Driven (Driven Series, Book #1) by K. Bromberg

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Driven (Driven Series, Book #1) by K. Bromberg

Let me start this review with complete honesty. I purchased this book in May 2013. I did not finish it until August 2014. No, I’m not a slow reader. It’s just once I started this book, I couldn’t get jazzed for it. It was strange, I was enjoying it, but when I put it down, it didn’t really call for me to pick it back up. Now that I have completed it, I know that the issue must have been with me and not the book. Because once I finished it, I dove right into book #2.

I need to write this review and not give a lot away, which will be difficult, especially since I have already finished the series. Driven is so much more than just hot, sinful sex (don’t worry, it’s in there & it’s soooo great), but this book is so full of depth. You name the emotion, it’s in this book. This is one of those books that you have to give 100% attention to and furthermore, it earns that attention. The heartache that both Colton and Rylee have experienced in their young lives is more than just about anyone should be able to handle and still come out standing. Now, you won’t get too into Colton’s past, but you will definitely know he has one and it wasn’t pretty. This book will, however, dive into Rylee’s.

Colton: Race car drive extraordinaire. Sexy, bad boy. Very arrogant and reckless. Just the kind of man that any red blooded woman would jump at the chance to “drive”. In typical, bad boy book fashion, Colton doesn’t do relationships, he opts for the “mutual agreement”, usually without argument from his female companion, and he has a type: blonde, beautiful, bombshells. He also doesn’t get told no often, well really, not at all. Once he sees something he wants, his determination will ensure he gets it. He was adopted as a young boy by Hollywood royalty and he has NO relationship with his biological mother, nor is he interested in one. The truth about his past will be revealed, just not in this book. Colton is going to frustrate the f*ck out of you. You will fall in love with him, while also wanting Rylee to just walk away from him and save her heart. As the reader, it will be obvious that he has feelings for Rylee that goes beyond his ability to communicate to her, which while necessary for the plot, is frustrating. But, that’s what makes this book addictive.

Rylee: The story is told through her POV. Very beautiful. Has had a life altering tragedy happen to her, that she feels has affected her future course. She literally meets Colton by falling into his arms. After they lose themselves in the moment by kissing the sh*t out of one another, she jolts herself back to reality and attempts to not be affected by his charms. Rylee works for a group home that fosters (what she does is so much more than that word allows) young boys, who have arrived at the home due to various circumstances in their life. This will be one area where you fall in love with Colton. He has such a soft spot for these boys, seeing himself in them, that it is very touching to read. While Rylee tries to convince herself she is immune to the “Colton Charm”, he slowly starts to break down that immunity. Colton doesn’t do relationships, Rylee doesn’t do “mutual agreements”.

The supporting cast for this book is written very well. Rylee’s best friend, Haddie, gives compassion when it is warranted, but also tough love when she knows that Rylee needs it. Beckett, Colton’s best friend, is definitely immune to the “Colton Charm”. He will not and does not take sh*t from Colton. He is not his “yes” man, but his friend. The boys that live in the group home, really round out the complexity of this book. The compassion that you will have for them, will be very well earned. Bromberg did a really good job not just focusing on the two main characters in the book, or trilogy for that matter. She put the effort into those who surround Colton and Rylee, and it developed their character even more.

This first book will drive you alright. It is full of angst, complication and desire. You will find yourself rooting for Colton and Rylee to figure the complexity of their attraction out. The end of this book will leave you struggling and heartbroken, so I HIGHLY recommend you already have Fueled (book #2) purchased and ready to go. This is one of those books/trilogies that you want to see made into a movie, but ONLY if it is EXACTLY like the book. I hope you take a chance on this book and furthermore, I hope you really enjoy it. I know that once I finally gave it the opportunity it deserved, it was so worth it.

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