Dragon’s Lair (Wind Dragon’s MC Series, Book #1) by Chantal Fernando

Dragon's Lair (Wind Dragons MC Series, Book #1) by Chantal Fernando | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.com

Dragon's Lair (Wind Dragons MC Series, Book #1) by Chantal Fernando | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comDragon's Lair (Wind Dragons MC Series, Book #1) by Chantal Fernando | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comSynopsis TagDragon's Lair (Wind Dragons MC Series, Book #1) by Chantal Fernando | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comBxtches Be Blogging Book Reviews
BXTCHES Gotta Warn: I’m not sure what drove me to read this book, I mean, it was released two years ago, so I’m obviously a little late to the Wind Dragon’s MC party, but better late than never, right? But then I discovered something. When I went to Goodreads to get ready to write this review, this book is not only marked as “read” on my account (in 2014), but I gave it 4 stars there as well and I have no memory of ever reading this book, so I guess I wasn’t late to the party after all and it must’ve been one helluva party, since I have no recollection of even attending it. While I haven’t read any of the follow-up books in this series (I don’t think so anyway), I do believe that when it comes to a MC series, you should certainly read the books in the order in which they were written. The character foundation for subsequent books are usually laid in books leading up each character’s particular book and it’s usually a foundation that the reader needs under them so they can really enjoy what the author is trying to do. I hope that makes sense.

Dragon’s Lair is told through the POV of Faye. 

Faye grew up next door to Dex and Eric (brothers), with Dex always looking out for her. She grew up in a house where she was never quite good enough, so having Dex and Eric was a great refuge for her. Faye always had a crush on Dex growing up, but with a five year age difference, she never really saw herself having a chance. As time went on and she went from child to woman, she actually fell in love with the other brother, Eric.

Faye is in law school and even though she is a full fledged adult, she still cannot seem to do right by her parents. Her life completely changes when she walks in on Eric pounding into a girl that is not her, but a girl that Faye considered a friend. It doesn’t take any time at all for Faye to realize that not only is her relationship with Eric over, but her friendship with him is as well, and I guess as the saying goes. . .”the best way to get over a guy is to get under another”, or something like that. Wanna take a guess at who the lucky guy is that Faye decides to get under? Yep, her childhood crush becomes a reality when she runs into Dex outside a bar. A great night of fucking and a broken condom equals a very unplanned pregnancy, one that has Faye’s parents kicking her out and one that finds Faye hitting the road, that is until Dex catches wind that he now has a baby momma and he sets out to find her.

Once Dex charges back into Faye’s life, he takes her back to the Wind Dragon’s MC compound, determined to not only protect her, but to be the best father he can be for his unborn child. And this is where the book takes off. 

Dex aka Sin is the VP of the Wind Dragon’s MC and while a condom breaking isn’t exactly the way he planned for his life to go, he cannot be more thrilled that it’s Faye who he was with when the condom broke and it’s Faye who is carrying his child. With threats coming from a rival MC, Dex is going out of his way to ensure that the threat doesn’t touch Faye or his unborn child. That proves very difficult when dealing with the likes of a very strong willed, stubborn individual like Faye. 

Like with every great MC read, Dragon’s Lair is wonderfully supported by a cast of characters that are fantastically written. Like I said earlier, while this book may be Dex and Faye’s story, roots are planted, watered, and nurtured, while we wait for the other stories to grow and the best laid seed in this book is that of Arrow, which is the focus of book #2. The chemistry between the club members and Faye and the club members and each other, just electrifies off of the page, but I do think that the best connection is that of Dex and Faye, which is how it should be.

If you were thinking that you were going to get a MC story that lacked in the bedroom, you opened the wrong book. The sexual tension, as well as the sex itself between Dex and Faye is on fire. Faye is pretty inexperienced when it comes to things that go bump between the sheets, Eric being her one and only sexual partner, but enter Dex and her sexual world is about to enter a whole new level, a level you’ll want to stick around for.

Dragon’s Lair was a pleasant surprise for me. The way that Chantal Fernando was able to bring in the right amount of drama and keep you on the edge of your seat, then have you laughing out loud with the turn of a page was brilliant. Sometimes in order to get to the point where the reader falls in love with the leading Alpha, they have to wade through some murky hate to get there. But with Dex, it was love all the way. Since we only get Faye’s POV, we know early on that her crush on Dex goes all the way back to childhood, but it doesn’t take too much time to realize the Dex’s feelings go pretty far back with Faye as well and it really was a beautiful love story to see come alive. . .all thanks to a broken condom.

There are so many different types of MC reads. . .there are ones that are very dark (see Madeline Sheehan). . .there are ones that are light on the MC and heavy on the Alpha (see Kristen Ashley). . .there are ones that are heavy on the MC action and heavy on the Alpha (see Joanna Wylde). . .then there are ones that mix the right amount of MC, the right amount of Alpha, and mix it with the right amount of laugh out loud humor (see Chantel Fernando and the Wind Dragons MC). The great thing about all of these? They are all great MC reads and they all offer you something different, so it’s not same story, different author. Dive in, you’ll certainly enjoy.Bxtches Be ReadingBook Review.4Favorite Quotes TagDragon's Lair (Wind Dragons MC Series, Book #1) by Chantal Fernando | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.com

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