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BXTCHES Gotta Warn: First things first. . .this is merely an opinion piece. I mean, there may be some facts sprinkled throughout my thoughts, but the truth is, while I may believe I’m an expert in many things, it’s all just a ruse, I’m barely an expert on myself, so a news source I am definitely not. So, most of what I post during this rant is just a BXTCH’s speculation, viewpoint, idea, point of view. . .if you will (can you tell that this BXTCH loves a thesaurus?). There are probably some disclaimers that I should share before I get going with this particular rant. It’s been a while since I went off on one (BXTCHES be lazy), and since I’ve been toying around a while with what I’m about to throw at you, I figure now is as good of a time as any to get this off of my chest. Here’s the deal, I was actually going to go a different route for this post, I was going to make my opinion known regarding the National Anthem and Colin Kaepernick controversy, and I most likely still will do so at the end, but after the unrest in our country this last week or so, this BXTCH decided to go another way, don’t worry your pretty little heads none, it’s gonna be a great ride. Also, as usual, this post may start to go in different directions (once the word vomit starts, it’s kinda hard to put a gag in it), but just go with it, I hope to have it all come together in the end.

I’ve said before that I’m not much of a Facebook poster, but I do get on Facebook multiple times during the day to see what’s happening in your world and recently I was scrolling through, when I came across the following:


My brother posted this on his Facebook page. This was after the shooting of Terrance Crutcher, and this pissed off a BXTCH, for a couple (or more) reasons. First, it’s very inaccurate, second, it perpetuates the hate that is dividing our country, while being inaccurate. Last, it’s something a fucking racist would post. I would like to be able to say that my brother is certainly not racist, but I’m not gonna. Now, because I am responsible in my “opinionated posting”, I decided to peruse on over to the Black Lives Matter website, just to be sure that they were not in fact calling for the “hanging of white people and law enforcement”. . .you know, I’d rather be safe than sorry and all that (especially since this BXTCH is white and resides in Texas). While there is a lot one can learn by visiting their page (just click HERE), unfortunately for my brother and fortunately for the rest of us, I found nothing about the above mentioned claim. But continuing on with my responsibility, I will share with you the following, under the headline “What does #BlackLivesMatter Mean?”. . .enjoy:

musings-blmInterested in more? Click here.

I realize that I may not be an expert when it comes to any sort of “secret coded language”, but I’m quite sure that the above statement is not only, non-violent, but also straightforward and pretty fucking accurate. So, a BXTCH must ask. . .what is the problem? Well let me share with you what I came up with. Opinion piece, remember?

We spend a lot of time in my family, I should probably clarify, my core unit. . .ya know, husband and kids, obviously not the above mentioned brother, discussing current events and how we see the state of the world, deep huh? Anyhow, if memory serves me correct (and it very well may not) the last big African-American protest movement in this country was the one ran by the King. . .Martin Luther that is. And if your memory serves you correct, you’ll remember that the particular movement was somewhat effective in pushing civil rights closer to where we needed it to be, but you should also remember the violence that was projected at those protesting peacefully. Let’s take a trip to yesteryear. . .violence towards African-Americans for just wanting to sit at the same lunch counter as white people. . .violence for wanting to drink out of the same water fountain as white people. . .violence for wanting to get the same education as white people. . .violence for just wanting to be treated equal to white people. . .but couldn’t because of their FUCKING SKIN COLOR!! It took us until 1967 to make interracial marriage a legal thing. . .NINETEEN SIXTY SEVEN!! Just 50 years ago. Aren’t we better than this?

We have a very hard time as a country apologizing for our past. I mean, we are a country built on hate. Built on the degradation of others. I know, I know what you’re gonna say “It was a long time ago” OR “I wasn’t alive then, slavery ain’t my fault” OR “They have it good now, what’s the problem” and I guess technically you would be correct, actually fuck that, you’re not correct. Doesn’t the saying go something like. . .“If we don’t learn from our past, we are doomed to repeat it”? Hello?? History is knocking on our doors, ready to teach us a lesson. . .are we ready to learn or will we continue to ignore? We are better than this.

Is it so unreasonable to believe that part of the problem that people (and by people, I mean racist assholes) have with the BLM movement is you can’t pull out the billy club and teach anyone a lesson, you can’t whip out the fire hose and put someone in their place, you can’t call out the police dogs in the hopes of breaking up a protest. It’s easier to bolster the claim that the group/movement is based on hate, than on necessity. Or that the movement is looking to kill law enforcement. I mean, to give credit to BLM means work needs to be done, it means conversations need to be had and admitting that we certainly have a problem in this country that is rooted in the hate and racism that so many people in the past have tried to eradicate. Hello. . .history is banging on our door. . .are we ready to answer now? We are better than this.

Let’s clear up some things before we move on. I do not condone violent protesting. I think that by violently trying to get your message across you lose credibility and unfortunately the group of people who believe that BLM is a hate group, will lump every protestor of color into a member of BLM, all because of a small and irresponsible group of people. If we want to continue to play that game, can I then assume that all Republicans MUST be racist? Would that be fair? Don’t worry, this BXTCH is better than that.

Playing devil’s advocate for a moment, let me ask this-when violence is the form of discipline used to “manage” a group of people (as our history has proven) for so many years, how else do we expect them to react? Just give that some thought. It’s also time that we get a little clarity into these police shootings. For the sake of argument, I’m gonna give all of you who have subscribed to the idea of these men deserving to be shot, the benefit of doubt. Let’s assume that they were all up to no good (I don’t truly believe that for the record). I must now ask, is this the protocol? When it’s multiple officers against one man, is the rules of engagement to kill first, figure out everything else later? Have we now moved to public executions and made our law enforcement judge, jury and firing squad? Lots of people are quick to say that the victim should’ve followed the orders the officers were doling out. Okay, they should’ve (see, I’m giving you the benefit of doubt). But surely cops run up on “bad guys” who don’t always follow orders, are they immediately shot and killed? And for the sake of my sanity, please stop justifying one killing by saying that cops kill more white people than black. . .that is not okay either. We should all get pissed when cops unjustly kill ANYONE. We should demand that justice is colorblind. We are better than this.

Again with fucking Facebook. I refuse to unfollow anyone, I would prefer to see what true colors are behind the computer screen that is used as a shield. So, recently I came across a post by a lady whose husband happens to be a cop. I will take nothing away from the sacrifice made by her family and I am grateful for the contribution her husband makes to our society every single time he walks out the door in or out of uniform. But, her post, which was part of the inspiration for this one, was so irresponsible, especially as the wife of a cop. The catalyst for her post was the suspension of Seattle Mariner catcher, Steve Clevenger. I think it pissed her off. . .let’s take a look at some of her rant:

So just so I understand this correctly… it’s ok for professional athletes to take a knee during the National Anthem, taking a stand to back the BLM ridiculousness because that is their right BUT when one gives their opinion and does not support this group of rioting, cop killing, innocent people beating, that’s a problem. 

My family along with so many other families across this country live in fear daily because we don’t know if our loved ones are coming home at the end of their shift. My husband doesn’t hate black people, we don’t teach our kids to hate black people but in light of the current situations, all they see and hear is this BLM group is shooting cops like it’s the first day of deer season. So BLM, you say all you want is “change” yet you shoot and kill the innocent parents of these children, innocent cops who have likely never killed anyone their entire life and their children are supposed to grow up and have the mentality that this was ok because their mom/dad was a police officer and because of that their lives DID NOT matter, not even if they are black! You’re telling me that if my husband gets gunned down because he wears a badge and doesn’t get to attend his children’s HS graduations or see his grandchildren born that’s ok because BLM but not my children’s dad’s life. 

I guess that you’re expecting me to just tell my kids they have to be ok with this war on cops and they don’t get to have an opinion unless they support BLM and want to disrespect every man and every woman that stood up for this country because if they don’t they are being racist. Way to slap those people in the face that have put their lives on the line and all of those fallen soldiers who didn’t get the chance to have an opinion just so you can have the freedom to shoot cops, ruin families and destroy your cities!! 

I teach my kids respect. Respect for God, respect to all lives, respect for all cops, respect for all military, respect for the American Flag, respect for America and the list goes on BUT I WILL NOT teach my kids to respect the Black Lives Matter group, thugs, murder or rioting!

“In the process of gaining our rightful place we must not be guilty of wrongful deeds. Let us not seek to satisfy our thirst for freedom by drinking from the cup of bitterness and hatred.” – Martin Luther King Jr

I guarantee you that over half of the BLM supporters haven’t even read Martin Luther King Jr’s entire speech. Just so you know, not once did he say that in his dream there was a war on cop, rioting or disrespect to this country. 

Wake up people, our children’s futures depend on it!


That’s some pretty good stuff, right? Here is my frustration. Where in the fuck is there any literature, propaganda, or actual facts, that prove that the BLM movement is out to. . .“shoot innocent cops”, furthermore, where have you seen or heard that the BLM movement is “shooting cops like it’s the first day of deer season”?  Or that the BLM group wants the “freedom to shoot cops, ruin families and destroy your cities”, but my absolute favorite is, that the BLM is. . .“a group of rioting, cop killing, innocent people beating”. The war is not on cops, the war is on INJUSTICE. While I think it’s great to quote Martin Luther King, Jr., I’m quite sure she hasn’t read his speech, it’s right here where I refer to the part where he speaks of not judging a man based on the color of his skin, but by the content of his character. On a side note: if you have to actually say in words that you don’t hate black people and you don’t teach your kids to hate black people, well. . .I’m gonna let you figure that one out all on your own. She’s right about one thing though, the future of our children is definitely at stake here. Because with every father gunned down unjustly, another kid loses, another kid is going to grow up with the mentality that the cops are not there to serve and protect EVERYONE, all because one bad cop killed their father, one bad cop took away opportunity, one bad cop took away hope. We are CERTAINLY better than this.

Let me offer some quick side commentary. While I have no idea what it is that Steve Clevenger actually said that caused the Mariners to suspend him and I really don’t give a good damn, they’re not my team, but I don’t support them in doing so, even though I understand that they have a brand to protect. I would much rather know someone’s true feelings, racist, hateful, bigoted or otherwise, it makes life a bit easier. Because we are better than him.

The National Anthem controversy. I must admit, when the story scrolled across the news feed that San Francisco 49’er quarterback Colin Kaepernick took a knee during what is supposed to be a time of patriotic pride and then later said that he was taking a stand (or knee) against the oppression and injustice that black people face in this country, my initial thought was “I wish he would pick a different platform”, because even though I understood what it was he was trying to do and also agree on the oppression/injustice part, I knew the criticism that was going to rain down on him, was going to be rough. But the more the silent protest went on, the more my acceptance began to shift and the more my understanding started to come into focus. 

With Facebook being an identifying gauge with how someone really feels, it didn’t take long for the rants and accusations and memes to start popping up on my newsfeed, with 99% (that’s not an actual fact, just a BXTCH estimation) of them referring to the military, to veterans, and to being unpatriotic. The remainder was devoted to how can someone who grew up in a white home could actually know what oppression feels like (which is ignorant, because the world is not white) and how someone who makes millions of dollars to throw a football really isn’t entitled to take a stance on such a delicate issue. SURELY WE ARE BETTER THAN THAT! I don’t want to take any love away from the support that Kaepernick has received, there were posts that focused on the fact that those who have sacrificed their life, did so, so Kaepernick could take a knee in silent protest.

First, let’s talk about the hilarity of the anger. Do you realize that the Department of Defense pays sports teams to “celebrate” our military? Wanna know why? All in an effort to pump up recruitment. You want to be pissed on behalf of our military, be pissed, but maybe we should redirect our anger. According to Huffington Post, in an article from November 2015. . .the Pentagon paid up to $6.8 million of taxpayer money to pro sports teams to honor our military. What kind of raise could our brave men and women have gotten for $6.8 million or what kind of benefits could we bestow upon our veterans? But let’s continue to bitch about Kaepernick, that’s seems like it’s the right alley of anger to venture down. Are we better than that?

What is wrong with us? How did we become a country that not only gets “beat a BXTCH down” mad over someone exercising their right to not only protest, (and doing so silently), but drive it to a point that the man is getting death threats? How does that become okay? I can see both sides of the flag for this argument. I understand how upsetting one can get when respect is not paid during what is a moment of pride for ones patriotism. But if you’re going to raise your voice and get pissed on behalf of those who serve and those who have served, how about we start to get pissed over the multiple times that Congress has voted against bills that would help our veterans. How about we get pissed when the Republican nominee for President of the United States says/does things like. . .our military is a disaster. . .he knows more about defeating ISIS than our Generals. . .dishonoring a Gold Star family. . .dishonoring our POW’s. . .if Kaepernick taking a silent knee in protest pisses you off to the point of burning a jersey or calling for him to be fired or wanting the NFL to fine him, but you’re still in support of Trump and those in Congress who refuse to do their jobs, you are part of the problem. Hopefully you are better than this.

Within my family, there are two black men, my husband and my brother-in-law and not one time has any sibling of mine, the ones who stand against the BLM movement, asked for the attitude of the other side. Not one time have they sat down with my husband or BIL and asked for a different viewpoint. My challenge to you. . .do that. Sometimes you have to see it from the eyes of judgement to see things clearly. We are greater than this.

Wanna read more from the Huffington Post article, go here.

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