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Hollywood Dirt by Alessandra Torre

I read A LOT of books. Some are good, some are not so good. Some are great and some are so well written that the story captivates you from page one and stays with you long after the last page has been read. Hollywood Dirt was one of those, captivating, sleep losing, can’t get out of my head books. 

This book will introduce us to Cole Masten and Summer Jenkins and will be told through first person POV when telling Summer’s story and third person POV when telling Cole’s story (which isn’t my favorite way to tell a story, but it does get the job done).

Summer Jenkins is twenty-nine years old and living with her mother in the small town of Quincy. Quincy is a small, sleepy town in Georgia that is known not only for the amount of millionaires (and a few billionaires) that call the town home, but also because Hollywood is about to move in and start shooting The Fortune Bottle starring the now very eligible bachelor, Cole Masten.

Cole Masten’s world has exploded, and not in an orgasmic way. Arriving home early, he walks in on his wife, Nadia, wife of five years, wife he is madly in love with, having some serious, hardcore, passionate sex and since he’s on the outside looking in, it’s not his marital dick fiercely plowing into her. Even in that moment, one that crushed him, he is still willing to work it out. That is until she serves him with divorce papers. So he does what any hot, recently single, Oscar winning actor would do. He takes his single dick on a tour of Hollywood, well, Hollywood pussy to be exact. After some back and forth with his lawyer, it has been decided that it’s best for his manhood to go on hiatus and for him to get his ass to Quincy and start work on his next project. A project that he is involved in, in every facet.

Summer needs to get out of Quincy. Three years ago, the town that she has called home since she was a small girl, turned on her. This left her with no one to call a friend except her mother. Once production begins in Quincy, she finds herself on the inside for once. I’m gonna skip over some details here, but once Cole arrives in Quincy and meets Summer, he knows then and there that she is the essence of the female lead in his film and decides that he has to get her cast.

Cole and Summer certainly have a sexual attraction to one another, but it is one that is fueled by a hate, well at the very least, a strong dislike for one another, okay, really more of her dislike for him. It’s going to take a pretty big chunk of the book for them both to pull their heads out and realize what it is that they see in one another could be it. Don’t worry, the journey they both take to reach their HEA is a journey well worth the ride.

You must know that there is somewhat of an underlying story here with Summer’s past. And you’re going to be disappointed if you think that I’m going to let you in on it. While I was worried throughout reading Hollywood Dirt that the “secret” was going to put me off of Summer, I was mistaken. The “secret” is fantastic and to the author from this reader, very creative.

Hollywood Dirt gives a very well written supporting cast. While the obvious main relationship focus here is that of Summer and Cole, the book wouldn’t have been nearly as captivating without the addition of certain relationships, especially that of Cole and his rooster, Cock. Get you mind out of the gutter, I’m actually referring to an actual rooster. This is the first book I’ve read by Alessandra Torre, though I could’ve sworn I have enjoyed her writing before. Turns out, I was getting her mixed up with someone else, foolish on my part, but true nonetheless. Anyways, if you are someone who has read this wonderful author religiously, then you will recognize Brad DeLuca. He happens to be Cole’s attorney and the focus of Alessandra Torre’s, Innocence Series, which I think I will be enjoying very soon.

What can I say about the sexual story of Cole and Summer. There’s not a lot of sex in Hollywood Dirt, but there is. I know, it’s like I’m talking out of both ends. Well, let me start here. The sexual tension that Alessandra Torre builds in this book is so tight, I’m not sure how Cole’s dick even penetrated it. It will have you on edge, while really rooting for some happy action to take place. Without giving too much away, I want to at least say this. There is a scene, it’s really “The Scene” for their relationship and after all of the back and forth and sexual tension and “that can never happen again” moments, this is the culmination of it all and to say that the connection between the two of them was searing, well, that’s not even giving it justice. Let’s just be frank, it will have you taking notes and cleaning off the counters in your kitchen. Don’t worry, you’ll understand once you get there.

I don’t know how many more positive accolades I can bestow upon Hollywood Dirt. It was a fantastic read with easy to love characters. Summer represented the South very well. She was honest, witty, hospitable, with a little bite of bitch, and of course, sexy. In my opinion, Cole is imperfect perfection. He is what you want in your male leads. He’s able to offer the type of asshole that you love. He’s funny, confident, knows how to deliver every aspect of his sexiness, but the best of all, is going after what he wants. You can really not go wrong once you open up this book. Hollywood Dirt was worth my lost hours of sleep. And I’m sure once you’ve completed it, you’ll be decorating a brown paper sack and making a Wal-Mart run. Great read.

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