Until June (Until Her Series, Book #2) by Aurora Rose Reynolds

Until June (Until Her Series, Book #2) by Aurora Rose Reynolds | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comUntil June (Until Her Series, Book #2) by Aurora Rose Reynolds | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comSynopsis TagUntil June (Until Her Series, Book #2) by Aurora Rose Reynolds | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comBxtches Be Blogging Book Reviews
Until June (Until Her Series, Book #2) by Aurora Rose Reynolds

BXTCHES Gotta Warn: If by some crazy chance, Until June is the very first time you have heard of Aurora Rose Reynolds, then pay attention. Usually I will be a helpful BXTCH and enlighten as to whether or not you can thoroughly enjoy a book without partaking in the ones that came before. And truth be told, you may be able to do that with Until June, I just don’t recommend it. This is a generational series and if you think you’re going to enjoy this series (oh and you will), then don’t start with this book. You need to go back and start with the Until Series, which is the series that kicks it all off. So, start with this order. . .

Until NovemberUntil TrevorUntil LillyUntil Nico

After you have enjoyed the Mayson men and their woman and trust a BXTCH, it’s good fucking reading, you’re going to move onto the kiddos, starting with the Until Her Series and book #1 in that series is Until July THEN we’re going to cut over to book #1 in the Until Him series and read all about fine ass Jax in Until Jax THEN we’re back to the Until Her Series and right where we are now with June’s story. So, technically you don’t have to really start with the parents in the Until Series, but I promise you, it’s worth it.

Until June will be told through the dual POV of June and Evan.

In Until July, we kinda got a teeny glimpse into June and what was happening with her (see what you miss when you read books out of order?). Remember the girls were all out and June had mentioned that she was married and that she had recently been served divorce papers from her mother-in-law. When she mentioned her husband’s name (Evan), Ashlyn (Jax’s sister) spoke up about Jax hiring hiring a guy named Evan who was obviously June’s ex. So, that somewhat gave us an idea of what was happening  in June’s life.

Now, June is back home in Tennessee and Jax has her “under protection” and her watch dog is none other than. . .Evan. June’s ex-boyfriend, Lane, was caught up in a drug scandal and has recently been placed behind bars, but to be sure that June is safe from the likes of Lane’s family and “associates”, her family thinks that it is best for her to be guarded. . .hence the bodyguard. The catch here is no one, except the ones she told on her girls’ night out, even knows about her relationship with Evan. That includes her parents, her uncles, and Jax, so when she puts in the request to have Evan removed from “June duty”, it falls on deaf ears.

When June confesses her secret marriage to her girls on that night out in Until July, the reader is kind of given the impression that Evan is an asshole. I mean who marries a girl, very whirlwind by the way, right before he is set to leave for boot camp, then comes home from Afghanistan and is home for two weeks with no contact with his bride, then has his mom serve the papers? That’s pretty assholey, right? But, once you understand his story, your heart does soften a bit towards him.

Evan comes from a pretty fucked up family. He went to war, his convoy was blown up and he lost all of his friends because of it, and that seriously messed with his head. He never divorced June due to a lack of love, it was the exact opposite. But, like any great alpha, he knows what exactly it is that he wants and he’s determined to get it back.

There is certainly some suspenseful drama clawing it’s way out of this one. If you remember from July’s story, her hubby Wes, belongs to a MC, well, Evan has joined the same MC. . .Broken Eagles. . .and I am pretty stoked to say that there is a bit more MC action in June than there was in July and that makes me a very happy BXTCH. It’s not really a ton, ton (yes, I meant to say that twice), this isn’t a MC story first, but it’s just enough to satisfy my MC craving. And some of the drama in June, surrounds the MC, so that was fun.

While I believe that the whole Until Series is a great ensemble cast, we don’t get our fix with everybody in June. Of course we get Asher and November as well as the sisters, and we also get a bit from Nico. We don’t get anything from Trevor and Liz (bummer) and we have yet to get the full spectrum of all of the kids, but I understand, this is a story about June and I’m sure trying to include everyone would take away from what the book needs to do. But, overall I though that June had just enough of the ensemble to remind you of them and why you fell in love with the Mayson family in the first place. Asher was the first Mayson story to be released and he still gives it just as good. Since Ashlyn is next in line for the Until Her series, she got a little play time and just like in July, you know from her appearance in June that her story is certainly going to revolve around her boss, Dillon and this BXTCH cannot wait. I’m not sure who is next in line in the Until Him series, but if I was to put in a request, I’m asking for Sage. Please make that happen.

I’ve said this before, but sometimes when I read sex in various books, I wonder if I would be able to capture a moment and have it come alive as well as someone like Aurora Rose Reynolds? Truthfully, probably not. But, Lordy Lou, I wonder if while some of these authors are getting the business, are they mentally taking notes, or are they just watching good porn? I’m not complaining either way, because Evan knows how to give the business and give it good. There is no lack of libido on either part in Until June and it certainly leaves the reader satisfied. 

When it comes to series that I am already devoted to, I don’t really read the reviews that readers have left on Amazon or Goodreads, because my mind is already made up and I know I am purchasing the next book regardless, I mean c’mon, I am mentally invested in this family. Having said that, I did happen to check out the “critical” reviews on Amazon and everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion, and some of the complaints, I understood. . .the main ones being that there was too much sex and there is a lot of it in this book, but I saw it more as a couple who really shouldn’t have been separated, trying to make up for lost time. I imagine if my husband were in the military or any job that took him away from me and my bed for long periods of time, then his dick is going to get a workout when it he gets back, so I can’t be too critical about that issue. The other complaint is Evan is too alpha and he treats June as a doormat. The only thing I can say to that is I don’ really think you read it right or read it how Aurora Rose Reynolds intended for Evan to be. She did a good job in displaying the love Evan has for June and vice versa. The complaint that there is a lack of a storyline, made me chuckle a bit. Leading up to this book, every female in the entire Until Series has had some sort of issue with her that required her to be rescued and if she would’ve went that way with June, I still would’ve loved the book, but I would also understand the complaint better. The story is good, I do think that there are others in the series that are more robust, but all in all, she told the story well. The only piece of advice I can offer is this. . .if you decide to indulge in June before getting to know the Mayson’s, then don’t complain. Each person brings their own uniqueness to each book and if you haven’t yet enjoyed them then it’s kind of hard to get the full experience. Anyway, that’s my rant. Can’t wait for Ashlyn’s story.

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