The Bet (The Bet Series, Book #1) by Rachel Van Dyken

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The Bet (The Bet Series, Book #1)

This is one of those books that was very refreshing. I enjoy a love story that involves drama or suspense and I really enjoy a book that has a lot of hot sex. But here’s the thing, this book doesn’t have any of that, but it didn’t need it. The drama in this book is pretty comedic, so I don’t really count it. And the storyline was so captivating, I forgot all about the hot sex.

This book will focus on the relationship of Kacey Jacobs and Jake Titus, as well as, Kacey and Travis Titus. It’s not any mènage à trois book, it’s just they are very confused about their relationships, don’t worry, it pans out. The story will be told through all three POV’s.

Kacey grew up with Jake and Travis Titus. Jake and Kacey grew up to be best friends, while Travis did nothing but torture Kacey up through high school. Of course, Kacey took this to mean that Travis hated her and she returned the feeling with gusto. They constantly pranked one another, nothing really off limits. Kacey’s infatuation laid with Jake. They attempted dating in high school, but found that they were better as friends. Then on one drunken college night, Kacey’s world changed. Her and Jake slept together for the first time and it is also the night that her parents were killed in a car accident. The friendship was tested when Jake walked out after sex without ever even calling Kacey.

Now, Kacey was not only close to Jake and Travis, but their parents and grandmother as well. Since the fateful night that changed the course of Kacey’s future, she has distanced herself from the entire Titus family and Grandma is fed up. Jake is currently the CEO of Titus Enterprises, making him a millionaire and everything that the title encompasses. His life of strippers, partying, and yes, prostitutes has got Grandma needing to lay down some ultimatums. She orders Jake to get Kacey home and Jake knows that his career is on the line unless he is able to convince Grandma and the board that his partying ways are over. His brilliant plan? Tell his family that him and Kacey are engaged. He is able to talk Kacey into this scheme by offering to pay off her school loans, as well as telling her that Grandma is close to death. So, he dangles a little money and a little guilt and reluctantly she agrees. It’s only for the weekend, how hard could it be?

Enter Travis Titus. He has had feelings for Kacey for as long as he’s been picking on her. The problem: she hates him. However, she hasn’t seen him in forever and is shocked once she lays eyes on his body. Once they are able to get over past hate, their limits will be tested. Kacey will get her HEA, I’m just gonna let you read to find out who she gets it with. Trust me when I say, that the journey getting there is fantastic.

The supporting characters in this book are awesome. You will fall absolutely in love with Grandma. She offers everything you wish for a grandmother and then some you wish she kept to herself. She was probably the funniest in the book. The chemistry between Kacey/Jake/Travis was so strong, you know who you want her to fall for, but you can’t help but feel for the other guy. This book was a very easy read, very hard to put down and before you know it, you’re done. Great job by Rachel Van Dyken.

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