Finding Spencer (B & S Series, Book #1.5) by Kimberly Knight

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Finding Spencer (B & S Series, Book #1.5)

BXTCHES Gotta Warn: This is not a stand alone novel. It is intended to accompany Where I Need to Be (Book #1) and should only be read after you have enjoyed that book.

I seriously am so excited that I re-visited this series by Kimberly Knight. Because, had I not, I would have never known that she wrote novella’s to accompany each of the books in this series and these novella’s were told through Brandon’s POV. Since I have already reviewed book #1 (check out review, here), this review is going to go very quickly, so hang on tight.

I am a fan of books that are told through the male POV, especially if it is done well. If I am going to read a book either entirely told through the male POV or shared with the female POV, I need for it to be in “hot, alpha, male speak” and not to appear that it has been written by a woman. And, I think here, Kimberly Knight, did a good job.

While I know a lot of readers find it quite redundant for an author to re-write the same book, I personally LOVE IT and let me tell you why. When books are solely told through the female POV, parts of it get lost or are just pieces of a puzzle, especially when there is a lot happening within the male’s story, which is the case in this series.

This book does not cover the entire story, which is why it is important to read book #1, but it definitely covers the important features of the book. Being able to be inside the thoughts of Brandon when some of the events occurred, for example, the first time he saw Spencer or when Christy told him she was pregnant, or the dance in Vegas, being able to approach those and witness them from Brandon’s perspective really just added an additional layer to this story, which for me, just enhanced it.

While I expected the sexual perspective to be somewhat different through the eyes of Brandon, it really wasn’t too off from Spencer’s. Like I said before, the author did a good job writing some really hot scenes.

I appreciate the author writing an accompaniment with each book in this series. It allows the reader to really dig into the story by knowing what each of the characters are going through and allows you to really fall in love. This novella was easily read in less than one day, so there’s not too much time that needs to be invested into it.

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