Big Brother 19 | Sunday Re-Cap | 07.30.17

Big Brother 19 | Re-Cap |

Big Brother 19 | Re-Cap |

BXTCHES Gotta Warn: I am a bit off with these re-caps, but three episodes a week, will do a number on a BXTCH. You should probably be aware that I may share some live feed/After Dark shit on this re-cap as well. So be warned, spoilers may lie ahead.

Last Time On: We issued Ramses a very sad goodbye and Paul was once again knighted as the new HOH. The houseguests also learned of the Temptation Challenge, which if I’m understanding it correctly, will take place once a week over the next three weeks and is the consequence for the Halting Hex Temptation. 

Tonight On: Nominations are announced and the Temptation Challenge will go down.

We pick up where the live eviction left off and left Jessica and her side completely blindsided. I’m guessing in an attempt to really stick it to Paul and his minions, Jessica reveals to the house that she is the one with the Temptation. In order to squash any confusion, this is what she actually said:

“I’m just really happy that America decided to give me the final temptation and I have the power to keep Cody and I safe for a few weeks.”

Since that bombshell was dropped, Paul and the Gang have been racking and racking and racking whatever brain they have to try and figure out what exactly the Temptation entails. These brainstorming sessions are coming hard and fast and the one thing that everyone can agree on is that Jessica is lying, has lied or is going to lie. . .at this point I don’t even think that they believe that the Temptation is real. So, let’s start with what was first said (see above), there is no lie in that statement. She only has a span of four week to unleash the Hex. Week #1-on the block was Dominique vs. Jessica, she didn’t use it. Week #2-on the block was Ramses vs. Josh, she didn’t use it. This brings us to week #3, giving her two more weeks to save the evictees. 

Next point of contention is the fact that Elena and Mark were left out of the “Save Josh” campaign. CBS was kind enough to show America just a taste of the assholiness that is Josh and Paul and Jason and Alex and Christmas and Matt. There was nothing but laughter from those individuals when Josh decides to bang skillets together in an effort to get under Mark’s skin.

Jessica is hoping that since she let the Temptation out of the bag, that the last two people going up for eviction this week would be her and Cody. Why waste a HOH, right? However, Paul being not too sure about the Temptation and he thinks that the best way to flush it out and call her bluff is to put her and Cody up. Mark is freaking out a bit regarding his relationship with Paul and the rest of the group. Matt is trying to convince them that all is good and the plan to keep Josh was very last minute. While in the DR he does say that he needs to do what’s best for his game and by “his”, I’m quite certain he means Paul. 

While I’m am a member of #teamcody, even I can’t figure out the why’s of him going to Paul to bat for Mark, but that is exactly what he did. Paul should’ve just put the crown on his head and told Cody to run along like the peasant Paul was treating him as. Because Mark could’ve offered to suck Paul’s dick and Paul would not have been any more interested. He even threw in a “chow buddy”.

We gotta remember that Alex and Paul are involved in a secret alliance, one that no one else knows of, and during a meeting of the minds, it is decided that if Jessica does have the power to save #teamjody, then Mark and Elena go up next. It is crystal clear that Paul has no idea of how the Temptation will work. Paul is working over time to separate Mark and Elena and starts planting the seeds by telling her that she will be part of his plan, but Mark will not be. Elena then starts to lay groundwork of her own down where Mark is concerned when Mark tells her that he wants them to work with Jess and Cody. Elena doesn’t appreciate Mark speaking for her and I do believe that it’s this convo that is the beginning of the end for #teammarlena. On a side note: During Elena’s discussion with Mark, she makes the comment about how Cody has left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth and being associated with him is not a good idea because how in the world is a team of four going to make it to the end. In the beginning of this shitstorm, they were all proud of the showmance they got hooked into. It was the three couples, Christmas, and Dominique. Cody was the very first HOH and originally put Megan and Jillian up for eviction, but Megan quit the show. Then while he was working out and trying to build a relationship with Alex, he asked her what she would do and she point blank told him that she would put one of his up. I’m guessing that answer did her in a bit, because she replaced Megan on the block. Then Alex wins POV and Cody is forced to pick someone else and that’s when he places Paul up for eviction, but surprise, Paul had the Pendant of Protection which protected him from being nominated. So, in a move that shocked the house, Cody put Christmas up. Was it smart? In hindsight, probably not because this is the only move that he made. He can’t participate in the next HOH and Paul wins. Paul put up Alex and Ramses, Alex wins the POV and Paul gets to backdoor Cody. The only move he had left was to shake up the house and tell Paul that there was at least two people who knew of the moves he was going to make. When people bitch about how Cody / Jessica treated Josh, Josh also promised them that he would vote to get Christmas out of the house, that was what started the whole argument. Cody didn’t get in his face, he did words, but so did Josh. So, all of this back and forth about what liars Cody and Jessica are, are coming from a far away fictional land, because so far they have been the underdogs in the house. And I’m not sure why everyone is so upset about Cody nomination Christmas, because Dominique was on their team and they wasted no time getting her up and out. #hypocritassholes

The houseguests now learn about the Temptation Competition, which is the consequence for the Halting Hex. This comp is entirely voluntary, BUT the one who finishes first will be safe for the week and the one finishing last will have to go up on the block along with the other two nominees. This comp will take place once a week for three weeks and I’m quite certain the rules will remain the same. HOH cannot compete. The ones volunteering are Mark, Alex, Jason, and Matt. Matt is only volunteering because the HDIC asked him to. The name of the game is Bowlerina. The contestants dress like ballerinas, spin themselves silly, and try to knock down some pins. From what I can tell this may be a BB classic, but since I am a newbie, it not only looks crazy as fuck, but just watching it made me want to vomit. Mark came out victorious and Jason found himself dead last and up for eviction.

In a last ditch effort to stay away from the block, Jessica pulls Paul aside and offers him a bit more insight into her Temptation. She makes sure to stay away from the word “Halting” when describing the hex to Paul, but she does tell him that she has the power to keep her and Cody safe for the next few weeks. Paul thinks she’s being a bit too vague. Every scenario is running through his mind and the one for this hour, well really minute is. . .If he’s not allowed to put Cody / Jessica on the block and Mark is out because of his win, then he’ll nominate Elena and a pawn. He all but asks for volunteers and did Matt or Raven step up? No. Did Christmas take one for the team? No. It was all Alex. And it was only after Alex sacrificed herself that Matt wore the “team player” badge of courage and decided to take the plunge. But no worries, Christmas assures the room that no one will go home if they don’t want them to. It’s like the fucking Godfather in that room.

Now in a real last, last ditch effort, Jessica and Paul are at it again and this time she point blank asks him if he had any questions for her regarding the Hex and he says “no”. Now, somewhere, somehow, Paul believes that Jessica is not allowed to lie about her Temptation and while I don’t think she has up to this point, Paul is reading from a different dictionary because homeboy is convinced that she is bluffing.

When it’s time for the nomination ceremony, I’m sure no one is surprised when Paul nominates Cody and Jessica. Pissed? Yes. Shocked? No. Now we just wait it out and see.



“I don’t like Matt. I don’t trust Matt. I don’t wanna work with Matt.” -Cody

“Cause I’m making big boy moves this week.” -Paul

“The only man gonna win this comp. First name Whistle, last name Nut.” -Jason
Big Brother Weekly Re-Caps |

Before I get into this too far, we need to talk about a couple of things. Now, some shit has been going down during the live feeds (especially Monday 7/31) and I’ll get to that, but in combination with the live feeds, I try to scroll through Twitter to get a gauge on what everyone else’s thoughts are and man alive, are people pissed. Since I am not physically or mentally capable enough to stop everything in my life and tune in to the live feeds 24/7, there are things that went down that I wasn’t a witness to, but are enough for people to call out. The first claim: Cody and Jess were bullies long before Paul and are now getting a taste of their own. I think it’s humorous at best to put all of that at the footsteps of just Cody and Jess. It wasn’t that long ago when Cody was recruiting and people were joining. In particular, Matt and Raven, Mark and Elena, and Dominique. If you let your memory float back a bit, you’ll remember when Cody realized how vital Alex would be to his team and made an attempt to recruit her, she may have turned him down, but that didn’t stop Cody from allowing Alex to win the first POV comp. Maybe allowing is stretching a bit, but he did stop playing in the end and she was able to take herself down from the block. This is where the house begins to turn. Let’s continue down memory lane. When Paul hit Cody with the backdoor, he sat down with Dominique on her talk show and when he was asked why he wasn’t trying harder to stay in the house, he said he would never campaign against Alex and that there are only two houseguests (besides Jess) that he would want to win it all, #1 was Alex and #2 was Raven. So, do I think Cody was an asshole in the beginning? Yes. Do I think he made some wrong moves? Yes. But hindsight is 20/20 and other than him putting Paul and Christmas on the block, I am confused on why so many hate. And it can’t be the showmance thing because Matt and Raven are still stroking one another and I happen to mean that in the very literal sense.

It’s too much to go into all of what happened on Monday’s live feeds, but I can give you the Cliffs Notes version. And please note that some, if not a lot of the events, will be out of order. . .my memory ain’t what it used to be. At one point, Cody was in the kitchen, sitting on a barstool, when Josh says to him “Can I ask you a question, Cody?” (or something along those lines), when Josh turned around, Cody was walking out. He goes into the Wave Room where Jessica is and simply tells her that he will not engage and he will not be the reason that Josh gets more screen time. Now, something did go down between Jessica and Raven and it wasn’t the screaming match. Unfortunately, I came in while this was happening and here is what I know. Jason was talking with Jessica and Cody in the Wave Room, when Alex pokes in her head, demanding that Jason excuse himself because “Raven is crying”. From the pieces that I am able to put together, Jessica walkedLater, Cody and Jess are in the bathroom, something happens that causes Jessica







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