This Man Confessed (This Man Series, Book #3) by Jodi Ellen Malpas

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BXTCHES Gotta Warn: You got the warning with the second book, so it is even of greater importance that you read the first two books in this series BEFORE the book. Otherwise you’re really going to be reading a fucked up story about a possessive man, a frustrated woman and all of the craziness that surrounds them both. 

After reading the first two books in this series, you’re probably ready for a little calm between Jesse and Ava. If that’s the case, then stop right there, because it isn’t going to happen. Even though they have professed their love for one another and Jesse has proposed, that doesn’t mean that Jesse still doesn’t have secrets and you’re going to wonder “are these secrets going to be the ones that do Ava in and force her to leave for good?”

First, let’s touch base with the second book. How shocked were you when Ava walked in on Sarah whipping Jesse? Holy shit, that was jaw dropping. What about how she responded? I would have never imagined her going and getting herself whipped. Do you think that she should’ve left then? How about when he leaves her at the Anniversary Dinner and consoles Coral? That may have been the straw for me, I don’t know. Well get ready for this book, because there are going to be times when you hope for Ava to smack some sense into Jesse, then turn around and swoon and fall in love with him all over again. I know, I’m most certain that after reading this series, I should seek therapy. Let’s get to the good stuff.

This book will still be told through the POV of Ava (well, all but the epilogue) and will pick up at Jesse and Ava’s wedding. I will probably give away some of the secrets in this book, but I promise to not ruin it for you.

If you remember when Jesse first proposed to Ava, when asked where the wedding was going to be held, he said “The Manor”. Remember Ava kind of freaking out, trying to figure out how she was going to have her family at The Manor? Well, Jesse of course gets his way and the wedding is held at The Manor. They just disguise it as a posh hotel, I mean Ava fell for that originally, right? When Jesse tells Ava (over and over again) that he will trample anyone, he was not kidding. And at this wedding, Ava’s mother is victim #1. While she wants all things traditional, Ava is really just trying to please Jesse and let him have what he wants. But the battle between Ava’s mom and Jesse isn’t the best drama at these nuptials. That actually belongs to the triangle of Kate, Dan, and Sam. Kate is extremely stressed that Dan and Sam are in the same vicinity, so much so that she winds up in a bathroom stall with the handsome brother. The one thing that I wished the author would’ve done, is expand on the fallout of the relationship between Kate and Dan. The only thing ever really mentioned is that they are so toxic for one another. I need to know why and what exactly happened. Just because Jesse and Ava are the focus of the book, doesn’t mean that I’m not nosy and I don’t want information about the other folks. Especially because the situation stresses Ava out so much. 

The elephant in the room, so to speak, at this wedding is the case of the missing birth control. Ava is actually pretty convinced that she is knocked up, and her and Jesse have avoided the dreaded “you stole my pills” convo. He does bring it up, but she pushes it under the rug. It is her wedding day after all. I’m about to reveal a little spoiler (really tiny, actually). Coral shows up at the wedding and pulls Jesse away from Ava, yet again. Now, this is where I got pretty pissed. I love Jesse, I do. But c’mon, what kind of asshole leaves his bride on her wedding day to go and console a woman he fucked? Pretty frustrating.

I’m going to reveal another secret, a pretty big one, but one that is revealed pretty early on in the book. Ava is actually prego and Jesse has confessed to taking her pills. Unfortunately, this was an act that Ava couldn’t forgive and she gathers the nerve to walk out on him. She also doesn’t tell him right away that she is pregnant and she doesn’t stay away for long. The one issue I had is this. During the “don’t tell Jesse that I’m pregnant” phase, she is convinced that she is going to terminate the pregnancy (this isn’t my issue), my problem is she goes out one night with Kate and gets dirty drunk. She knows she’s pregnant, but she waves it off by basically saying that most women find out much later that they’re pregnant than she did. That was just a tad bit too irresponsible for my liking.

There’s still the issue of “who drugged Ava” and the small problem of Mikael. Because of his rapt interest in Ava and his connection with Jesse via Coral, Ava knows that she is going to have to tell Patrick that she can’t work with him, which she knows is going to cause a problem.

Just because Ava is now Ava Ward, doesn’t mean that this book isn’t filled with lots of drama. It is non-stop and the biggest was definitely saved for last. I won’t give it away, but I will tell you that even I was shocked, so get ready.

Pregnant or not, the sex in this book is just as scorching as the first two. Maybe that’s why I adore Jesse so much, who knows. Whatever, she did a great job melting the panties right off of you in this book.

As the book goes on, there is less and less of the supporting characters. I suspect this is because there is so much going on, that there really isn’t a lot of room for the likes of Kate, Sam, Drew, and the Rococo Union gang. Don’t worry, keeping up with the Jesse and Ava in this book, you won’t miss them.

There is so much that I want to tell about this book, but can’t. You’re just gonna have to get frustrated without my help. I know that I have said that I prefer this series to Fifty Shades, and I do. I actually love Fifty and all shades of his fucked upness, this series is just more my style I suppose. What I’m really trying to say is this, if you love Fifty Shades, I do think that you will love this series as well. Definitely sad to see this series end, but the epilogue is wonderful and gives closure to a fantastic romance.

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