Going Long (Waiting on the Sidelines, Book #2) by Ginger Scott

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Going Long (Waiting on the Sidelines, Book #2)

BXTCHES Gotta Warn: Hopefully you have read Waiting on the Sidelines BEFORE you decided to tackle this book. If not, please do so, you will not only be confused, but you are going to miss out on the beauty of the story that is Nolan and Reed.

Waiting on the Sidelines ended right as Nolan and Reed were starting college. This book starts two years later. Nolan and Reed are still together, trying to make a long distance relationship work in spite of the odds stacked against them. The great thing about this book is, it is told through both Nolan and Reed’s POV. This book is going to have so many ups and downs, it’s a good thing that we get to go inside of Reed’s head, trust me.

The last book, despite all of the turmoil that Reed and Nolan seemed to be hit with, ended on a pretty high note. This book starts off happy, but now that our favorite couple are more grown, there are more grown-up hardships that they must overcome and watching their life unfold will make you wonder: “Is their love  going to be enough?”

I can give you some idea of how this book is headed without giving away all of the good stuff. One of the main road blocks in the way of their relationship is the fact that Reed is considering entering the NFL draft. You already know that they attend different schools, but Reed still makes the drive to see Nolan every Thursday and Nolan attends his home games, so even though long distance relationships may be difficult, they are making their relationship work. However, Nolan understands that with the draft, Reed could be headed anywhere and she knows that he loves her, but her past insecurities start to rear their ugly head and she starts to question whether or not she is the one for him.

That part of her personality was frustrating. Understandable, but frustrating. I get that he’s this big football star and his star is only going to shine brighter, but I feel that up to this point (in the last two years) he has done nothing but prove his love to Nolan. But I will cut her some slack, because being female we all have that doubt, not matter what we are told.
There’s the potential to spoil a lot of this book, which I cannot do to you, so I am going to try to work my way around what I can. Nolan is still best friends with Sarah and Sienna and what I love about those girls is they will always give it to her straight. Good or bad, they are not sugar coating their feelings and in this book, Nolan needs that from them. Also, Sean and Becky are still together and very happy. I liked Sean a lot in book #1 and I was sad for him when Nolan broke it off, so it was good to see him and Becky come together and stay together. We will get to meet Reed’s brother, Jason, in this one and see the dynamic of the relationship that Reed has with him, but don’t hold your breath, they are the total opposite of one another. What do I mean? Reed is not an asshole, Jason is.

Here’s the thing. This book was hard to read. I do not mean that in a negative manner, so let me explain. Sometimes when books get so emotional and you are feeling everything right there with the main characters you just need a break. That’s what this book did to me. There are going to be some hard parts to read, but I promise, it is worth it.

When this book begins, you can see the change that both Nolan and Reed have gone through. Like I said, Nolan was a little frustrating for me in this one, but I think it was only because you know she is trying to find herself and her place in Reed’s world and she gets so hung up on the what if’s, she has a hard time living for the right now. I LOVE books that are written from both POV’s, but it’s somewhat of a catch 22. While I love getting in the head of both characters, as the reader you are privy to everything, so it’s hard to watch one character struggle because of something that the other character may or may not be aware of. You just want to scream “TALK!”, but then you realize that you are only screaming at an iPad and things get weird.

In my review of Waiting on the Sidelines, I mentioned not getting hung up on the fact that the setting of that book took place in high school, this book is why I mentioned it. This book deals with real adult issues that many couples face (not the NFL draft, but you know what I mean). It is heart wrenching at times and joyous at other times. Get ready because there will be sad tears, but don’t fret, happy tears will follow. Nolan was a surprise for me in this book. She struggles with a lot of happenings in her life and the way she chose to deal with those issues, definitely made her more normal. Not the good/perfect girl she was in the first book. For me, that was refreshing. It was nice to see her not make the right decisions, especially where Reed was concerned. I only say this, because it was that much more rewarding when she started to see things in a more clear manner and stopped letting the unknown mark her way.

This was a journey worth taking. There are characters that I didn’t mention, on purpose, because the discovery of everything this story brings is worth the emotional roller coaster that you will be taken on. This one definitely caused a book hangover (and this was my second time reading it), I was sad to see the end of their story come. The epilogue was fantastic, so that did give me some closure. I will continue to read whatever Ginger Scott puts out, she is that writer for me. Next, I am going to go ahead and tackle the next book in the This is Falling series, so stay tuned for that review. I think that this book is worth the read. I won’t say that this was a quick read, because for me it wasn’t and I’m a fast reader. I just think I needed time to absorb this story more. Good read, highly recommended.

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