Try (Temptation Series, Book #1) by Ella Frank

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Try (Temptation Series, Book #1)

BXTCHES Gotta Warn: This is a book that is going to feature some very hot m/m sex. It is a story about a straight man trying to figure himself out when he finds himself sexually attracted to man who will take pussy or cock. It is very hot and very well told. If this is not your thing, then I will first say, try it and you may find yourself surprised. But if it is going to cause you to be disrespectful in the reviews of this book, then do us all a favor and don’t read it.

This book will tell the story of Logan Mitchell and Tate Morrison. It is told through both POV’s but in a 3rd person narrative. Logan is a partner in a law firm ran by him and his brother. Tate is a bartender who is going through a nasty divorce. Tate catches the eye of Logan and when Logan sees something he wants, he will not stop until he gets it.

Once back home at work in Chicago, Logan makes his way down to After Hours, the bar that he frequents after work. That is where he first lays eyes on Tate. Tate is new to After Hours and is in the middle of a horrible divorce. The last thing he is looking for is to get tied up with someone else and most definitely not a man, considering the fact that he is straight.

Tate is soon educated on the reputation that is Logan. That is, Logan has been with most of the staff and many of the patrons of After Hours, male and female. This doesn’t deter Logan’s drive to get himself a piece of Tate. After many suggestions and watching Logan receive some oral action from a female bartender, he starts to wonder. While Tate’s curiosity is getting the best of him, Logan is the last person he expects to see when he shows up to his wife’s lawyers offices to discuss the divorce. That’s right, Cole, Logan’s brother is the attorney for Tate’s soon to be ex-wife. Some very heated activities take place in the office between Logan and Tate, that leave Tate even more confused.

Tate deciding once and for all that he is going to tell Logan to stop with the come on’s, he phones Logan late one night, hoping to get his voicemail (don’t we all) and he gets Logan instead. So, what’s supposed to be Tate turning Logan down, winds up being Tate and Logan jerking off together and Tate agreeing to meet Logan at his apartment to discuss the chemistry that is between them. Oh, it’s hot, trust me.

Get ready, because at this point, it is about to take off. This book isn’t all about the sex, but it is all about the sex. There is a lot of it, but it is also about a man who has lived in a straight world his whole life and is now trying to figure out how to be with a man, while still living his life. And also about a man who makes no apologies for who he is and that alone makes it difficult for him to understand or have any empathy for someone else. So they are definitely trying to find a balance in both of their worlds, they just have to do it somewhat on a secret level.

Logan never really imagined finding someone that he was willing to enter into a relationship with and Tate never really imagined entering into a relationship with a man. So, he may be confused as all get out, but he is at least open minded enough to understand that the heart/body wants what it wants, male or female and it would be a disservice to either if he didn’t at the very least explore that option. I think that with any same sex relationship, there is going to be a little hesitancy in enlightening the family. Tate isn’t ashamed of how he feels, he just wants to make sure that Logan isn’t only interested in having a fuck buddy and is interested in exploring whatever it is that is happening between them before he outs himself to his family. Unfortunately for Tate, he is not given that opportunity and his family is not on board.

I have no idea if you have ever enjoyed a book that features m/m sex. Or even m/m/f sex. If you are someone who enjoys very hot sex scenes, then get ready, because your libido is about to be lit. The scenes in this book are going to leave your imagination running wild and wondering what does it really look like when two men feast on one another.

This book intrigued me. At first, I was thinking that it was going to maybe be just a lot of man on man action and I was ok with that. But what it ended up being was a really good story about two people who are attracted to one another and that journey, which is no different than any other journey of any other two people who are attracted to one another. I will emphasize once again that if the idea of m/m sex is going to turn you into a complete asshole that does not have an open mind, then please skip this book all together, we already know your feelings on the subject.

Logan and Tate’s story will continue in Take, out now.

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