Fifty Shades Darker (Fifty Shades, Book #2) by E.L. James

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Fifty Shades Darker (Fifty Shades, Book #2)

BXTCHES Gotta Warn: I’m sure you are already aware of this, but this is a trilogy and in order to understand and enjoy it how it was intended, you need to read these books in order. Which loosely translated means: if you haven’t read Fifty Shades of Grey yet, READ THAT FIRST. I can give a little leeway if you have seen the movie and not read the book, at least you get the jest. But, as with any book turned into a movie, the book is more detailed and slightly different from the big screen version.

Book #2 is going to start with a prologue from Christian’s POV, well Christian as a child. It will give a little insight into the adult Christian, not a lot, but helps with some understanding. The book will actually kick off 3 days after the “belt incident” and Ana walking out on Christian. I have said it before, so let me reiterate. Books #2 & #3 are better, in my opinion than the first book. The first book has to focus on getting to know the characters and their personalities. In the subsequent books, you already know them, so the real story telling can begin. I am aware that there are many layers to Christian and as the reader, we haven’t broken down all of his walls yet. But don’t worry, they begin to crumble in this book. I will try my best to not indulge and give too much away. But the way I see is like this, you probably have some friend who has already read this and has let you in on the “goings on” of this book, so while I’ll try not to give too much away, I won’t make it an absolute promise.

The book is still told through the POV of Ana, along with her inner goddess and sub-conscious, of course. Ana, doing what she thought was right at the time, is all kinds of torn up without Christian. In fact, she realizes that she left him because of the pain, but what she is now trying to reconcile is, has she caused herself more pain by walking out on him. She is also starting a new job, which is really the last thing that she wants to do, given her current circumstance. Remember, Jose has that show to display his photos and Christian has already promised Ana that he would escort her. Ana thinking that their “relationship” is over, is intending to attend the show stag. Christian of course, has other ideas and Ana is pretty shocked when she receives an email asking permission to still escort her. It’s no secret, she accepts.

I won’t get into the details regarding the show, but I will tell you that it’s pretty interesting. Christian is still aware of Jose and the feelings he has for Ana and Ana plays on that jealousy a bit. After the show is where negotiations once again resume. Only this time, there is not contract. Christian agrees to try a normal (well, “Christian normal”) relationship with Ana.

I am about to give away some info. First, remember when Christian had to leave Georgia all of a sudden? That’s because there is an ex-submissive on the loose and she is a danger not only to herself, but others as well. Mainly, Ana. There are also going to be some issues with Ana’s new boss, Jack. I won’t give it away, but remember she got some creepy vibes from him and just know that she should’ve listened to her spidey sense.

Mrs. Robinson will make several appearances and you will not like her, although I’m pretty sure she’s not on your BFF list as it is. Even though I do think that Christian set her up to justify her actions, she is definitely a bitch. Ana, however is not so forgiving, not that one could blame her. But one hopes that by the end of this book, with all the crap she has tried to pull, that Christian will begin to see  her true colors.

There is a lot about Christian that will be revealed in this book and will allow you to put a lot of the puzzle pieces together. I won’t reveal any of his deep dark secrets, but I will say, be prepared, because some are shocking.

There are some things about Christian that most certainly frustrate the hell out of me. The main one being, is his expectation level of Ana, while not demanding the same of himself. He seems to want full disclosure when it comes to knowing everything about her, but when she demands the same with him, he brushes it off. I’m not really talking about his past or his secrets, I’m talking about the here and now. For example, I have already revealed that he has an ex-submissive on the loose and she has somewhat targeted Ana. Well, anytime Ana questions Christian, he refuses to part with information, though he expects her to cooperate with his need to keep her safe.

Would it be “Fifty Shades” without sex? That’s a fuck no. So let’s talk about all of the action. E.L. James really did a good job with writing the sex scenes for these books. I do think that some are kept pretty standard, while spicing it up and others are just jaw dropping erotic. I probably won’t be putting any of the scenes to practice in my own bedroom, but that doesn’t mean that ideas weren’t flying all around my imagination. The only drawback that I had, was trying to conjure up some of the images. They can get so descriptive at times, that it makes it hard to follow and try to imagine. I certainly don’t mean to imply that because of this the scenes are any less scorching, they are just as searing as ever.

Keep reading this series, it does get better as you go. Like I said, there are going to be some things that happen during this book that will make it very difficult for you to put it down (if it wasn’t already), but in order for me to even brush over it, I would have to give chunks away, and you know how I am with the journey of a book. I really believe that it is one to take on your own and really get the shock and awe of the discovery. The second two books are one of the reasons that I’m not giving up on the movies, because I enjoyed them so much better than the first book, I hope that the movies will at least transfer some of that onto the big screen.

This book is projected to hit the theaters in February 2016, so there is not better time to jump on the Fifty Shades bandwagon and find out what all the crazy is about.

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