Normal (Something More Series, Book #1) by Danielle Pearl

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Normal (Something More Series, Book #1) by Danielle Pearl

BXTCHES Gotta Warn:It’s important to know that THIS BOOK CONTAINS VIOLENCE. If this sort of thing is an issue for you, please know that going in. Also, there is a pretty major cliffhanger, consider that when considering this read. Now, here we go.

I am sad to think that I may have never discovered this book, if it didn’t come across my Facebook feed. Well, that’s a little over dramatic, I would have eventually came across it, but who knows when?

This book is told through the POV of Aurora (“Rory”). The story begins with Rory’s move to New York with her mother after her mother and father divorce. It focuses on her need to “blend in” and not be seen. That’s easier said than done, once she has a panic attack outside of her calculus class and it is witnessed by no other than Sam (not only extremely attractive, but very popular as well). She catches his attention, he catches hers, and eventually a friendship forms.

The story flashes back to her “old” life in Florida, the one she has escaped. It is then that her past is slowly unfolded. From her life long friendship with Cam, to her dating the star quarterback. It touches on her lack of relationship with her father to building new friendships with girls (she has lived her life as a tomboy and mostly developed friendships with boys, namely, Cam). The flashbacks occur throughout the book, so it takes a while for the book to piece the puzzle that is her past trauma together. Although, it shouldn’t take you as long to figure it out as it takes for the book to unfold it.

You get to witness Rory grow a lot through her friendship with Sam. He helps her work through her triggers and he begins to be someone she can lean on. As the reader, it is quite obvious that Rory and Sam are attracted to one another, but for Rory and her past, it is very difficult for her to believe that someone would want her, even the broken parts.

The flashbacks in this book are heartbreaking. It is very sad having to “witness” the events that take place with Rory, and read how helpless she truly is. She continues to see herself as someone who is broken and f*cked up, but as the reader, you can only see her as a true survivor.

It’s hard to review this book and not give too much away, but I will say this. This read truly captivated me from start to finish. The story moved at the right pace to allow the events to unfold as necessary. As I said earlier, this book contains a cliffhanger, but the story of Rory and Sam will continue in Okay. If you have the chance, I highly recommend this book. I cannot wait for their story to continue, and I hope that it contains some chapters with Sam’s POV.

***UPDATE: If you haven’t figured it out by now, Sam’s POV has been released and you can check it out in ReCap***

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