Rock Chick Revenge (Rock Chick Series, Book #5) by Kristen Ashley

Rock Chick Revenge

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Rock Chick Revenge (Rock Chick Series, Book #5)

BXTCHES Gotta Warn: If you haven’t tackled this series yet, well why the hell not? But more importantly, you need to know that each book does focus on a different couple, but couples/characters/stories from the previous books are intertwined in each story. So, what I’m trying to say is this: this series is so wonderful and in order to really enjoy it, you need to start from the beginning. Carry on.

This book will be told through the POV of Ava.

I’m assuming that you have read book #4 in this series, the one that featured Jules and Vance. And if you remember correctly, at the very end of the book, we were somewhat introduced to Ava. She is the one who came into the Nightingale offices looking for Luke. As we venture into the beginning of this book we learn a lot about Ava, let me give you a quick rundown:

She has known Luke since she was 8 years old (and has possibly been in love with him since then)
She has two sisters (Sophia & Marilyn) who along with her mom, are better known as, “The Barlow Bitches”.
Her father (whom she adored) left when she was young.
Her best friend in the entire world is Sissy.
Oh, and the last time she laid eyes on Luke, was at his father’s funeral, and she was 75 pounds heavier and there is certainly a story there.

Of course there’s a reason why she’s shown up at Nightingale Investigations. Her BFF Sissy is married to an absolute dick (Dom) and Ava needs some help on digging up dirt on “Dom the Dick” so Sissy can make out great in the divorce. The problem, once she arrives at Nightingale, she realizes what a mistake it was. Unfortunately she is too late, Mace is blocking her exit and everyone else wants to see how this plays out. Trust me, you’ll want to see it too, bets are about to be placed.

It’s a long story, so it’s easier to just cut to the chase because there are two separate “dramas” working at the same time and both involve Ava. Here we go: Luke finally shows up at Nightingale and confronts Ava about any problems she may have, she denies it, but later that night finds herself in the middle of some gunfire while trying to get the goods on Dom the Dick. Luke of course is there to shield her and now has the catalyst he needs to get her into his loft. Since Ava has been in love with Luke since she was 8 years old and has dreamed of the moment she would once again be face to face with him (75 pounds lighter of course), she soon realizes she may have gotten more than she bargained for. Luke being the fine, fine, alpha male that he is, takes a page out of Lee’s handbook and not only decides to take something other than money for his services, but also brings handcuffs into the mix. We all know where this is going to end up, but interruptions right before the good stuff and quipy remarks between Luke and Ava are pretty priceless.

Here’s where the first part of Ava’s drama comes in. The reason that Sissy has decided to divorce “Dom the Dick” is because he made a pass at Ava (with tongue) and Sissy walked in on it. Dom is actually the one in trouble and he has unknowingly pulled Ava into his situation. So, in typical Rock Chick fashion, there will be kidnappings, tasers, you know the drill.

The other drama that Ava gets involved in is actually a little more on the serious side. Ava’s past history with men has not been very successful, before or after the weight loss. There was the cheater, the porn addict, and the one who cleaned out her bank accounts and stole her dead aunt’s jewelry. Because of her devotion and commitment to her collection of vibrators, Ava has decided to pull out the full bitch (at times) on Luke. This isn’t the Ava that Luke remembers and he sort of vows to get the old Ava back from the assholes who chipped away at her. That is where the drama will unfold and it will get pretty ugly. Can’t say anymore however, I would hate to spoil it for you.

As much as I love the main characters in these books, I must admit that one of my favorite parts about reading KA is the cast of support that she creates. They are all back in this book, though I felt not as prominent as in the others, they still are able to really bring the story around. All the Rock Chicks are back. Shirleen is as funny as ever and has actually claimed Ava as hers. Smithie makes a brief appearance, but it is memorable. And adding to the crew are Ava’s people. Sissy, Riley, The Barlow Bitches, the Mom’s, you will not be left wanting for any outside help. 

Get out the fan, because the sex here is going to be scorching. I’ve said it over and over, but I’m somewhat convinced that KA may get some inspiration from watching the naughty stuff, which is certainly fine by me. Now, it takes a while for Ava and Luke to “do the business”, which is being bet on by the entire gang of Rock Chicks and the Hot Bunch. But, when the business finally gets seen to, it is toe curling. My advice is this: Ladies, if you’re having a little difficulty getting inspired between the sheets, just read a couple of the scenes and turn them into some live action shots. Your man never has to know where inspiration hit you.

I have honestly read this book about 4 times, twice this year alone. Each time I read/re-read an installment of this series I think that one is my favorite and I am thinking the same thing with this book. The one thing that I really did love about this book, is with the exception of Lee and Indy’s story, Luke and Ava have know each other for most of their lives, so I felt that their story had more of an investment. This isn’t to say that I don’t love the other stories, because I do, but, for the chubby girl who lives in all of us and for that untouchable crush you had, this one kind of gets you. 

There’s just something about reading a really good Kristen Ashley book that takes you away from everything surrounding you and allows you to really fall into what it is she set out to accomplish. You know, books get made into movies all of the time, some do well, others don’t. I personally would LOVE if someone would take this series and turn it into an actual T.V. series, HBO style of course. I mean, c’mon, who wouldn’t love to actually see the ass of Luke, or the abs of Lee, or the whiskey eyes of Hank, or really, what in the hell Tex would really look like. I think a revolution needs to begin.

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Rock Chick Revenge

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Rock Chick Renegade (Rock Chick Series, Book #4) by Kristen Ashley

Rock Chick RenegadeRock Chick Renegade

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Rock Chick Renegade (Rock Chick Series, Book #4)

BXTCHES Gotta Warn: Okay BXTCHES, same warning as before, so I’ll make this short and sweet: If you want to enjoy this series to it’s fullest, sexiest, laugh out loud potential, read it in order. Here we go. This story will be told through the POV of Jules.

At the very end of Roxie’s story, there was a small shootout right outside of Fortnum’s and Vance went after the shooter. Well the shooter was Juliet Lawler AKA Jules AKA The Law. Jules is a social worker who is somewhat of a loner. She lost her mom, dad, and brother in a car accident when she was very young. Her Aunt Reba and Reba’s boyfriend Nick take her in. When Jules is 15, she loses her Aunt Reba, so then it’s just Jules and Nick. She doesn’t have girlfriends and has never had a relationship. What she does have, are the kids that come into the shelter. One of those kids, Park, recently passed away from a drug overdose. Jules, along with Roam and Sniff (two of the kids from the shelter) are the ones who find Park. This is the incident that takes her from Jules to The Law. 

Park was one of Jules’ favorite kids. He, Roam, and Sniff were a pact. So the death of Park not only rocked Jules’ world, but theirs as well. Because of his passing, Jules has decided to take to the streets. Not to necessarily rid them of the drug dealers, but become a nuisance. This is where the “shootout” occurs and incidentally how she winds up on the radar of the Nightingale Investigation team, more specifically, Vance.

You should remember Vance. Mr. Hottie, Stealth, Bounty Hunter. The one that rescued Roxie after she had been kidnapped. Immediately he makes his presence known in Jules’ life. And in typical fashion, he stakes his claim. Almost just as quickly, the Rock Chicks bring her into the fold. For someone who lived her life without the love of friendships, Jules isn’t as welcoming to the Rock Chicks, but no worries, they are just as persistent as The Hot Bunch.

One more thing regarding Jules: she is a virgin, a 27 year old virgin. I know typically a lot of readers are skeptical when an author writes the leading lady a virgin, but KA did it really well here. The “cherry popping” conversation she has with the Rock Chicks is pretty funny and shows Jules what life is like with a group of friends that you can have conversations, like losing your virginity, with.

The direction of this book is really Jules and her quest to conquer the drug dealers of Denver. KA did a really good job of connecting the reader to Jules and exposing her passion for her job and especially the kids that she inspires. She has a wonderful and very comical relationship with the kids of the shelter. It was also great to see her social development. For someone who had no previous history with girlfriends (or men, for that matter), to experience that growth was inspiring and really fun to read.

Just like the previous books in this series, Jules tries her best to shake Vance loose. There is always a “breaking-up” conversation to be had and again, I could certainly be biased, considering I adore KA, but she writes the storyline well. It does get a little tedious at times to constantly see these Rock Chicks trying to get rid of The Hot Bunch, but once you are able to get inside of Jules’ head, you understand her reasoning.

Holy Hot Bunch, these boys really know how to work over a woman. Even though Jules is working with a limited amount of experience, she catches on quite quickly, impressively so, and with the sexual appetite of one sexy Vance, that is a good thing. If you are someone who whose significant other lacks in the “dirty talk” department, just have them read one of KA’s Alpha’s, there is definitely a lesson there.

Okay, the ones we love are back along with some others that will grow on you. There are the kids from the shelter, but specifically, Roam and Sniff who need all of the parental love that Jules is able to offer them. There is also May, who works with Jules at the shelter, who at times, seems a little more eager for Jules to find love than Jules even is. Nick is Jules’ uncle and really the only family she has left. I can’t forget Frank, Heavy, and Zip-Jules’ training team, that is until the Hot Bunch step in and take over. So, these characters along with the ones that we have let into our imagination will make this book fantastic.

I do think that this book is my favorite so far in the series, which is difficult to admit. I adored Jules’ humor, as well as her naiveté. She is a Rock Chick who certainly held her own among everyone and she is the first Rock Chick that becomes an unofficial member of the Hot Bunch (more moments that will have you laughing out loud). This book also offered lots of humor mixed with the serious, which balanced out the story so well, it made it almost impossible to put down. 

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Rock Chick Renegade

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Rock Chick Redemption (Rock Chick Series, Book #3) by Kristen Ashley

Rock Chick RedemptionRock Chick Redemption

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Rock Chick Redemption (Rock Chick Series, Book #3)

BXTCHES Gotta Warn: Just a friendly, BXTCH reminder that the Rock Chick series is a long one and while you may be very tempted to read these fantastic books out of order (and they will still be wonderful if you do), these books really flow from one to the next and in order to get the full blown Rock Chick experience, you need to read these in order in which they were written. You may carry on now.

This book is going to give us Roxie and Hank and will be told through Roxie’s POV. Surely you remember Hank. He is the brother to Lee and the one who followed in his dad’s footsteps by becoming a cop. And if you were intrigued by him in the previous books, get ready to heat up, because this book will push Hank right up there with Lee in the badass/hot department.

Roxie may surprise you a bit. She comes to Denver from Chicago. She is in the middle of her “leaving her jackass boyfriend plan” and she figures Denver is a good place to escape because that is where her Uncle Tex lives and though they (Roxie and Tex) have never met, they have been corresponding with one another via letters since Roxie was a girl, and because of these letters she has read all about Indy and the gang. It only takes one step inside of Fortnum’s for Roxie to catch the eye of one sexy Hank Nightingale or as Roxie refers to him, Whiskey.

So, why does Roxie need an escape plan? His name is Billy Flynn and he has been Roxie’s boyfriend for many years and has a hard time understanding that they are broken up. Even though Roxie knew that Billy was bad for her and knew this many years ago, it only recently hit home after he started getting a tad bit rough with her. What she doesn’t know (although she suspected) is that Billy is tied up with some very unsavory individuals and she is going to get tied right up with it.

It’s not gonna take a rocket scientist to figure out that once Hank set his eyes on Roxie, he moves quickly. Roxie agrees to go on a date because she figures she will be gone soon, so why not enjoy a date with a hot man. Of course, what she doesn’t know is how quickly these Denver boys “claim” their women. No surprise, Hank gives Roxie the best first date of her life.

Even though Hank asks Roxie if she is in any type of trouble, she doesn’t fill him in. In fact, he doesn’t really find out until she is kidnapped right out of his home by none other than Billy. These books are funny, almost all the way through, but they also have some serious moments (with a little bit of humor sprinkled in) and in this book, Roxie’s kidnapping is an “oh no” moment. Roxie already had trepidations about getting involved with Hank to begin with, but after the kidnapping, she is even more reluctant to do so. Little does she understand that the Rock Chicks and the Badass Bunch have already taken her in as one of their own.

That’s really the lay down of this story. There’s the obvious Roxie trying to “shake off” Hank and Hank making sure that Roxie understands that she is “his”. There are some super hilarious moments, especially the haunted house scene. There are also some moving moments in this book, my favorite (strangely enough) is going to happen during the “Billy Showdown Climax”, once you read it, you will understand it and I love how KA wrote the interaction between Roxie and Billy during that scene. My other favorite, that I must mention, is the moment Hank gives Roxie back to Roxie (again, you will understand when you read it).

God bless Kristen Ashley and her ability to write sex scenes like no other. Get ready ladies, Hank is going to blow you away. The chemistry that she orchestrated between these two was fire. It seems that as the series goes on, the action between the sheets intensifies. 

Your favorites are returning here, with the addition of Roxie’s parents, Trish and Herb. Trish is Tex’s sister and she and Herb are fantastic. They have a very enviable relationship and will have you laughing out loud. Since Tex is one of my favs, I love that we get to visit with him more in this book and it really enables you to love him even more.

I know that a series this long, can be somewhat daunting and since every book has somewhat the same formula, it may make a reader second guess their decision to read it. If you love to read humor, badass Alpha’s, great sex, and adventure, this is the series for you. If you love Kristen Ashley, then this should be a no-brainer.

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Rock Chick Redemption


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Rock Chick Rescue (Rock Chick Series, Book #2) by Kristen Ashley

Rock Chick RescueRock Chick Rescue (Rock Chick Series, Book #2) by Kristen Ashley | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comRock Chick Rescue (Rock Chick Series, Book #2) by Kristen Ashley | Review on

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BXTCHES Gotta Warn: Please for the love of all things ALPHA male, do not attempt to even start this book, without first finishing and raving about Rock Chick (book #1). This series is going to give you all of the feels, but in order to feel it from head to motherfuckin’ toe, you have to start with #1 and go from there. Each book is going to bring us a different couple to fall in love with while question if you love the current book more than the previous one. . .it’s going to be lots of torture, but in the best orgasmic way. Just trust a BXTCH and heed the warning given.

Rock Chick Rescue will be told from the POV of Jet.

This book will take us on the journey that is Jet and Eddie. Now, we met Eddie during Indy’s debacle, but I’ll refresh your memory on him in a bit, let’s start with Jet. If you remember, Jet was briefly mentioned at the end of Indy and Lee’s story. She was a new employee to Fortnum’s who arrived at the end of Indy’s drama. Now Jet has a lot of “goings on” in her life at the moment. Her mother has recently suffered from a stroke and with no dad around and a sister who lives out of state, the caretaker role falls squarely on Jet’s shoulders and in order for her to financially get it together, she is forced to take a waitressing job at Smithie’s (the local strip club), while working days at Fortnum’s and while trying to stay “Just Jet” and fly as far under the radar as she possibly can.

Time to shift our focus and our loins to Eddie. Eddie Chavez is Lee’s best/childhood friend and even that tight tie didn’t stop him from forcing Lee’s hand when it came to claiming Indy. If you remember, it was actually that gauntlet throw that spurred Lee into action. All it takes is a fumbling Jet and some coffee cups and Eddie has forgotten all things Indy. It hits a snafu when Jet misleads Eddie in believing that she is racist and Eddie actually slows his roll. Of course, with all things ALPHA in this series, that only gives her a small reprieve. When Jet’s dad shows up with a serious gambling debt and Jet unwillingly gets involved by hitting the radar of some pretty sketchy loan sharks, all of which starts with a knife to her throat outside of Smithies, that kicks up the ALPHA in Eddie and all bets are then off. And don’t worry. . .the whole racist thing really was a misunderstanding. It had more to with Eddie being hot, anywho, you’ll understand when you read it.

The cast of supporting characters in this series, is really nothing short of amazing. We met a good core of the supporting cast in book #1, and with each book, KA will continue to add to that core. We’ll continue to not only meet more eventual Rock Chicks (and their individual core group), but we will also be introduced to more of the Hot Bunch. But, let’s get to Jet’s peeps. Her mom Nancy is a pretty significant part of her life and while her dad, Ray, is the one that has created the shit storm that come raining down on her, it’s hard for Jet to just recognize him for the asshole that everyone else sees. . .he is still her dad. And KA does a fabulous of putting the reader into that space and really empathize with what Jet is going through. Smithie, of Smithie’s, gets his introduction as well. Daisy is the wife of Marcus (owner of the stolen diamonds in book #1), she is a former stripper at Smithies, giving her a connection to Jet. She could also pass as a look alike for Dolly Parton, but doesn’t fit into the high society of Denver and she finds her spot with the Rock Chicks and they welcome her with open arms. Eddie’s family will make a very loud introduction, while I’m sure reminding some readers of there very own meddling loved ones. There are others, but I’ll let that discovery fall to you to make and of course, all of your favorite’s from the first book return, including one of my favs, Tex. Members of the Hot Bunch will continue to make appearances, which is good for all involved because (a) their hot and (b) most will eventually get their own books, so it’s nice to have been introduced, albeit short, to them.

As much as Jet tries to resist anything Eddie related, she obviously relents and that succumbs to some serious sexy shit happening in the bedroom. Eddie brings it and Eddie brings it real good. I can’t even imagine the details that are happening inside of KA’s head, but for the love of all things Jackrabbit, it has got to be good. The one thing (really one of many things) you can be sure of is any sexiness in a KA novel will never leave you wanting for more. So embrace yo’self!

You can’t share too much with what is happening within these pages, without spoiling the story. There is so much coming at you at many different directions, that it truly is best for the plot to just unfold naturally. Now, if you’re one of those BXTCHES who reads a series and gets frustrated because you believe that the storylines are all too similar, well settle down, I’m gonna try to put your mind at ease. There are a total of 8 books in this series (this does not include the recent addition of a Rock Chick novella that gives us Daisy and Marcus’ story) and yes, most will involve a member of Lee’s team stepping in to rescue an eventual Rock Chick. Even I can say, “how many times can that formula work?” Well, I can say with certainty, it can work 8 times. With each book, I look forward to reading the story unfold between the Hot Bunch member and the Rock Chick, but what I really look forward to is the introduction to new characters and the scenarios that unfold with the characters that I’ve grown to love with the addition of each story. And that, my fellow BXTCHES is something that I can share with you without the fear of spoiling.

This book is just as active with the drama as book #1. Get ready for more: kidnapping, gunfire at the strip club, Rock Chick mayhem at the seedy bar that will involve the use of stun guns, a crazy fight at Einsteins Bagels, lost of sparkle, big hair and so much more.

I still prefer Indy’s book to this one, but that’s not saying this book isn’t wonderful. It is fantastic. The story is told very well and even though there were parts of Jet that frustrated me, I still loved her. On a side note, she is also great cook and some of the wonderful recipes mentioned in this book can be found on KA’s website. Caramel Layer Squares, you can find here, and Chocolate Sheet Cake, can be found here,  again, both on Kristen Ashley’s website, where you will find lots more delicious recipes.

And. . .what would a Rock Chick be without great fucking music and KA guides you right to it on her website. If you really wanting some Jet and Eddie inspiration. . .go here.

Remember, I was a late bloomer to the Rock Chicks and if you are hovering anywhere over the “buy now” button on this series, just click it. This book offers everything you need in terms of an escape. It’s adventurous, it has mystery, it’s laugh out loud funny, not to mention the mattress on fire sex scenes, and the more you grow into the series, the more you become part of it. Reading TagBook Review.4Favorite Quotes TagRock Chick Rescue (Rock Chick Series, Book #2) by Kristen Ashley | Review on

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Rock Chick (Rock Chick Series, Book #1) by Kristen Ashley

Rock Chick (Rock Chick Series, Book #1) by Kristen Ashley | Review on

Rock ChickRock Chick (Rock Chick Series, Book #1) by Kristen Ashley | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comSynopsis TagRock Chick

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BXTCHES Gotta Warn: TRUTH (#1): I LOVE Kristen Ashley. I think that her work is brilliant and funny and captivating and. . .I could go on and on, but the point is, I just love her. TRUTH (#2): This book was released back in 2011, which is a lifetime ago and I didn’t get my hands on it until 2014. Now, I would always come across this book, whether on social media or Amazon guessing that I would enjoy it based on my other reads. Initially my thought was “Not really my cup of tea”, but then I would come across so many Rock Chick discussions on different social media groups and finally decided to go where the love is, so I gave it a run. So, TRUTH (#3): While I’m a little pissed at myself for waiting so long, I am pretty relieved that I gave in. At this point, every book has been released, including the very last book, that’s more of a Rock Chick prequel, but is definitely rooted in the series. That just so happens to be the only one that I haven’t read. My original review of Rock Chick came back in 2015, it is now 2017 and I have decided to give my review of this series a bit of an update, which means I must dive back in and re-read. Oh, woe is me. So hang on, it’s gonna get a bit bumpy, but boy is it a fun ride.

Rock Chick will be told through the POV of Indy.

It’s probably best to just start somewhat from the beginning and I mean, the very beginning. India (Indy) Savage is the daughter to Tom Savage, Tom is a cop. Indy’s mom, Kate, passed when she was a tiny thing of just five years old. Kate’s BFF was Kitty Sue. Kitty Sue is married to Malcolm, also a cop. Kitty Sue and Malcolm have three kiddos. . .Hank, a cop. . .Ally, Indy’s BFF and Lee. Indy has been in love with Lee since she was five years old. Over the years, she has tried any and every attempt to get Lee to notice her as more than just “Indy, his sister’s best friend”. All of this came to a screeching halt when Indy was twenty years old and Lee crushed her dreams by telling her she was like a little sister. I mean, if that doesn’t dry up any sexual fantasy that she may have had, I’m not sure what will.

Indy is now thirty years old, still rocking out, still the owner of Fortnum’s (used bookstore/coffee shop) and still doing her best to avoid all things Lee. This plan starts to die a pretty quick death when Indy gets shot at trying to help her barista (Rosie), who has gotten himself involved with some stolen diamonds. One minute she’s sleeping peacefully in Lee’s bed, you know hiding out and under the impression that Lee is out of town, and the next she finds herself pressed against Lee, having to explain why he has found her half naked in his home.

Once Indy is through with her explanation, Lee has decided to help. It’s probably a good time to tell you BXTCHES that Lee is the owner of Nightingale Investigations and natural badass. While he is pretty pissed that Indy has been shot at and is involved in a pretty messy situation. . .he has some particular stipulations when it comes to providing his services. Those conditions involve Indy completely naked in Lee’s bed. . .with Lee right next to her. . .or right on top of her. . .or right underneath her. Regardless of the position, Lee will find himself inside of her, of course in Indy’s mind, if she finds the diamonds first, then all bets and payments are off and she can go back to a life where she continues to avoid Lee.

That is where Rock Chick takes off, well really the book takes off from page one, but this is where you will get sucked in. While I can’t share the deets of everything that is happening within the pages, I can dangle some goodness right in front of you. In true Rock Chick style, Indy is not about to let a few kidnappings, dead bodies, creepy criminals or even the idea that after 25 years, she may finally get her happily ever after, keep her from living a Rock Chick life. There are drag shows to attend, ex-girlfriends that need to be smacked down, barbecues that must go on, and most importantly, sex to be had with Lee, especially since everyone she knows seems to be begging for updates on what sex is like with the #1 member of the Hot Bunch.

We gotta talk about the supporting characters that this series is going to bring us. First, this may very well be the best ensemble series I have ever enjoyed. With each book in this series, you certainly know who the feature couple is, but KA never leaves the others there to dangle, desperate to be part of the story. She insures that her characters, every one of them, add dimension to the storyline. That they all play their part, no matter the size. The layers in which they come together is incredible. The love affair that one usually just has with the featured couple, extends well beyond that in this series. You will find yourself in an internal battle over who your favorites will be.

I can’t really talk about a KA book and not mention the sex. Even though Indy first attempts to avoid all things Sex + Lee, eventually she gives into what her heart and honestly, her pussy really want. Part of the adventure in this book is the struggle that Lee and Indy have when they try to attempt getting down to the business. So, the sexual tension created will leave even you hot and bothered. Once the mission is complete and Indy finally gets a taste of what Lee has been packing and what she has been missing all of those years, you’ll be hot and bothered for many other reasons. No one writes the ALPHA male better than KA (in my opinion) and the sex that her ALPHA’s bring to a story is just one of the many reasons why.

When I said that there is a lot happening in this book, I mean there is A LOT. This book involves a missing bag of diamonds, kidnappings, a crazy Vietnam Vet ex-con, car bombs, pot heads, a bunch of KA “Alpha HOT Male Heroes”, add a shootout at a Drag Queen Club, the sassiest dog you will ever meet and her fabulous gay owners and you have a book that is laugh out loud funny, suspenseful, sexy, and may have you contemplating a move to Denver, even though you realize that what you are reading is not real.

If any part of you is sitting on the fence, wondering whether or not to dive into this series, just do it. It is worth it, and even though it is a very long series, all of the books are released, so it’s easy and almost necessary, to move from one book to the next. If you love Kristen Ashley, this is a no brainer, if you haven’t yet read Kristen Ashley, I would first ask “what the fuck?”, then tell you that this series is as good of a series to start with as any. But, be ware. . .KA is very addictive.

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Raid (Unfinished Heroes Book #3) by Kristen Ashley

Raid (Unfinished Heroes Series)Raid (Unfinished Heroes Series)Synopsis TagRaid (Unfinished Heroes Series)Bxtches Be Blogging Book Reviews
Raid (Unfinished Heroes Series, Book #3) by Kristen Ashley

BXTCHES Gotta Warn: This isn’t the usual “you must read the first two books before you read this one” speech. Yes, this is a series, but each book is really a stand alone that focuses on a particular couple. This book follows Hanna and Raid. If you read Creed, you know that while it visited Knight some, it really focused on the story of Creed and Sylvie. The same goes here. Knight is mentioned, and Anya, Creed, and Sylvie will visit, but only briefly. The only way that Raid connects to Knight (book #1) is, Knight has contracted Raid to find someone for him.

This book is told mainly through the POV of Hanna, there are a couple of instances where the POV shifts to Raid, but not too many. This story takes place in Willow, CO with Hanna being the towns “girl next door” and the great granddaughter of the town’s matriarch, Miss Mildred (whom I loved). She has had her sights on Raiden Miller since she was 6 years old. Raid is a former Marine and a current “underground” bounty hunter and his work has brought him back to the small town of Willow. The beginning of the story has Hanna almost stalkery towards Raid. She hangs out in the local diner (which happens to be owned by Raid’s sister) just hoping to catch his eye. The day she sees him front to front, making out with another girl, one who is her total opposite, she decides to give up and focus more on her. Months pass and the “new” Hanna finally catches the eye of one Raiden Miller. And so, their story begins.

The relationship between Hanna and Raid, starts out a little rocky. As with a lot of the female characters in KA’s books, she doesn’t necessarily deem herself worthy of Raid. But, I don’t think it’s because she thinks she is not pretty enough, she doesn’t really have any self esteem issues.  Her issue is, after seeing him making out with another girl and over hearing a phone conversation, that was taken out of context, she really just thinks that she isn’t his type. Once he establishes, in a very alpha male way, that she is indeed his type, their relationship takes off (rocket style).

KA does a really good job, as usual, writing the sex in this book. Hanna really discovers her “sexual side” with the help of Raid. All of the “Heroes” in this series seem to have a desire to “play” and I’m talking about the kind of play that uses safe words. It is not extreme, very light, but he is definitely bossy in the bedroom. There is not a lot of secondary characters in this book. There are some, her great grandmother for example. But the one thing I LOVE about reading Kristen Ashley, is her ability to really develop supporting characters and this series she really didn’t do that. I don’t know if it was intentional or not, but is was something that I wished there was a little more focus on. For example, Miss Mildred’s cat, Spot, seems to have more devotion than her best friend does. The books in this series aren’t as many pages as usual for KA, so that could be a reason.

There is some violence in this book, so be prepared. Nothing too drastic, but it is there. The only part of this book that made me give a frustrated sigh, is when Hanna first asks Raid about his Marine buddies. He really freaked out. I know it was something he didn’t like to talk about, but I felt as though his reaction and then her quickness to forgive him, made me cringe just a bit.

I don’t think I’m giving away any spoilers by saying that of course, Hanna and Raid get their HEA. Their journey to get there is a little rocky. I think that this is a goodread, not my favorite KA series, but she is one of my favorite authors, so usually, she can do no wrong. This series is a quick read, it is enjoyable, and the characters are lovable.

Even though a lot of KA’s series can be read as stand alones, and I usually advocate for reading the series in order to get the most enjoyment out of them, this is one book, I think could be read as a stand alone, without necessarily reading Knight and Creed firts. With Creed, I think that it was important to read Knight first, because their stories kinda intertwined, but this one is really a “by itself” kinda book. Enjoy.

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Creed (Unfinished Heroes Series Book #2) by Kristen Ashley

Creed (Unfinished Heroes Series)Creed (Unfinished Heroes Series)Synopsis TagCreed (Unfinished Heroes Series)Bxtches Be Blogging Book Reviews
Creed (Unfinished Heroes Series, Book #2) by Kristen Ashley

BXTCHES Gotta Warn: If you have read Knight (book #1) prior to this book, then fantastic. If you haven’t, then no worries, it isn’t really necessary. Knight will make appearances in this book, but not to the degree that it will confuse you if you haven’t read his story. 

Usually in a series (especially a KA one), the formula is about the same in all of the books in that series. That is not the case here. The only things that Knight and Creed (the books, not the men) have in common are some of the same characters. This book was so very different than Knight, it’s strange to even consider them in the same series. Where Knight focused mainly on the relationship between Knight and Anya and wasn’t too dramatic, Creed is packed with tons of intensity. The main focus of this book is of course the relationship of Creed and Sylvie, and it features every dynamic of it, but it also dives into the complications of their jobs and their relationships outside of each other. The journey to get to their HEA is emotionally deep and extreme, but it is worth every “oh my goodness” moment.

The story is mostly told from the POV of Sylvie. It needs to be said that Sylvie is so badass, that this book could have actually been titled “Sylvie”, no joke. The story will start in current time, but flash back (throughout the book) to the beginning of the relationship between Creed and Sylvie (these flashbacks span about 11 years). Sylvie is an independent PI, who sometimes works with Knight (from book #1) and helps out with the protection of the girls in his side business. Something shady is happening and Knight has called in an outside source to investigate. This source is no other than Tucker Creed, the love of Sylvie’s life and the one person who she thinks abandon her 16 years prior. Now the story begins.

Sylvie and Creed meet when she was just 6 and he was 11. Both come from broken homes, but on different sides of the track. Sylvie comes from money, but also from a father who not only doesn’t care about her, but also is physically and verbally abusive to her stepmother (AKA the stepmonster). Creed comes from a home where his father, his hero, has passed away, and his mother is an alcoholic with different men in and out of her life. To escape the yelling and violence at their homes, they both sneak out into the woods, where they meet one another. Years pass, traditions are made, and love is formed. They have a plan to leave Kentucky the day that Sylvie turns 18, but her dad has another plan, and Sylvie believes for 16 years that Creed left her in Kentucky. So needless to say, their first meeting after 16 years, doesn’t go all that well.

I’m not going to give anything away, because once again, it is a discovery that needs to be made by the reader. I will say, that I enjoyed this book much more than Knight. I think that it is so full of action along with the drama and heartbreak of their past and current relationship, that it just keeps the pages turning. With their relationship spanning so many years, you can feel the authenticity between the two. Creed is more along the lines of the typical KA “Alpha Male Hero” that I’m used to, so like her others, you will fall in love with him. Her supporting characters are well written and developed (not a surprise). Overall, this book is a very good read and I definitely recommend it. Again, I don’t think that you need to read Knight in order to enjoy this book. However, if you want to start the series off right and get somewhat of a backstory, then definitely go in order. Raid (book #3) and Deacon (book #4) are both currently available.

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Knight (Unfinished Heroes Series Book #1) by Kristen Ashley

Knight (Unfinished Heroes Series)Knight (Unfinished Heroes Series)Synopsis TagKnight (Unfinished Heroes Series)Bxtches Be Blogging Book Reviews
Knight (Unfinished Heroes Series, Book #1) by Kristen Ashley

BXTCHES Gotta Warn: The sex scenes in this particular book are not like any that I’ve read in any other KA novel (I haven’t read them all, so I could be wrong). There is a dominant/submissive relationship between Knight and Anya. Now, I don’t know whether or not she depicted the lifestyle correctly, and honestly, I don’t really care. This is a work of fiction and I don’t think that is what she was going for, in my opinion she was going for “hot”, and she achieved that. She wrote it well, but know that in other books, where the submissive may call her dominant “sir”, Anya calls hers “daddy”. I only say this, because I know it weirds some people out and you should know this bit of information going into the story. KA does it well, the sex scenes in this book are pretty steamy.

This isn’t a “typical” KA book and while that my upset some readers, I actually enjoyed it being outside of the “KA box”. I’ve said before that I believe that KA is EXCELLENT at writing the “Alpha Male Hero”. If you need evidence, just reference Max, Tack, Shy, Tate, and now of course, Knight. I also think that KA’s ability to balance out sex scenes in her books is phenomenal. She is able to “dirty” them up in the absolute best of ways, but add the sensuality when needed.

This book is told from the POV of Anya Gage. She is a beautiful, 27 year old nail technician and beauty school student who dreams of one day owning her own spa. Anya was dealt a crap hand at life, her parents were both murdered when she was just 7, and she was sent to live with her alcoholic aunt. As soon as she was of age, she moved out and never looked back (except in her dreams at night). Knight is a 35 year old, very successful business man, with demons of his own. He owns club Slade, with some business on the side (won’t spoil that for you, you will have to discover on your own).

Anya reluctantly attends a party with her BFF Sandrine one night. Thinking that the party is at Nick Sebring’s home (Sandrine’s latest interest), Anya finds out, thanks to a faulty cell phone, that the apartment is actually owned by Nick’s brother, Knight. And so their story begins.

Fortunately, there is not much to spoil here. Shy timid girl, who doesn’t recognize all she has to offer someone, meets a very dominant, controlling, beautiful man. He scares her (in a good way, of course) and like all other dominant/submissive books I have read, she is confused that she is turned on at all by his dominant ways. She definitely makes some sexual self discovery in this book and her character traits really help you appreciate who she is. She is determined to earn her way, because of her past and he of course, being very wealthy, would like to nothing more than take care of her.

I said that this book is different than I’m used to with KA. One of the things that KA does SOOOOO well is the development of the supporting characters. You don’t get that as much in this book. You meet Anya’s BFF’s, Vivica and Sandrine, you will also meet Knight’s brother, Nick. But really other than that, other characters are mentioned, but you don’t really meet them, which, is a little disappointing.

While I do think that the dominant/submissive storyline has been done, I thought that KA wrote it well. The chemistry between Knight and Anya is good, and they are lovable characters. And in my opinion, it’s good to read a “non-traditional” KA book. I do recommend this read. This is book #1 in the series. Creed (book #2), Raid (book #3), and Deacon (book #4) are currently all available.

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Sweet Dreams (Colorado Mountain Series, Book #2) by Kristen Ashley

Sweet Dreams (Colorado Mountain Series)Sweet Dreams (Colorado Mountain Series)Synopsis TagSweet Dreams (Colorado Mountain Series)Bxtches Be Blogging Book Reviews
Sweet Dreams (Colorado Mountain Series, Book #2) by Kristen Ashley

BXTCHES Gotta Warn: I’m about to get hypocritical. This was my very first KA book and as you can see, I didn’t go in order. Now, I have said before that a lot of KA books/series intertwine with one another and that is true. However, I don’t think that you are going to be confused or you’re going to lose the greatness that is this book if you read this series out of order. So, fell free to make whatever decision it is you need to get you reading this book.

The rundown: Laurie has left her husband, who has done the most unthinkable act: cheated with her best friend. Laurie needs to get away, and after being on the road for several months, she finds herself in Carnal, CO, waiting tables at Bubba’s. Tatum (Tate) Jackson is a former college football star, bounty hunter, and part owner of Bubba’s. Their first meeting does not go well AT ALL. He insults her (actually the ultimate female insult: he insinuates that she is fat), she refuses to allow him to “get rid of her” and thus, their journey begins.

Laurie is definitely enjoying life in Carnal. She is staying at the local motel, she is becoming familiar with the locals and all in all, really trying to figure out her life and how she allowed it to get where it was. Like with a lot of KA female leads, Laurie doesn’t recognize her beauty. Not in a “fishing for compliments” kinda way, but she genuinely doesn’t recognize the male attraction to her, she feels she is just average. Eventually, Tate apologizes to Laurie (though she is hard headed and it takes a little while to truly accept his apology) and he let’s her know she is “with” him. Actually, he tells her that when he gets back into town, she is “on the back of his bike” and if you speak biker, you know that that means, YOU’RE HIS WOMAN. She of course, doesn’t speak biker. And when he gets back into town, realizes that maybe Laurie needs a biker vocabulary lesson, especially since he discovers she is somewhat “dating” someone else.

He’s not in town too long when a family emergency takes Laurie back home. Tate happens to be in the right place at the right time, and personally escorts her home. Doesn’t take a detective to figure out that Laurie and Tate will end up together. Again, it’s about the journey, and boy this journey gets pretty hairy.

If you’ve been able to put the book down at this point, get ready, because once you start the suspense/drama this book offers, it is almost impossible to put down. There’s a serial killer on the loose and is targeting women. There’s Tate’s ex-wife (CRAZY ex-wife, to be more specific) who is determined to make sure that Laurie + Tate = forever, does not happen. There’s a kid with the crazy ex-wife, who is actually in a pretty crappy situation that Tate has to take care of. There’s Laurie’s ex-husband who believes that he just made a mistake and she should get over her “hissy” fit and come back to him. And of course, it wouldn’t be a KA novel without LOTS of great/hot/steamy/erotic sex (really just insert any great sexual adjective). There’s so much Alpha Male Hero sexy talk, that you will swoon and conjure up many, many images of your Tate. 

Once again, the supporting cast is fantastic. You will fall in love with them as much as you will with Laurie and Tate. Out of the entire Colorado Mountain series, this is my favorite, possibly because it was my first KA read, but possibly because it is the best. You make up your own mind. 

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The Gamble (Colorado Mountain Series Book #1) by Kristen Ashley

The Gamble (Colorado Mountain Series)The Gamble (Colorado Mountain Series)Synopsis TagThe Gamble (Colorado Mountain Series)Bxtches Be Blogging Book Reviews
The Gamble (Colorado Mountain Series, Book #1) by Kristen Ashley

This is book #1 in KA’s Colorado Mountain Series, and it does not disappoint. There are six books total in this series and while it is recommended to read the books in order, it is not necessary. In fact, each can be read as a stand alone (although, after reading ANY KA series, I’m not sure you will just stick to “just one”). Just know, that as you move through the series, characters in the previous books will make appearances.

The book is told through the POV of Nina and starts with her “timeout” from her life in England, including from her fiance, Niles. She has rented a cabin in the mountains of Gnaw Bone, CO and is more than surprised when she shows up and the owner of the cabin is in it. Holden “Max” Maxwell is none too happy with the mix up that has put Nina at his doorstep. He tells her she needs to leave, she argues, but eventually does head back down the mountain, only to wind up in a ditch. Max gets her back to his cabin, nurses her back from the flu and then the story begins.

One thing that I have noticed in just about every KA book I have read is, once her Alpha Male Hero sets his sights on something that he wants, he will eventually obtain whatever it was he set his sights on. This story is no different. There is obvious chemistry between Nina and Max, but since the story begins with Nina putting her self in a “life timeout”, she is hell bent on not falling to the charms of Max. Of course, I don’t need to tell you that since the story is about Nina and Max, that Nina will fall for Max, and Max will definitely achieve what he has set his sights on. The thing about reading KA, is not whether or not the H/h will end up together, that doesn’t take a whole lot of figuring out. The great thing about reading KA, is the journey that the H/h go through to end up together.

KA has an ability to mix humor with drama and heartbreak. The drama that develops in just the two weeks that Nina is in Gnaw Bone is unbelievable, but sooooo worth the read. There is murder/infidelity/break-ups/rape/violence/kidnapping, practically if you can name it, it is happening. And let us not forget about the hot sex that occurs between Nina and Max. This book had me going from laughing out loud to fighting back my tears.

Kristen Ashley is superbly gifted at developing her characters, especially her supporting ones. This book/series will introduce you to a diversity of characters, some you will love, some you will hate, but all are written with depth.

If you haven’t had the privilege of reading a Kristen Ashley book, then you need to catch up. She is definitely worth the pages in her book (there are a lot, by the way) so why not start with The Gamble. Trust me, it is very hard to put down and I predict you will be scurrying to buy the next in the series once you have enjoyed this one.

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