Rock Chick (Rock Chick Series, Book #1) by Kristen Ashley

Rock Chick (Rock Chick Series, Book #1) by Kristen Ashley | Review on

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BXTCHES Gotta Warn: TRUTH (#1): I LOVE Kristen Ashley. I think that her work is brilliant and funny and captivating and. . .I could go on and on, but the point is, I just love her. TRUTH (#2): This book was released back in 2011, which is a lifetime ago and I didn’t get my hands on it until 2014. Now, I would always come across this book, whether on social media or Amazon guessing that I would enjoy it based on my other reads. Initially my thought was “Not really my cup of tea”, but then I would come across so many Rock Chick discussions on different social media groups and finally decided to go where the love is, so I gave it a run. So, TRUTH (#3): While I’m a little pissed at myself for waiting so long, I am pretty relieved that I gave in. At this point, every book has been released, including the very last book, that’s more of a Rock Chick prequel, but is definitely rooted in the series. That just so happens to be the only one that I haven’t read. My original review of Rock Chick came back in 2015, it is now 2017 and I have decided to give my review of this series a bit of an update, which means I must dive back in and re-read. Oh, woe is me. So hang on, it’s gonna get a bit bumpy, but boy is it a fun ride.

Rock Chick will be told through the POV of Indy.

It’s probably best to just start somewhat from the beginning and I mean, the very beginning. India (Indy) Savage is the daughter to Tom Savage, Tom is a cop. Indy’s mom, Kate, passed when she was a tiny thing of just five years old. Kate’s BFF was Kitty Sue. Kitty Sue is married to Malcolm, also a cop. Kitty Sue and Malcolm have three kiddos. . .Hank, a cop. . .Ally, Indy’s BFF and Lee. Indy has been in love with Lee since she was five years old. Over the years, she has tried any and every attempt to get Lee to notice her as more than just “Indy, his sister’s best friend”. All of this came to a screeching halt when Indy was twenty years old and Lee crushed her dreams by telling her she was like a little sister. I mean, if that doesn’t dry up any sexual fantasy that she may have had, I’m not sure what will.

Indy is now thirty years old, still rocking out, still the owner of Fortnum’s (used bookstore/coffee shop) and still doing her best to avoid all things Lee. This plan starts to die a pretty quick death when Indy gets shot at trying to help her barista (Rosie), who has gotten himself involved with some stolen diamonds. One minute she’s sleeping peacefully in Lee’s bed, you know hiding out and under the impression that Lee is out of town, and the next she finds herself pressed against Lee, having to explain why he has found her half naked in his home.

Once Indy is through with her explanation, Lee has decided to help. It’s probably a good time to tell you BXTCHES that Lee is the owner of Nightingale Investigations and natural badass. While he is pretty pissed that Indy has been shot at and is involved in a pretty messy situation. . .he has some particular stipulations when it comes to providing his services. Those conditions involve Indy completely naked in Lee’s bed. . .with Lee right next to her. . .or right on top of her. . .or right underneath her. Regardless of the position, Lee will find himself inside of her, of course in Indy’s mind, if she finds the diamonds first, then all bets and payments are off and she can go back to a life where she continues to avoid Lee.

That is where Rock Chick takes off, well really the book takes off from page one, but this is where you will get sucked in. While I can’t share the deets of everything that is happening within the pages, I can dangle some goodness right in front of you. In true Rock Chick style, Indy is not about to let a few kidnappings, dead bodies, creepy criminals or even the idea that after 25 years, she may finally get her happily ever after, keep her from living a Rock Chick life. There are drag shows to attend, ex-girlfriends that need to be smacked down, barbecues that must go on, and most importantly, sex to be had with Lee, especially since everyone she knows seems to be begging for updates on what sex is like with the #1 member of the Hot Bunch.

We gotta talk about the supporting characters that this series is going to bring us. First, this may very well be the best ensemble series I have ever enjoyed. With each book in this series, you certainly know who the feature couple is, but KA never leaves the others there to dangle, desperate to be part of the story. She insures that her characters, every one of them, add dimension to the storyline. That they all play their part, no matter the size. The layers in which they come together is incredible. The love affair that one usually just has with the featured couple, extends well beyond that in this series. You will find yourself in an internal battle over who your favorites will be.

I can’t really talk about a KA book and not mention the sex. Even though Indy first attempts to avoid all things Sex + Lee, eventually she gives into what her heart and honestly, her pussy really want. Part of the adventure in this book is the struggle that Lee and Indy have when they try to attempt getting down to the business. So, the sexual tension created will leave even you hot and bothered. Once the mission is complete and Indy finally gets a taste of what Lee has been packing and what she has been missing all of those years, you’ll be hot and bothered for many other reasons. No one writes the ALPHA male better than KA (in my opinion) and the sex that her ALPHA’s bring to a story is just one of the many reasons why.

When I said that there is a lot happening in this book, I mean there is A LOT. This book involves a missing bag of diamonds, kidnappings, a crazy Vietnam Vet ex-con, car bombs, pot heads, a bunch of KA “Alpha HOT Male Heroes”, add a shootout at a Drag Queen Club, the sassiest dog you will ever meet and her fabulous gay owners and you have a book that is laugh out loud funny, suspenseful, sexy, and may have you contemplating a move to Denver, even though you realize that what you are reading is not real.

If any part of you is sitting on the fence, wondering whether or not to dive into this series, just do it. It is worth it, and even though it is a very long series, all of the books are released, so it’s easy and almost necessary, to move from one book to the next. If you love Kristen Ashley, this is a no brainer, if you haven’t yet read Kristen Ashley, I would first ask “what the fuck?”, then tell you that this series is as good of a series to start with as any. But, be ware. . .KA is very addictive.

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