest, but possibly most horrendous downsides to so much personal access is being able to see peoples true colors.

Recently I came across the following picture.
Fat Shaming?. . .How About, Fuck You! | www.bxtchesbeblogging.com

Fantastic, right? As a woman, I looked at the above picture and saw greatness. I thought, that takes a real set of balls to not only pose in practically nothing, but have it put out there for the world to see, untouched.  I like Amy Schumer. I think that she is fucking hilarious and she’s beautiful. But, I had recently watched her HBO Special, followed by another special that was on Comedy Central, so I could be biased and maybe should’ve looked at it from another perspective. It was almost as if the social media gods were shining down on me, because lo and behold, what comes right across my Facebook feed? An article about Steven Crowder’s opinion regarding the Amy Schumer picture. His blog post was titled: “Dear Fat Feminists: Being Naked While Unattractive is not ‘Brave’. . .”. Yes, you read that right, he actually said THAT!

Up until recently, I have never heard of Steven Crowder. What I learned was this, he is a conservative comedian who runs a website titled: Louder with Crowder, catchy right? I use the term “comedian” very loosely as I have yet to come across anything that he has put his name on that has made me laugh out loud.

Again, not being very familiar with who this man was, I decided to do a little research. I did learn that he used to be a contributor on Fox News, but was let go because of some remarks he made regarding Sean Hannity. And you know how Fox News is, don’t smack the mouths of the ones who suck the cock or you will find yourself out of a job. Now, I read what he said and to he honest, he kinda got the shaft. What he said wasn’t really all that bad and not at all disrespectful, but what do I care, I don’t even watch Fox News. But if you are curious and want to know what it is he said, click here. I also read that Fox News didn’t really find Mr. Crowder to be too terribly funny and that was a contributing factor to his involuntary termination, I NEVER agree with Fox, but on that one perspective, I concur.

I was going to go into detail and aim this article toward politics and another reason whey Democrats are different than Republicans, but I decided that an asshole is an asshole, fuck who he votes for.

So, here is what I have to say about the word vomit that has spewed from this douchebags mouth.

I know you are married (you did well, she is very beautiful), but I beg of you to not procreate. Because if you were to have a daughter, she is bound to have body image issues with you as her father, especially if you think that the picture above depicts a “fat” woman. And since you seem to have a hard time holding back your tongue, what happens if you have a daughter a little on the heavy side? And God forbid you have a son that views women through your perspective. 

Shame on your mother for raising a son who believes that it is okay to speak about the female sex in the manner in which you do and shame on your wife for not advising against the horrible idea of you “fat shaming”.

Maybe the real problem is you’re just an uptight asshole. In that case, you and your wife aren’t doing it right. My advise: pop in a porn and start taking notes because sex releases endorphins and. . .

Fat Shaming. . .How About F**k You! | www.bxtchesbeblogging.com

On a more serious note, Louder with Crowder, it’s bad enough that a lot of women look at themselves naked in the mirror and don’t really like what they see. That every bad thing they believe about themselves is being said by some asshole who has no clue what it’s like to have a vagina. I could use this perfect opportunity to call you, Mr. Crowder, a giant pussy, but that’s an insult to every pussy out there. Let me remind you that the women you call “fat feminists” and you label “not brave”: These women have probably given birth to more than one child and it’s their body that has made the sacrifice in providing a family, it’s these women that are so busy doing for everyone around them that they just don’t have the time to do for themselves, and let’s not forget the fact that once a month they most likely want to stab someone in the neck, but since prison most likely doesn’t provide Netflix, they settle on ice cream and chocolate instead. 

You’re allowed to believe that Amy Schumer is not funny (even though I highly disagree), you’re allowed to not fall in line with her way of politics (which I believe is the root of your blog post), you’re even allowed to think that she is fat, but you’re not allowed to take something that regardless of your beliefs, is brave and poison it. It does take courage, no matter your size or shape, to have someone photograph you practically nude and put it out there for the world to see. This is more than just a celebrity posing partially nude, this is about a message and that message is different for every woman who looks at that picture. J.K Rowling said:

Is fat really the worst thing a human being can be? Is fat worse than vindictive, jealous, shallow, vain, boring, evil,  or cruel? Not to me.

Weight can be lost, being ugly on the inside can’t be fixed. For someone who saved himself for marriage (very admirable) because of his Godly ways and uses his Christianity in his platform and for promotion (which is not a bad thing), you had the chance to really show people what being a Christian is about and you blew it. Way to go!


**On a side note, I’m well aware that Amy Schumer doesn’t have children, I was just making a point.

**On another side note, if you are interested in the article that got this BXTCH all riled up, check it out, here


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