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Until November (Until Series, Book #1)

There are many series out there that feature hot, alpha male brothers. But in my opinion, this one is one of the best. Until November is the first book in the Until Series and this author really sets the bar high right out of the gate. This book will focus on November and Asher and will be told mainly through November’s POV with a couple of Asher chapters sprinkled in.

November is a twenty-five year old single woman from New York, who after a vicious attack in an alley, finds herself moving to Tennessee to live with her dad. November grew up with her mother and was told repeatedly (by this mother) that her dad never wanted her. So for almost her entire life she grew up with a mother who not only didn’t want her, but went out of her way to show her how much. It wasn’t until she was eighteen that she finds out the truth about her dad. Which was, that he always wanted to be an active participant in her life and it was then that their relationship began. So, once she was attacked, and would’ve came close to losing her life if it weren’t for a dog saving her, that she realized that New York is not home for her anymore and packs up everything, including the dog, and moves to Tennessee.

Once with her dad, November is introduced to a family that she has always longed to have. She has agreed to help out her dad at the club he owns, by doing their books. It is here where she meets Asher for the first time and the first time they meet is pretty comical. Asher is the eldest son of the Mayson clan. He and his brothers are known around town as the “not settling down” type, of course that doesn’t mean that the ladies aren’t going to try. Their mom and dad believe that they are affected by the “Mayson curse”, which did affect their dad and grandfather, which basically means that once they find the one, they will know and that’s it. And almost from the get go, Asher realizes the November is the one and the curse may not be just a legend after all.

On their very first date November gets a first hand account of the reputation earned by the Mayson brothers. No sooner than she arrives at the bar to meet Asher, she becomes a witness to the countless women throwing themselves at Asher. This is a tricky thing for her. She isn’t someone who necessarily has low self-esteem, but growing up with a mom who was abusive and one that you know has no love for you whatsoever, will damage anyone. So seeing these beautiful women making passes at Asher, who happens to be the most beautiful man she has ever seen, she figures there is no way in hell that she can compete with that. Little does she realize, Asher only has is eyes set on November.

It doesn’t take long to speed things up, lightning quick. Once arriving home after her first date with Asher, she realizes immediately that something is wrong. After Asher investigates, she finds out that someone has broken into her house and because of the risk, she has to stay with Asher and that’s when the “lightning quick” comes in.

That’s kind of where this story really picks up. There’s a lot of meat to this book. There’s the focus of the book with Asher and November. Then there’s November really finding her home in Tennessee with her family and Asher’s as well. Of course, we can’t forget about her attack in New York, because that drama is long from being over. The different storylines in this book will keep you turning the page and make it very difficult to put this book down.

Asher is very easy to fall for. He has the qualities of a great alpha male. One of the qualities that I appreciated the most was his loyalty. He never allows himself to be swept up in the attention he got from other women and November really kept him on his toes. November was really well written too. She was feisty, emotional, funny and really all around epitomizes a great female lead. The other supporting characters in this book really added more depth to an already great story. Obviously, with Asher kicking off this series, the other books are going to feature his brothers, so we will meet them, and they will leave your mouth watering for more. Then there’s Asher’s mom and dad, who are written so well that the unity and love that this family has will just pour off of the page. Add everybody else and you have a book that is very difficult to stop reading  and will leave you yearning for the next one.

You can’t write a great alpha male and have him not ooze sex. Asher’s bedroom abilities are almost worthy of taking notes. Okay, you probably should take notes. As the reader, what I appreciated was just the straight hot sex. There were no acrobatics where you were really trying to figure out the logistics and wonder “how in the hell do they do that?”. It was hot, toe curling, please somebody throw me up against the wall and have your way with me sex. It did not disappoint.

There are going to be some twists, turns, and surprises in this book. Some you may figure out, but so worth the read. I have read this book several times now, and it’s still difficult to put down. My only wish was that the epilogue be written differently. The author may not have anticipated continuing the series, which could be why she wrote the epilogue so far in the future, I just wish she would’ve added to the last book and wrote more of a series epilogue. But, now I’m just nitpicking. It’s a great book, a wonderful series, and one I hope you will enjoy.

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Until November

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