Forever Too Far: A Rosemary Beach Novel (Rosemary Beach Series, Book #3) by Abbi Glines

Forever Too Far: A Rosemary Beach Novel (Rosemary Beach Series, Book #3)

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BXTCHES Gotta Warn: If you haven’t yet read (Fallen Too Far) and (Never Too Far) then stop and read those two books first. This is the final book in this particular story, even though we will visit Rush and Blaire in other Rosemary Beach novels, their story comes to a close with this book. And it would be doing you a disservice if you haven’t yet enjoyed their story from the very beginning, so get on it.

We should probably play a little catch up first. In the first novel (Fallen Too Far) we learn that when she was just 15 years old Blaire lost her twin sister Valerie in a car accident. Shortly after that accident, her father left, leaving her mother and her alone. Blaire’s mother gets cancer and three years later, cancer claims her mother’s life. Not only was Blaire left to care for her mother while she was sick, she was also left to bury her alone. When she reaches out to her father, her father sends her to Rosemary Beach and to the house of Rush Finlay. Their first meeting doesn’t go well, but he gives her a place to stay for a month, giving her a chance to save up some money to get out on her own. Even though he tries to resist, Rush falls for Blaire and Blaire falls for Rush, the obstacle is Nan, Rush’s sister. Calling her a bitch is probably being a little too nice, the hate she has for Blaire is unmatched. Of course, we find out at the end of the book that Nan is the daughter of Abe, Blaire’s father, and that is where the root of Nan’s hate is. Blaire is hurt and decides that she needs to leave and head back to Alabama.

In the second novel (Never Too Far) we find out that Blaire is pregnant with Rush’s child. She finds herself back in Rosemary Beach and after some effort on Rush’s part, she’s back in his arms. Unfortunately, she is continuing to find herself behind Nan where Rush is concerned. She forgives him and by the end of the story, Rush and Blaire are engaged to be married. Nan is in a serious boating accident and while she is in ICU we learn that Abe is not Nan’s father but Kiro (another Slacker Demon) is.

That brings us to the finale. This book will be told through both Rush and Blaire’s POV. This book is going to kick off with a visit from Dean, Rush’s father. He finds himself in Rosemary Beach needing to convince Rush to get to L.A. and get some control over Nan. Nan now knows that Kiro is her father and she is in L.A. to get to know him (I suppose) in her own Nan way. Rush is pretty protective over Blaire and baby so they head to L.A. with him.

While in L.A. we will meet Harlow, Kiro’s other daughter, so you can imagine the way Nan feels about her. Harlow gets her own book, so getting a glimpse of her now is setting us up. L.A turns out to be a disaster for Blaire. Nan is really being difficult, even more so than usual, and because of that, Rush is focused on her rather than Blaire. Without giving too much away, while L.A. is sort of disastrous, it becomes a turning point in their relationship.

As far as Rush and Blaire, this book is really just bringing the whole story together and giving closure the reader really deserves. There’s not too terribly much to give away, although there are a few secrets still left to reveal. The wedding will occur in this book and if you are any type of an emotional person, get ready, because the “pre-wedding” may bring a tear to your eye. Blaire and Rush will also welcome their beautiful baby boy and it won’t happen at the very end of the book, so we will actually get to see them in parental mode, which may make you swoon all over Rush again.

One of the great things about this book is the set-up it gives you for future books. First is Harlow. After her encounter with Grant, it’s no secret that they are the focus of her book. We also meet Della, the love interest of Woods and some things definitely happen in this book surrounding Della and Woods that will lead one to believe that their book is going to be fantastic. Tripp gets brought some in this book. Tripp is the cousin to Jace and even though we haven’t met him yet, he will come into play in a future book.

There are so many things to love about this book, but one of my favorite things was Blaire reconciling her relationship with her father. I think it was easy to hate him leading up to now, but after he speech to Rush in the ICU (where Nan was), my heart started to come around where he was concerned and in this story, he really redeems himself. While I don’t necessarily agree with the way he handled life after the loss of Valerie, hearing his “side” I was able to be a little more compassionate. And knowing how Rush felt about Abe, but him coming around and welcoming him into their family was very satisfying.

Nan makes her return and it isn’t pretty. How she hasn’t been punched in the face, I have no idea. But I will again say, that I love her addition to this series, you have to sometimes have good vs. evil, and she defines evil pretty perfectly. The fact that the reader can truly despise her, tells you how well her character has been written.

My only “issue” with the book is the absence of Georgianna. Even though Rush continues to deny his mother contact, I feel that she still should’ve made somewhat of an unwelcome appearance. I mean Rush gets married and has a baby and there is not one word from his mother. I also still believe that Blaire should’ve made him suffer just a bit more, especially after what happens in L.A., but that’s just a personal preference and I suppose it would go against the whole of Blaire’s personality if she didn’t forgive Rush when she did.

We can talk about the sex here, it was written well, but not as much as the first two books. The best of the sex in this book, for me anyway, comes post baby. But don’t fret, Rush is still as hot and sexy as ever.

Well, this series comes to an end and it ends well, gives closure to a beautiful story, which is all a reader can really ask for. Abbi Glines has really developed such a wonderful series. She is able to layer all of her characters, not just the leading ones, so well that it forces the reader to form an attachment to them, which for me, is bittersweet, because you’re happy that they get the story they deserve, but it’s a little sad saying goodbye to them. But, like I said, we will see Rush and Blaire again, so it’s not goodbye forever.

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