Until Lilly (Until Series, Book #3) by Aurora Rose Reynolds

Until Lilly

Until Lilly

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Until Lilly (Until Series, Book #3)  

So, we’ve gotten through two of the Mayson boys and now it’s Cash’s turn. I will go ahead and reveal that I have read Nico’s story and so I can give a clear, concise, assessment of how I feel about all of them and it’s official, Cash and Lilly are my absolute favorite.

Review time: If you remember during Trevor’s story, he and Cash make a run to Alabama, where Cash meets a girl in a coffee shop. At the time, it was just “another girl” for Cash, but after visiting her often, he realizes that she is his BOOM. Now, you should also remember during Trevor’s story, the girl at the bonfire, who was saying how she was going to get one of the Mayson boys to get her pregnant and how she succeeded with Cash. So, we’re somewhat caught up now. Except, I need to mention that the story will be told through both Cash and Lilly’s POV.

We will start off with Lilly and the day that she runs to the coffee shop and into Cash. We’re going to speed through the first several months of their relationship, where she looses her virginity to Cash and the one and only time she has sex, she gets pregnant. Around that same time, Cash finds out that Jules is pregnant and doing the right thing, he breaks it off with Lilly (he has no idea that she is pregnant) and decides to marry Jules. Lilly tries to inform Cash of her impending motherhood, but receives a text basically telling her to “get rid of it”. Of course, it wasn’t Cash that sent that text and trust me when I say, I’m not giving anything away, this is all revealed in the very beginning of the book.

So, fast forward about four years and Lilly is in Tennessee with her daughter, Ashlyn. She just so happens to be at the very same place that Cash has taken his son, Jax. Once Cash realizes the woman he is somewhat lusting after is Lilly and he then sees the face of the girl with her, he realizes that he has a daughter.

At this point, Lilly is blown away that she has not only ran into Cash, but has done so with her daughter and his son. Regardless of the anger that she has towards Cash, she will not keep him out of Ashlyn’s life. Cash is determined to not only win Ashlyn over but Lilly as well. Unlike with Liz and November, Cash’s family isn’t all open arms when is comes to Lilly. We can thank Jules for this turn of events. Because of the big bitch she turned out to be, Cash’s family is a bit skeptical when it comes to any female that Cash brings home.

This is really where the story picks up and takes off. I think that the reason that I enjoyed this book more than the other three is because it is much more scandalous. Now all four books have drama (yes, even Nico’s story), but this book has a ton. There’s the obvious friction with Jules, who is now Cash’s ex-wife and even though it’s easy to wonder that if Lilly is Cash’s BOOM, then why  not leave Jules instead of Lilly? Well, Cash didn’t know that Lilly was pregnant and it didn’t help matters that Jules continued to threaten Cash with abortion if he didn’t bend at her will. Cash is also going to have to earn back the trust that he lost with Lilly and Lilly has to somewhat gain the trust of Cash’s family. This book will constantly demand that you continue to turn the page, because the fun in this book is getting Cash and Lilly to their HEA.

Once again, another book supported by great characters. Very well written and well rounded. I think one of the reasons this book will become your favorite in this series, well at least for me anyways, is because you actually get to experience the interaction between parent and child. Previously, the book usually ends as the babies are being born. This one kicks off with the kiddos already three years old, so it just adds another dimension to Cash’s hotness and another reason to adore Lilly. Lilly’s parents are super funny and wonderfully written. I love that the author chose to make Lilly’s parents understanding to Lilly’s situation and they made Cash work for their trust.

Since this is my favorite book of the series, it should go without saying that the sex is right where it needs to be. I actually think overall, this author does a really good job of writing the sex of this series not just hot, but to the point. I don’t like to have to wonder “how?” when the hotness is getting under way. My only issue (with the whole series) is the constant threat of “the spanking”. When the female does something that the alpha may not agree with, then it’s always about spanking the ass or the threat of. Being sexual with it is one thing (and hot), but using it as if she were a child is beginning to get a little old. However, it doesn’t deter from the great bedroom games that do occur.

Next is Nico’s story and he is the last brother. Again, I do think that this is one of my favorite “brother” series and I am quite sad to see the series end. If you haven’t started the journey that is the Mayson brothers, you should go ahead and dive in, you will not be disappointed.

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