Anything But Minor (Balls in Play Series, Book #1) by Kate Stewart

Anything But Minor (Balls in Play Series, Book #1) by Kate Stewart | Review on

Anything But Minor (Balls in Play Series, Book #1) by Kate Stewart | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comAnything But Minor (Balls in Play Series, Book #1) by Kate Stewart | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comSynopsis TagAnything But Minor (Balls in Play Series, Book #1) by Kate Stewart | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comBxtches Be Blogging Book Reviews
BXTCHES Gotta Warn: So, this is my first go at a Kate Stewart book and I must admit, it left this BXTCH with a smile on her face. Now, in my “professional” book reading opinion, Anything But Minor has a little something for everyone. . .but if you are a someone who has an admiration for the great American pastime-then it’s certainly for you.

Anything But Minor will be told through the POV’s of Alice and Rafe.

As usual, I’m gonna start with our leading lady. Alice is relocating to Charleston, South Carolina from Ohio to start her life. She has grown up with a mother that describing her as overbearing would be a compliment, so needless to say, she is ready for a life full of adventure, a helluva lot of firsts, and ending each day as the best day ever. She has secured herself a job with Boeing, teaching pilots, think Kelly McGillis in Top Gun, and don’t think it odd that I’m referencing a great movie from the 80’s, Alice lives her life by some of the greatest ones of that decade. 

Rafe Hembrey is a minor league pitcher with the local Swampgators, a pitcher who’s just waiting for The Call that will change his life forever. Rafe should’ve gotten that call years ago, but when his father fucked him and his major league dreams over, he was looking at a life in the minors. As with any hot ass baseball player, Rafe’s reputation certainly precedes him.

In her quest to live each day to the fullest, Alice is doing just that when she decides to take in the local sports team, not knowing a damn thing about baseball, but her obsession with Google research will change that soon enough. Alice finds a friend immediately in a local by the name of Dutch and by the end of the ninth inning, Dutch is offering up the season seat of her late husband to the newest fan of the Swampgators. 

With Dutch being Rafe’s biggest fan, his eyes soon find the strange beauty occupying the the usual vacant seat and he takes notice. They run into each other again at the local watering hole (owned by Rafe’s teammate and best friend, Andy) when Alice manages to spew chewed up peanuts and beer at the ace pitcher. Their next run in involves a punch to Rafe’s throat, delivered by Alice, so things aren’t off to a great start for the two opposites. It doesn’t help that Andy is doing everything in his power to keep Rafe from going after Alice, not because he thinks Alice isn’t good enough for his friend, it’s the opposite actually. . .he knows that Alice is way out of Rafe’s league and with the innocence that pours from her demeanor, Andy knows that Rafe will break her heart all too soon.

Like any great romantic comedy, Rafe and Alice decide to go ahead as friends, complete with Alice peeing on Rafe and everything. . .trust a BXTCH, it is great. Even when the two finally make it happen between the sheets, misunderstandings happen and it still takes a bit of convincing Alice that Rafe is genuine in his feeling for the “nerd”. Don’t worry, I didn’t give anything away, surely you could figure out that they were going to come together, it’s the journey that gets them on the right road that’s absolutely fucking fantastic!

I love it when the entire cast of a book come together to really take the story up a notch and Kate Stewart nailed it in Anything But Minor. There are so many pieces to Alice’s new life puzzle that fit together perfectly, page after page, chapter after chapter. From the semi love triangle, that is but isn’t, to Dutch, to even Alice’s mom (who I didn’t really think I would like, but HELL-O, I totally did) everyone did their part in helping the reader fall in love with the story, Alice and Rafe, and everything in between.

I love reading comedies, but sometimes it’s hit or miss when the comedy in question gets down to the business, but this BXTCH must admit, the sex in this book was flaming (in a totally hot as fuck way). Now, I mentioned that Alice is innocent and she is, however, she is not a virgin, but she does have a lot to learn. And no worries, Rafe is more than happy to take over the role of teacher where the bedroom or kitchen or shower or couch, well you get the point, is concerned. What I’m trying to tell you is this. . .Alice + Rafe + Mattress = Hot Shit Dancing!!

Like I mentioned in my warning, Anything But Minor is the perfect book for an escape. While it’s usually the leading man getting a lot of our love, and Rafe will, no worries there. . .you will find yourself falling head over heels for Alice, she is the kind of friend everyone needs. This book has humor that will have you laughing out loud. . .it’s got just enough sexiness that will have you curling your toes. . .it will have you rekindling your love for all things 80’s and John Hughes. . .the perfect combination of everything one needs to put a smile across your face. 

I think I came across this book somewhere on my Facebook feed and I am so happy I did. After reading the synopsis on Amazon, I wasn’t 100% sold, but with 83% of the reviews 5 stars, I figured “why the hell not” and look where we are today, good choices = good results and all that. This is book #1 in this series (well, according to Goodreads it is) and I can only imagine that Andy is going to get book #2 and after you have enjoyed this book, you’ll be salivating to get to his story.Bxtches Be ReadingBook Review.4Favorite Quotes TagAnything But Minor (Balls in Play Series, Book #1) by Kate Stewart | Review on

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