Sacked (A Gridiron Novel, Book #1) by Jen Frederick

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Sacked (A Gridiron Novel, Book #1) by Jen Frederick

BXTCHES Gotta Warn: What I should really say is, “BXTCHES need to tell the truth”, but why mess with a good thing. But here’s the truth nonetheless, I wasn’t going to read this book. It has come across my social feeds over the last several months and while the cover (see above) is definitely mouth watering, after reading the blurb, I didn’t think I would enjoy it. Right there is says that Knox Masters is a virgin and as sexist and hypocritical as it sounds, that did not appeal to me. Needless to say, I was wrong. Enough said, let’s get on with it.

Sacked will be told through both the POV of Knox and Ellie.

Eliot Campbell (Ellie) has just transferred to Western State and while out running, finds herself at Union Stadium, home of the Western State Warriors. Knox Masters is the captain of those Warriors and while getting in some preseason workouts, something at the top of the stands catches his eye, that something. . .Eliot Campbell. Prepared to kick out what he thinks is a football groupie, he is suddenly captivated by the girl with the scar on her knee. After a little conversation and some slip n’ slide, Knox is finding himself needing to know a bit more about the girl whose name he still does not know. 

Ellie finds herself at Western for her brother, Jack. Jack is the newest recruit to the football team and after spending his first two years at a junior college, he has high hopes for his future. The problem is Jack has a potential learning disability. I say potential because he refuses to be tested to determine whether or not this is the case. Ellie, at the demand of her mother, has been helping Jack since she was 12 years old. Now that they have both transferred to Western, their mom is at it again, giving Ellie an ultimatum regarding two of Jack’s classes. Either she signs up for those classes and helps Jack or she is cut off financially.  The moral dilemma for Ellie. . .Jack has no idea that she has helped him previously or is planning on helping him currently and the last thing that she wants to do is put him in jeopardy of losing his eligibility because he fails OR put in jeopardy of losing his eligibility because Ellie is caught cheating, so she’s definitely stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Knox has been 100% focused on football since he can remember. So much so that he has even foregone sex, as in, he has never indulged at all (oral or intercourse), as in, he is a virgin. Yes, you read that right, a virgin (I know I mentioned it earlier, but I’m still like, “whoa a virgin”). And for someone who has never partaken in the typical collegiate extracurriculars, Knox feels that he will recognize The One when she comes along. 

How does Knox know that Ellie is The One? First, her knowledge of football is incomparable and super sexy. Second, she is able to tell him and his identical twin brother (Ty), who also happens to be a football player, apart. Even in pictures that has tricked their mom, she knows instantly which one is Knox. Now, Knox just needs to convince Ellie that they could certainly have something special with one another and convince Ty that she is his other half.

It’s not gonna be an easy road for Knox and Ellie and while it’s pretty easy to see what’s coming before the book gets there, knowing will not make it any less dramatic. And since their relationship does seem somewhat easy going in the beginning, you know something climatic is going to have to occur, just to give the jolt one needs, love never comes easy, right? But no worries BXTCHES, it’s the kind of drama that may have you putting the book down so you can take a couple of deep breaths before jumping right back in, so in other words, the fan-fucking-tastic kind of drama.

I think with most books that take place in a college setting, the supporting cast needs to play a pivotal role. Sacked is no different. From the football team to Ellie’s roommate to Ellie’s brother and assbag parents, they all play a role that adds the layer which turns a good book into a great book. Personally, as much as I enjoy the developing relationship between a h/H, I really enjoy the relationships the h/H have outside of each other, and Jen Frederick does a really awesome job of that in Sacked. I think she also sets you up well for the follow-up book, Jock Blocked, which is going to be Matty’s story.

As you already know, I was skeptical to read a book that featured a very Alpha male, who happened to be a virgin. I didn’t know if it could be pulled off and be hot, while believable. I was wrong, I was dead wrong. Knox having sex for the first time was pretty fucking hot. Knox going down on Ellie for his first time ever, while asking her if he was doing it right, yeah, the clothes just melted off at that point. Knox’s very first blow job, well you get the point. While my original belief may have been a bit assholeish, I am not too proud to say that I was in fact the asshole and will never doubt Jen Frederick again if/when she decides to make her hero a virgin. Please accept my apologies.

I’m quite mad at myself for not reading Sacked way back when it first came across my social media. All that did was delay my gratification. Since I’ve been on a sports kick lately, this book was right up my fantasy alley and Jen Frederick does a really phenomenal job of putting that fantasy right at the tips of my fingers.

This was a pretty fantastic read and I must say, I’m looking quite forward to the next book in the Gridiron series. Give Sacked a shot, the table may very well turn when you find yourself longing for a virgin.Bxtches Be ReadingBook Review.4Favorite Quotes TagSacked (A Gridiron Novel, Book #1) by Jen Frederick | Review on

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