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Push the Envelope (Blythe College Series, Book #1)

It’s been awhile since I read this book and truth be told, I was really just looking for an old book to re-read, just for the sake of reviewing, so I chose this one. Now, it’s not a terrible book, it’s just not as good as I thought it was. But, all that aside, let’s get to it. 

Our female lead here is Alexa and the book is told through her POV. She is a twenty year old college junior at Blythe College, who also happens to be training for a pilot’s license. Her father owns a private charter company and that’s where her love for flying comes from. In an effort to help pay for college expense, Alexa comes up with a “Mile High Tour”, which allows for couples to book a plane and score one for the mile high club, which if I’m being honest, is a brilliant idea. Alexa has had only one relationship in her past and it did not end well, which of course, makes her somewhat sketchy towards men now. Aubrey is Alexa’s BFF and has been since kindergarten. She is the wild to Alexa’s calm, the stiletto to Alexa’s flat. 

Drake has recently transferred to Blythe College to play Rugby (which is pretty hot). He happens to be a member of the same fraternity as Aubrey’s older brother, Jackson, who also happens to be like a brother to Alexa. He has actually already had his eyes on Alexa after spotting her around campus, but just hasn’t had the opportunity to speak with her yet. Alexa first spots Drake at a frat party she was dragged to by Aubrey.

When she first spots Drake, he seems to be in a heated discussion with what looks like an ex or current girlfriend, Sasha. Now, this is a book where love comes quite quickly, so of course, Drake also spots Alexa and since he has had his eye on her for a little while now, he’s not pleased when he sees she is with Jackson. Alexa and Drake run into each other again the next morning at the grocery store and once Drake realizes who she is, he once again turns cold. But, long story short, his dad actually has hired Alexa’s dad to fly Drake home for the weekend, Alexa gets to co-pilot and once Drake is brought up to speed about Jackson, which is he and Alexa are like brother and sister, Drake stakes his claim. Hence, their relationship kicking off.

So this is the point where the relationship just really grows, they get to know each other, very typical college romance ideas. Now, the reason I mentioned Sasha earlier is because she is going to try and cause problems. Her mom and Drake’s mom are BFF’s and Sasha has it in her mind that her and Drake belong together. Sasha is going to create some pretty serious drama by putting a little bird in Drake’s ear. My issue with the drama that she creates is this, I feel that the way Drake reacts to the whole situation was slightly ridiculous and almost unforgivable. 

For the supporting cast of characters here, I didn’t think it was much. There is Aubrey, which I like the element she brings to Alexa’s life, the complete opposite to what Alexa is, and it works in the whole “friendship balance”. There is also Jackson, who is most certainly the big brother type for Alexa, I also think there are other feeling there on his side, but we’ll have to read his book to decide if that’s the case or not. Alexa’s dad is a pretty big presence in her life, but other than those characters, there wasn’t a real strong layer of an outside cast.

I guess this is about the time we talk about the sex. Usually sex scenes don’t make me uncomfortable, I’m all about the dirtier the better. I enjoy a filthy mouth in the bedroom, however, in this scenario, I wasn’t feeling it. I’m on board with the hotness that is Drake and the cuteness that is Alexa, I just really wanted to skip past all the sex, which is highly unusual for me. But, to each his own, you may get all tingly inside when you come across the scenes.

All in all, I didn’t hate this book. I enjoyed the story line, I thought that the premise was a good one. The dialogue was a bit campy for me, maybe just out of my age range. I think if we could’ve gotten Drake’s POV as well, it would’ve added another dimension to the book, maybe “alphaed” it up a bit. I’m not giving this an absolute “no”, I just think that maybe before reading, you read several reviews and see what readers liked and disliked about the book and make your decision from there. Good news, right now this book is actually free on Amazon (6/10/15-Kindle version).

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