Confessions of a Queen B (The Queen B* Series, Book #1) by Crista McHugh

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Confessions of a Queen B* (The Queen B* Series, Book #1) by Crista McHugh

Every now and then I’ll come across a book just by chance and since it sounds promising enough, I’ll download a sample and low and behold, it turns out to be a really good read. Well BXTCHES, this is one of those books. It is a YA book, so if that’s not really your speed, then you should pass.

This book will tell the story of Queen B, Alexis Wyndham and will be told through her POV.

Alexis Wyndham is a senior at Eastline High School and she takes her role as the Queen B pretty serious. Alexis recognizes that there are two types of Queen B’s in high school and she is most certainly the second type, the Queen Bitch. She runs a blog, The Eastline Spy, that exposes the wrong doings at her high school and takes great pride in what she has accomplished. But things begin to change when she is paired up with Brett Pederson for a class project.

Brett Pederson is the star quarterback at Eastline and what seems to be the love interest of the other Queen B, Summer. Well, she’s not only the other Queen B, but the one that Alexis despises the most. The thing is, they were BFF’s up until the 8th grade, when Summer stabbed Alexis in the back.  When partnering up in Health class for “the baby project”, Brett gets paired up with Alexis. Well, it’s more like Brett switches so he can be paired with Alexis. Problem is, Alexis can’t figure out why he would want to be paired with her.

Interestingly enough, Alexis’ sister Taylor is pretty good friends with Summer and her latest crisis is going to require her to get Alexis involved. It seems that someone has strategically placed cameras in the girls’ locker room and is posting videos on the girls changing. How does this involve Taylor you ask? Well, with the videos, everyone will see that she uses enhancers to make her girls appear bigger than God intended. Enter, the Queen B. Cameras get found, videos get removed, all is well again in the life of the Eastline cheerleaders. That is until the peeping Tom goes at it again.

While Alexis likes to pretend that it is impossible to break through her fa├žade, she’s beginning to think that Brett may be able to do so. She finds that she is affected by him more than she would like and funny how things go, you know that Brett is really interested in Alexis, evidenced by a hot and heavy make-out session.

Take the stress of her feelings toward Brett, her issues with Summer, two BFF’s who think they know exactly what it is she should do where Brett is concerned and a mom who is very seldom around and a dad who thinks the answer to her Brett problems may be sexual and you’ve got yourself a pretty good , witty read.

As with any good YA book, the cast of support must be a really well written one to really add the necessary layers that the story requires. Confession of a Queen B does a good job with that. There is of course the token “anti” to the lead in Summer. The typical ditz with Taylor and the angsty best friends. Throw in some asshole jock and the pages will keep on turning.

While there is sexual conversation along with some tension in Confessions of a Queen B, there isn’t any between the sheets action. Alexis wears her V card proudly, however, my gut tells me that that status may be changing in the next book.

I thought that the chemistry between Alexis and Brett was great. My issues with Confessions of a Queen B are more with Alexis. The only traumatic incident that seems to have happened to her is the back stabbing doled out by Summer in the 8th grade. She doesn’t even seem to have any hangups with the divorce of her parents, she actually recognizes that they are better apart than together and while her dad may not live close, she engages often in conversations with him and seems to be closer to him than her mother. She is very witty and has some really clever “back atchas”, it’s just hard to understand where her angst comes from and why. Brett is pretty obvious (even before admission) about his feelings and appears to be very genuine, so her attitude towards him is a little off putting.

Confessions of a Queen B will leave you on a semi cliffhanger, not enough of one to make you want to cuss someone out. Some loose ends will be tied up, but some will be almost deliberately untied. 

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