Reaper’s Legacy (Reaper’s MC Series, Book #2) by Joanna Wylde

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Reaper’s Legacy (Reaper’s MC Series, Book #2) by Joanna Wylde

BXTCHES Gotta Warn: Time for some truth. This book can really be read without reading book #1 first. And while there are some cases with certain series that I would say, “not a big deal, read the series in which ever order, your heart desires”, for example: The Dream Man Series by Kristen Ashley. I have only read one book from that series and it was the fourth and last book in the series. But, in the case of the Reaper’s MC Series, I feel that you should go in order. Here’s why. Reaper’s Property (book #1), gives you the roots you need to establish the characters of the series. Having said that, I will say, while I think you should read this series in order, if you choose not to, you shouldn’t be confused. Carry on.

Just like the first book, this one is told through the POV of our female lead, Sophie. There are “Ruger” chapters, but they are in third person.

Ruger was in the first book somewhat, so hopefully you remember him, if not, no worries, you will get invested really quick. The book kicks off when Sophie is just a teenager getting ready to lose her virginity to Zach, Ruger’s stepbrother. Like any young girl getting ready to give up the V-card, Sophie believes she is in love. Well, that love gets her knocked up. Fast forward eight months and Ruger gets a call from his mother that Sophie may be in labor and she needs for him to get her to the hospital. As luck would have it, Zach is drunk out of his mind and on the way to the hospital, Ruger is forced to pull to the side of the road and deliver the baby himself. Needless to say, a connection is made.

Now, it’s seven years later and Sophie finds herself living in Seattle and raising her son, Noah, all on her own. To say that she is struggling is an understatement. Ruger is involved in Noah’s life and after an unfortunate incident goes down, Ruger and Horse show up at Sophie’s apartment and Ruger basically demands that Sophie and Noah move to Coeur d’Alene and stay with him for a while, and let’s face it, he’s an Alpha Male in a MC, is he really gonna take no for an answer?  Here is where the problem lies. Sophie is not down to having any part of the Reaper’s and she isn’t afraid to make that known to Ruger.

As much as Sophie believes that the Reaper’s are nothing but a bunch of criminals, she bonds really well with the ladies of the club, you remember the gang, Marie, Dance, Maggs, Em. None of these ladies are blind to the tension that seems to be bouncing between Sophie and Ruger and they are all jumping at the bits to offer her advice, including her BFF Kimber. This is another reason to read the first book. The ladies of the club get introduced in that book and it makes it just a bit easier to enjoy, since you already understand their dynamic. 

This book is going to take several turns and get really gritty. Drama is certainly abundant. Not only drama between Ruger and Sophie, but within the MC as well. Unfortunately for Ruger, things are going to go down that may just prove Sophie’s point after all. For me, this is the meat of the the story and it is fantastically written. There are a lot of qualities that I really need in a MC read to get me to commit and one of those things is the “1%” aspect of the club. I love the Alphas, I love the sex, but I really love the grit and it runs all throughout these pages.

Another quality of a great MC read are the supporting characters. My personal opinion is they need to be really well written because usually a MC is surrounded by their family, so they play an important part of the storyline. Everyone is back in this book and you will continue to connect with them even more. The ladies of the club play a huge role in bringing Sophie around and while she may not desire to be the “property” of anyone or have anything to do with the club, she really cherishes her friendships with the ladies and it is written so well, that you want to hang with them.

The carnal desire that pours off of the pages was blistering. It takes a bit for Sophie and Ruger to get down to the business, but the pure lustful tension between them is almost just as fiery. And let me tell you, there are times when you’re going to begin to think that Ruger is kind of an asshole, but then dirty things start to happen and you think “it’s okay, I can tolerate it”. And let’s just talk dirty for a bit, literally. I am a huge fan of dirty talk and Ruger has it in spades, so much so, that it may have you drooling by the end, so have a napkin at the ready.

There are a lot of dynamics to this story that I didn’t even mention, don’t want to ruin any discovery for you. I will tell you that once you get in and start turning the pages, it’s hard to stop. I really did prefer this book to the first, although I did love the first, I just think that Sophie and Ruger had a chemistry that can’t be outdone. I enjoyed Marie, I thought she was well written, but Sophie was just wittier and in a story that has a lot of grit and toughness, it helps to have a female lead that is not only funny, but can hold her own. Em gets her story told next, so get ready to fall deeper in with the Reaper’s MC.

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