The Catch (The Player Duet Series, Book #2) by K. Bromberg

The Catch (The Player Duet Series, Book #2) by K. Bromberg | Review on

The Catch (The Player Duet Series, Book #2) by K. Bromberg | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comThe Catch (The Player Duet Series, Book #2) by K. Bromberg | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comThe Catch (The Player Duet Series, Book #2) by K. Bromberg | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comBxtches Be Blogging Book ReviewsBXTCHES Gotta Warn: Book #1 (The Player), left us in a bit of a bind, so before you even wonder, YES, you must read that one before you tackle this one. There is no “but”, if you decide to play catch before you get played, you will be caught up in confusion, which will cause you to not love this series in the way the author intended. The good news? This is the last book in this series, so if you haven’t yet fell in love, you can start from the beginning and not come up for air until the very last page is turned, I certainly will not judge. Let’s get started.

The Catch will be told through the POV’s of both Easton and Scout.

We will pick up here right where we left off there. When the last page of The Player was turned, we knew that Scout was going into the meeting with the Aces all ready to clear Easton to play and Easton was all ready to take the field. Those are the things we knew, what we learned left us most likely uttering a very loud “WHAT THE FUCK!”, because we found out the the Aces were about to trade the prodigal son and unfortunately we were forced to wait it out. . .until now.

It’s gonna seem like I doling out spoilers here, but let me assure you BXTCHES, I’m not gonna reveal anything that you weren’t already gonna learn almost from the beginning. We knew that Scout was all set to clear Easton and not because he was giving her the deep dick, it was her professional opinion that he was ready to go. But something on a piece of paper caught her eye, and it was enough for her to tell the powers that be in that room, that she was unable to do the job bestowed upon her and that Easton Wylder would not be taking the field just yet. Even though Scout believes that her quick decision was what was best for Easton, his interpretation however, is that of betrayal. You gotta also remember that the reason Scout is even in Austin in the first place is to secure the contract with the Aces. By doing so, her dad would’ve had a contract with every team in the league, so she wasn’t only crucial in getting Easton back on the field, but she is the one that can essentially grant her dad his dying wish. So, no pressure or anything.

It doesn’t take too terribly long for Easton to come around and understand the reason Scout did what she felt necessary. However, it doesn’t change the fact that Easton is headed to Dallas and since the Aces offered her a probationary contract, she is keeping her ass in Austin. 

While it probably would’ve been easy for Bromberg to just ride the trade cliffhanger she left us on to finish out the story in this book, that BXTCH decided to give us much more, so much more. The trade is only a tiny bit of the drama that is going to pour off these pages. It’s not all dread though. Easton and Scout were at the beginning stages of coupledom when we left them, so we still get to witness a very new relationship unfold and two people discovering one another while falling in love. They may have to continue their ride in two different cities, but the love growing is going to be very difficult for distance to sever.

The cans that got opened during part one of this series, will need to get cleaned up in order for closure to take place and no worries, we get the closure that we will crave, but let’s not forget all the cans that were opened. Besides the Easton and Scout storyline, we have to finish the story of Scout and her dad. Not only the professional side and Scout doing her best to win a permanent contract with the Aces, but there is the personal side and the inevitable devastation that Scout will face once her dad loses the battle that he is facing. Right before Easton is delivered the blow by the trade news, the one responsible for his injury became his teammate and if you were thinking that Santiago was just going to be a blip, well. . .prepare yourself. Easton is still trying to reconcile and figure out the relationships between him and his mother and the one between him and his dad. There will be more, it will be heartbreaking, it will be eye opening, it will be love, but in the end. . .it will be beautiful.

There are a lot of people that bring this story to life with Easton and Scout being at the top. We don’t get a lot from the teammates in this one, but we do get more of Manny, who certainly plays a very important role in Easton’s life. There’s also all of the parents, from Easton’s dad and mom to Scout’s dying father, they all prove integral in who Easton and Scout are, not only separate, but who they are as a couple. And as strange as it may sound, the game of baseball will play a very entertaining, yet important role in this book as well. It’s not just a book that happens to have some baseball sprinkled in. . .this is a book about love, the love between a man and a woman and the love for a game. . .a game that is so magical that it’s able to bring even the most unlikely pair together. And that is where the beauty lies.

K. Bromberg does a great job at bringing the action alive and you BXTCHES know what the action is. You can’t really go wrong when a hot athlete is bringing it between the sheets and Easton certainly does not disappoint. While the sex is hot (and trust, it is), it’s the passion that Easton and Scout have for one another that’s gonna set your book and possibly your bed, on fire. 

I have yet to tackle EVERY single page written by K. Bromberg. There are books that I have read, but haven’t yet reviewed, which just means a re-read is in order (tough, I know). But like most (I assume), I became captivated with this author during the emotional wringer she left me in with the Driven Series. The Player Duet Series, while not quite the emotional juggernaut, was easy for me to enjoy. . .I haven’t read a novel by Bromberg that I didn’t fall in love with. . .I LOVE baseball. . .AND. . .this series takes place in Texas (my home), so lots of boxes checked. The story she told that spanned these two books, unfolded like a great movie, with drama to match. She was able to tangle us up, she was able to catch us off guard, she was able cause our hearts to skip a couple of beats, all the while having us fall in love with not only the man, but the game as well. Everyone needs a great escape and Bromberg delivers it in a perfect package.Bxtches Be ReadingThe Catch (The Player Duet Series, Book #2) by K. Bromberg | Review on




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The Player (The Player Duet Series, Book #1) by K. Bromberg

The Player (The Player Duet Series, Book #1) by K. Bromberg | Review on

The Player (The Player Duet Series, Book #1) by K. Bromberg | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comThe Player (The Player Duet Series, Book #1) by K. Bromberg | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comBxtches Be Blogging Book ReviewsBXTCHES Gotta Warn: First things first, let’s all take a brief moment and give praise for that fuck hot cover. Baseball happens to be my favorite, but even if it put me to sleep quicker than an Ambien, I would never shake my head to that cover. Next up on the warning list. . .the dreaded cliffhanger. Now, if you’re a BXTCH who would prefer to turn the final page of The Player while falling back on a bed full of fluffy pillows, with nothing but sweet thoughts of Easton Wylder running through your imagination, well, you’re gonna be a bit disappointed. I mean, you still may drift off with visions of a certain beautiful catcher invading. . .but, you may fall back on your bed of fluffy pillows in a fit of rage, even more so when you realize that book #2 isn’t set to release until June (2017). But, don’t worry your pretty little heads none, the great thing about falling in love with Easton and Scout now is that you can always re-fall with a re-read in June, just in time for book #2. If you choose to wait until right before book #2 is released, then you can do yourself a good ole’ back to back and catch Easton fever then. Life is about choices after all.

We will be getting Easton and Scout’s story through a dual POV-which FYI, is my absolute favorite way to fall in love.

I guess the best place to start is with Easton Wylder. Easton is the all-star catcher for the Aces, who recently had his rotator cuff torn in a dirty play at the plate. With their world class athlete sidelined, the Aces have contracted the best in the business to come in and work his magic, all to ensure that Easton is able to take the field again and do the one thing that is embedded in his DNA. Baseball.

No one is better at putting injured athletes back together than Doc Dalton and with a career that has found him bouncing from club to club, to wherever the injuries call, the one thing missing from his illustrious resume, is a long term contract with a club. However, life has thrown Doc a curveball and when the Aces come calling, requesting that he get their catcher back on the field, he is forced to turnover the treatment to his daughter, Scout. 

Scout Dalton has some very big shoes to fill. Not only is the future of one of the league’s best in her hands, but so is her father’s final accomplishment. Add all that pressure to the fact that she ain’t got a bat swinging between her legs and the hill that she needs to climb is more like a mountain. 

The attraction is instant between Easton and Scout and even though Easton comes wrapped up in a mighty fine package, Scout realizes that the focus word needs to be. . .resist. In her herculean effort to be taken serious, not to mention working her ass off to secure a permanent position with the Aces, she focuses all of her expertise on getting Easton ready by the time required by the front office. Easton has his very own herculean effort to tackle. . .and it involves convincing Scout that she may be able to put her expertise on display in the training room, but he’s the man to put his expertise on display in the bedroom.

Obviously, it doesn’t take too much to realize that an Easton and Scout is going to happen. It’s really about the obstacles that they come face to face with that’s gonna turn their story on its head. There’s Scout trying to prove to any and everyone that she is the right “man” for the job, while trying to separate the relationship she has with her dad and the relationship she has with her mentor. . .who happens to be one in the same. Easton is dealing with the fallout of an injury that would end most careers, but he has a “get game day ready by” deadline and add to that stress is the fact that the play that caused the injury was dirty and intentional and his dad happens to be pretty legendary in the world of baseball himself and his constant nagging reminds Easton that he is not living up to his father’s legacy, so you can see that he has his own personal shit storm that’s brewing around him. So, while you get yourself a pretty great love story here, there’s plenty of twists and turns to keep that love right on the edge. 

Since this story surrounds a baseball team, it should be a no-brainer that we’re gonna get presented with somewhat of an ensemble cast. . .and Bromberg does not disappoint. In my personal (and what I would like to think, professional) opinion, the two most important supporting characters just so happen to be the ones whose shoes Scout and Easton are finding themselves trying to fill. . .those of their fathers. Of course there are other players that fill it in and they add very important layers to this story, some of which I highly hope come to star in their own highlight reel a bit down the line. 

Anytime you throw an athlete in the bedroom or on the field or in a batting cage. . .you can expect a firework show of your very own and ladies, Easton delivers the goods. I have read several books by Bromberg and there has yet to be a book that she didn’t make the toes curls and the panties melt. Whether it’s throw her up against the wall fucking or whispering dirty things in her ear or passionately and slowly making love. . .that BXTCH knows how to activate an imagination.

K. Bromberg knows how to give us what we need even when we didn’t even know we needed it. I’m at a weird crossroads with my sport novels, just when I think hockey is all the rage (I don’t even watch that particular sport) along comes a story like The Player and the reminder of why baseball happens to be my favorite. 

The Player is kicking off a really great series. It has all of the elements one would need to become captivated and lose sleep or forget about the laundry or blow off doing the dishes. . .the right amount of humor, enough drama, plenty of baseball (YUM!), and SEXY, SEXY, SEXY. . .I loved it all. I loved the way my heart raced when the story started to turn a bit towards the serious side or the way I was able to laugh out loud, then had to sneak a peek to see who was watching or the way my libido took notes when we got to the good stuff and even though cliff hangers aren’t really my bag, I gotta say that I loved the way she brought this one to an end. Bxtches Be ReadingThe Player (The Player Duet Series, Book #1) by K. Bromberg | Review on


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