You and Everything After (The Falling Series, Book #2) by Ginger Scott

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You and Everything After (The Falling Series, Book #2)

I apologize in advance for this review. See, I feel that after this is done and written, it really is going to more of a dedication, a love letter if you will to Ginger Scott. I don’t know how she does it, I really don’t want to know how she does it, honestly. I do prefer a little mystery in my relationships, one sided or otherwise. This book was released on December 5 and I feel like I have betrayed my love for Ginger Scott, because I didn’t even purchase the book until a couple of days ago. But, in my defense, I had backlogged myself on reading and I really needed the time to sink into this story. I really LOVED This is Falling and I knew that I was going to love this book, but I didn’t think it would top This is Falling. Boy, was I wrong. I “heart” this book much more than I do the first one. I still love the first one, I don’t want to hurt any feelings. I still adore Nate and Rowe, it’s just Ty and Cass really stole my heart.

If you can’t already tell, this book tells the story of Ty and Cass and is told through both POV’s. Hopefully, you have read This is Falling, if you haven’t: PLEASE READ NOW!! If you remember, Ty and Cass get together at the same time that Nate and Rowe are blossoming, so this story will coincide (for the most part) with that book. 

This book begins with Ty in Florida (at school). In the first several pages, his character reveals himself as someone who “screws them, then loses them”. Once we are introduced to Cass, we learn very quickly that her past is something that she is attempting to escape from, which is why she chose to attend McConnell. Oklahoma is a long way from California, which is where Cass hopes to leave any remnants of her past.

We will learn in this book what exactly happened to Ty to cause him to wind up in a wheelchair. We will also discover some about his life before his accident and the love that he has for Kelly, his high school girlfriend, which was heartbreaking and loving at the same time. In the first book, we were able to really grasp the love that Nate and Ty had for one another, especially through Nate’s POV. It was obvious the love that Ty had for Nate, but being able to witness it from his POV made their sibling bond even more remarkable. 

Cass is a phenomenal athlete, soccer to be exact. While still in high school, she discovers that she has MS. This put a huge dent in any plans that she had to play soccer at the collegiate level.  Add this life altering diagnosis with the hormones and emotional outburst of a normal teenage girl and you have someone who dealt with all of that baggage by becoming promiscuous. Because of this, her reputation took a direct hit, which is why she needs to leave her past where it is, in California. The only thing that she brings with her, from her past to Oklahoma is her twin sister, Paige. You remember Paige, right?

Cass and Ty meet when he is assigned to be her trainer. They hit it off, very well. They then run into each other again at a party, where she ups her worth in the eyes of Ty, by beating some ass in video games. Even though, Cass tries to fight the attraction she has to Ty, she eventually gives in and a beautiful relationship is formed.

In the minds of Cass’ parents, her sister, her coaches, her doctors, even in hers a little, MS took her away from the sport she loves. With Ty’s encouragement and training, she develops the confidence she needs to give herself the chance of soccer once again. There will be some drama, isn’t there always? But as it unfolds, you can really see how well Cass has grown in how she deals with all that is coming down around her. 

 So, I think that is a pretty good glimpse inside these wonderfully wounded individuals. Now to what I love about this book. Well, really everything.

Ginger Scott has a talent of being able to characterize someone with something like MS or being to confined to a wheelchair and instead of playing to those disabilities (I hate that word, but I feel it is necessary here) as a weakness, it is always just a part of who that character is. It’s almost like an enhancer for them. When human nature is supposed to take over and sympathy or curiosity is to coming pushing through, she pushed it back. Obviously, Ty being in a wheelchair is an important part of his character, but instead of making it an obstacle, she makes it an extension. And even though you’re reading words on a page, you grow to not notice it.  I actually don’t know a whole lot about MS. I do know that it can be debilitating, but Cass didn’t allow MS to define what her capabilities were, she defied what she was told they were going to be, which allowed such a powerful message to be spoken to individuals who are suffering and maybe allowing MS to be who they are instead of just something that they have. Ginger Scott knows how to speak to her readers through characters and really put a smile on their soul. 

I don’t think I have the intelligence to be an author and create a story that could possible define someone or really reach out and cause inspiration. However I begin to think, “hell, it’s just words”, then I read a book like this and re-think the “it’s just words”. It’s so much more. I have a handful of authors who I consider my favorite and the one thing they have in common is their ability to go beyond it ever being “just words”. It’s an escape, a feeling, a hiccup in your breath, a paragraph that makes you close your eyes, if only for a moment, and take it in. That’s what she does. She makes every word count. She has done it before, she does it here and with complete certainty, she will do it again and I can’t wait. 

You and Everything After is book #2 in The Falling Series. Book #3, The Girl I Was Before, will tell the story of Paige and Houston and is available now.

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