Great Again?. . .We’re F*cking Golden Now!

BXTCHES Gotta Warn: So, originally this was going to be an actual Facebook post, not a post as much as a reply, one that I promised my sister actually. While, I feel that I did get all of my “feelings” out on my last Musings post (see that here), I guess I’m a bit too mouthy, because I certainly have more that I need to say. All I ask is that you please bear with me, cause you know, I tend to get sidetracked when I’m going from brain to fingertips.

The RNC is the real catalyst behind this post, in particular Donald Trump’s speech and the video of Scott Baio being interviewed by Tamron Hall on MSNBC and instead of going into detail, I’m gonna ask for you to just watch it for yourself. . .

Let me first just say what I need to about this. Look, if you (Scott Baio) have the balls to sit behind a screen in the privacy of wherever it is you do your “cunt” calling, with your wife and daughter near by and tweet out a picture of a woman, regardless of who that woman is, calling her a cunt, which is what you were doing, then have the balls to own it when you are put to the fire about it. That’s the very least your idol, Donald Trump, would’ve done. He must be so ashamed of you.

Watching the Donald give his speech and accept the Republican nomination to be President of the United States of America, I had an epiphany, and I know it’s already been said (and I will elaborate on my eye opening realization), but this fucking motto of “Make America Great Again” is really meant to set America back prior to the civil rights movement, back when the Good Ole Boys really thought America was great, because it was an America that they believed represented them. Now, hear me out, I’m certainly going somewhere with this.

As a nation, two of the most oppressed groups in our history (not only, just two of) are African-Americans and women. We’re not even 100 years removed from women being gifted with the right to vote (19th amendment), so let that sink in a bit, it just happened in 1920, seems like yesterday, and just to put that in perspective, it was the 15th amendment that basically says a person cannot be denied the right to vote based on the color of their skin (in 1870). So, while those men really hated African-Americans, they loathed us women. Let’s recap, we were so outside our minds, that we had to pass constitutional amendments just for women and those of color to have the right to vote, to vote for a white man that was going to ensure that rights be withheld from us, but vote nonetheless. And even crazier. . .we’re just 50 or 60 years removed from African-Americans being hung from trees and being beaten to death for anything a white man maybe have deemed inappropriate (shit, a simple Google search of Emmitt Till and you’ll see that). . .I could go on, but I’m sure you get the message. Hell, we’re still seeing hate and violence aimed at those who just prefer to have sex with someone who happens to have the same baby making parts as they do. At the core of the Republican Party essence, is a white superiority complex that is really freaking the fuck out right now. As a country, we went from hanging African-Americans from trees just 60 years ago to putting one in the White House. Hell, we’re about to elect our first woman as Commander-in-Chief, see, they are freaking out. Yes, I’m quite sure it has shaken the sexist, racist hearts of those Good Ole Boys and now the only one that can set the ship back on the right course, that us liberals have wronged, is Donald Trump.

**Disclaimer from this BXTCH: I realize that all Republicans are not racist, bigoted assholes, just like I know all liberals aren’t all about equality and peace loving.**

I’m not that historically inept, I know that a larger percentage of Republicans voted for the Civil Rights Act of 1964 than Democrats did, but I also know that the Democrats that waved their “Nay” vote proudly were mainly from the South, and the South in the 60’s, well we know that it wasn’t a very friendly environment for those of color (it still ain’t the greatest place for them if this BXTCH is being honest). Let’s review a little bit about some history in this country. We are a country that had Jim Crow laws, laws that legalized segregation. Think about this. . .we enacted laws just so white people didn’t have to drink from the same water fountain or sit at the same lunch counter or share the same bus seat, as a black person. You can argue that we were living in a different time then and you would be half right. I mean, it was the late 1800’s that saw the beginning of these laws, just 20 or so years removed from the Civil War, BUT it wasn’t until 1954 that the SCOTUS ruled “separate facilities by race” unconstitutional. That really wasn’t that long ago. And it wasn’t until 1964 that the Civil Rights Act was passed. We had to pass a law to make it illegal to discriminate against someone based on race, religion, sex, color. . .we didn’t have the moral compass or possess the decency to just treat others as humans, or as we would want to be treated. . .nope, we had to pass a law to guarantee it. We are assholes!

I know that a lot of people in this country decided that the reason many voted for Barack Obama in 2008 was simply because he was black. I don’t agree with that sentiment, I like to think that we were so soulfully dehydrated from the George W. Bush era, that Obama was a tall, icy, drink of water that quenched us to our core. When he won the election, you could see the shift our country was making, out with the old, antiquated values that made up so much of our history, and in with the open minded vision that we were so thirsty for. 

Then comes the hateful and racially motivated cartoons and social media posts, that call the President names that have you making that “what the fuck” face. I’m all for standing your ground when you’re against the policies that a politician holds tight to, but when you’re motivated to say things that are based simply on the color of ones skin. . .it certainly makes one think that we are starting to travel to a point in our history that we should be past. A time that’s best left in the history books for our children to learn from, not be a part of.

I’m sure you’re wrinkling your forehead, scratching an obscure body part and wondering why in the hell am I talking about this, well here we go. The Good Ole Boys. . .the ones that are at the heart of the Republican Party, they were there for these historical moments and the events that shaped who we are, what we stand for or against as a country. Some of those at the core were the lawmakers or from the families of the lawmakers who were there for the lynchings, who were there to prosecute the Loving family of Virginia, who turned a blind eye to a man of color hanging from a tree, who witnessed and supported those who stood against the integrating of our schools, but now in 2016 want to stand and tell the American people that it’s Obama who is racially dividing our country. Is it?

You think it’s just a coincidence that Donald Trump was a man that not even a year ago, the Republican party despised, but now lift him high in the air while singing in unison, “He’s a jolly good fellow”? Not a coincidence. Let me explain. Donald Trump represents what these men “reckon” is missing from their “Good Ole Party”. So, when his hate is as brightly accepted as the orange hue that radiates from his skin, they realize that they have found their person. The one that is going to make “THEIR America Great Again”. And the division that they have so brilliantly instigated is how they think they will bring their motto to life. David Duke, the former Grand Wizard of the KKK, supports Trump and the reason he gives:

“I’m overjoyed to see Donald Trump and most Americans embrace most of the issues I’ve championed for years” 

Of course, they’re not going to come outright and say “we hate black people”, but since they can’t take out the fire hose and billy clubs and put a stop to protesters, they want us to believe that the BLM movement is racist and about hate. And while they won’t say that a woman isn’t qualified enough to be president, they will certainly rile up a crowd enough to believe it. Their convention was more of an “I Hate Hillary” party than it was “I’m Proud to be a Republican” celebration. And while the political world commended Trump in his mention of the LGBT community, should we just overlook the fact that Trumps running mate, Mike Pence, is one of the most anti-gay politicians in the country? Not to mention the Republican platform that was also being decided upon in Cleveland contains some of the most anti-gay language in their history, but Trump is going to be a “friend of the gay community”? It’s 2016 and we are still fighting this battle. This is a party that welcomes those who support Trump because it does crack a divide in this country that they celebrate. A divide that they believe will take us all back to the good old days. The problem for them? It’s not 1960 anymore and there are more of us than there are of them. We can seal that crack, we can bridge the divide, but we can’t let hate continue to fan that flame.

I think it would help us as a UNITED States of America to talk about things that are real. We sometimes live in a distorted version of our past, or maybe it’s hard for us to swallow the reality of our foundation. We are a country that was built on the back of hate and violence. We are a country who took and took until we got our fill and now believe that we are too good to show remorse. Look, I’m not ashamed to be American, I’m fucking proud of the red, white, and blue, there’s no where else I’d want to claim, but while I recognize the phenomenally fantastic things that shaped our country, I also acknowledge the down right despicable. But, because it made us what are, we must honor it all. . .the great, the proud, and the ugly. And if we don’t start really accepting what our past represents, our future will pay for it.

This election is probably the most important one of our lives. And while I hear and see all of the “Hate Hillary” rhetoric, I want to express that it’s not Hillary you’re actually voting for, you’re voting for:

Your wife

Your daughter

Your Hispanic neighbor

Your gay cousin

That interracial couple that you work with


Your future kids

You’re voting for a country that has worked hard for leadership that matters and leadership for all, that has worked to fight for the rights of the underdog, that at our core, we truly believe that “All Men Are Created Equal”. And most importantly, we know that the legacy that we will leave for our children is dependent on what we do for them today.


On a side note: I’m gonna have to ask all of you who do support Trump and believe him when he says that Hillary is going to repeal the 2nd Amendment, to pull out your notes from your high school Government class and review how it is our government actually works, I’ll give you a hint. . .the Commander-in-Chief, cannot repeal amendments to the Constitution. I also realize that one of the most important outcomes of this election is the SCOTUS and that effect on our future. I continue to hear that a liberal Supreme Court will take away your rights and eliminate the Constitution, again review your notes. I do recognize that the Supreme Court can certainly interpret the Constitution and decide laws based on that interpretation, I just think it’s extreme to think that they are going to do away with it. And when you mention that a liberal court will take away your rights, I think you’ve got your parties confused. As a woman, I’m much more afraid of a conservative SCOTUS than I have ever been of a liberal one.

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