Hit the Wall (Blythe College Series, Book #2) by Rochelle Paige

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Hit the Wall (Blythe College Series, Book #2)

BXTCHES Gotta Warn: This is the second book in the Blythe College Series, and while it focuses on a brand new couple, it does have some tie in to the first book. So, if you choose to entertain this book first, just know that doing so will spoil some things from the first book.

This is Jackson’s story and will be told through both his and Kaylie’s POV.

Surely after reading the first book, you got some sort of impression that maybe Jackson had some feelings for Lex, but since that book didn’t really address it, it was just a feeling. Well, the very beginning of this book is going to confirm just that, Jackson is in love with Alexa. Well, he at least believes he is.

Kaylie lost her parents in a car accident and decided to attend Blythe College (their alumni) to get closer to them. Her mother was a dancer and Kaylie has followed in her footsteps, much to the dismay of her aunt. Kaylie has of course heard of the notorious Jackson Silver, but has never run into him until the night he shows up at her dorm to give Sasha a piece of his mind. You remember Sasha right? She was the one who tried to break apart Alexa and Drake. Her second run in with Jackson comes when he comes into the bar where she works and gets trashed. She drives him to his parents house, falls asleep there, and because he feels he owes her for her hospitality, they agree to dinner. And that’s where things pick up.

Kaylie falls pretty hard for Jackson, but of course is unsure, because of his reputation. Jackson is also feeling some pretty serious emotion towards Kaylie, which has convinced him that maybe his dad was right, he never really loved Alexa. In fact, he’s so serious about whatever he has working with Kaylie, that they hold off a while on having sex. Which, given his reputation, is a pretty big feat for him.

Unlike with the first book, there aren’t too many obstacles that impede Jackson and Kaylie’s beginnings. This was a shock to me. First, given Jackson’s past, I really thought Kaylie would have more trouble with the trail of broken hearts that Jackson left behind. Also, the beginning of the book, Jackson confronts Sasha, so I really thought that she would play the villain, but that didn’t pan out either. This really became a book just about the relationship between Jackson and Kaylie, not bad, just not dramatic enough.

I did think that the supporting cast was pretty well rounded here. Not a lot from them, just enough to set you up for future books. There’s not a whole lot from the Drake and Lex angle, so if you’re hoping to re-visit them, hang on to that because they will be featured in a future book.

So the sex. Like the first book, it’s written almost uncomfortably. First, the “dirty talk”, it didn’t flow naturally enough to make you tingle, while Jackson wasn’t too bad at sparking a sexy image, it didn’t seem to be a believable character trait for Kaylie. And a lot of sex talk involving Jackson included his knack for the darker side of sex, but it didn’t really come through. My biggest issue with the sex was  some of the scenes were just a little hard to read.

Truth: I will continue the series, just to see closure. It’s still not one of my favs, but I can see the appeal it can have. On a more positive note, the cover is super hot.

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